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Pierre Says Castries Needs A Facelift, Announces Cleanup


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has declared that the Saint Lucia capital, Castries, needs a facelift, and his government intends to spend money on that project next year.

“Castries needs a facelift. The sidewalks need to be done, but there needs to be some level of discipline in the people of Saint Lucia,” Pierre, Minister of Finance, asserted.

He spoke to reporters on the sidelines of Tuesday’s House of Assembly sitting.

Pierre condemned the indiscriminate garbage disposal everywhere, lamenting that some people insist on doing so.

In this regard, the Prime Minister believed the practice should attract stiffer penalties.

“If you ever look at the waterways, everything there was put by somebody. There is nothing that came on its own,” the PM said.

He said the items included fridges, stoves and chairs.

“We can’t tolerate that,” Pierre declared.

Nevertheless, he announced plans for a ‘cleansing’ of the city next week, including Bideau Park, and the site of the old police headquarters.

“We are going to be doing a general cleaning,” the Castries East MP told reporters.

Pierre, Housing and Local Government Minister Richard Frederick and others recently toured the capital.

Frederick expressed concern about the city’s state, including haphazard vending, and announced measures to address the problem, including constructing vending booths.

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  1. How about removing those disgusting drug den huts all over? And of course the weed smell in every corner. And jesus the music blasting in every corner. Is that your capital shitty?

  2. AA? It appears that PM Pierre is reading comments on this platform..

    Prime Minister, when will you implement or atleast initiate the Saint Lucia development plan that was designed since 2009. The city don’t just need a face lift…it needs total restructuring…. Castries must be pedestrianised, and be made a garden city by planting more trees and flowers, more parks and green spaces…. vehicles must be kept on the periphery of Castries…the city is too small to be congested.. people can walk to get to anywhere in the city…if there are trees that create shade cover for the sun then people can walk to any part of the city easily….SO START THE DEVELOPMENTAL PLAN FOR CASTRIES AT LEAST.

  3. Wait another “concerned” member of parliament. Are these clowns being pd to be concerned.? Wait, so more vending booths and facelift or a justification to gv yutes in the ghetto who asking for payout for voting easy money?

  4. Preach my PM but you will hear yellow labbamouths but isn’t what the ex power hungry mayor said last week ???. Oh when UWP was in power and they tried to it you had a problem. Oh this government only knows knee hurl reactions blah blah blah blah blah it’s only them clowns alone has clandestine vision and perceptions, they are so full of shit I am so tired of them.

  5. @Lowgrade Lucian, the way you speak and express your thoughts show how much of a pretender you are. “Knee Hurl Reactions and Clandestine Vision”, you just want to be like your masters but you are a fraud.

  6. @C-Wiz makes some good points. Castries could be a beautiful city. It’s location is lovely & yet people throw rubbish everywhere – very disrespectful. A lot of Lucians have become so disrespectul in many different ways – shameful really…

  7. Good job PM,at least someone is advising you about the state of our island and I hope you continue to beautify St Lucia… The ministers must do the jobs that they were voted to do.. Prove Larry Carrasco wrong that the minister’s are all I’ll equipped Educationally…. Folks keep up the pressure to get the island moving forward..
    One of the blogger is an imposter Hi Grade..

  8. There is a 2008 Vision Plan (done by experts and paid for by government), there is a Halcrow Traffic Plan (done by experts and paid for by government), there is a Castries 2030 plan (done by experts and paid for by government) for the city—but these visionless politicians want to do as they want. You all are not Engineers, Planners, Architects so why not read and learn from all these studies done before and take hints from them!!!Chewwwwwwwps

  9. Here we go again!
    The SLP incompetents have absolutely no consistent plan of action for anything, whether the City or roads or security.
    If an issue become a problem they offer up a patchwork of temporary remedies that end up being useless.
    We cannot think of any blueprint they have presented for any issue in St Lucia, that has worked. Children playing adult games. Actually dangerous, incompetent adults pretending to run the country.
    A steady analysis of Castries could handle most of the problems within a month but when you have persons in charge only interested in filling their pockets, what can you expect.
    Every project is about who gets a 15% or who can buy an available piece of land below market value. The interest if our citizens is the last thing on the mind of SLP opportunists.
    So expect some little pashpash then everything fall down again – at our expense!

  10. @George & @C-Wiz … yes there were plans drawn up to uplift Castries during the years you both stated – BY ACCOMPLISHED CITY PLANNERS!!!

    These plans for the upliftment of Castries were displayed in the show windows of the then J.Q. Charles store on Bridge Street.

    Now these politicians will NOT showcase their ‘Vision for Castries” because it does not seem they have a clue!! Ti-Boutique all over again.


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