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‘One Shot’, Two Others Killed In Gun Violence


Three people died following a flare-up of gun violence as Saint Lucia celebrated its 45th anniversary of Independence.

Two men were shot dead at West Hall in Vieux Fort, while another male was found with a gunshot wound to the head in Richfond, Dennery.

Overnight, there had been confirmation of one death as a result of the Vieux Fort incident.

However, another individual succumbed.

Police have identified the Vieux Fort deceased as 23-year-old Qunicy Mathurin, also known as ‘One Shot’ of Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort and Edley Celise of Martin Luther Street, Vieux Fort.

According to reports, the fatal shootings occurred at about 8:00 pm on Thursday while a party was in full swing.

A wake for a deceased woman was also taking place in the same neighbourhood.

Less than two hours later, Richfond police in Dennery received a shooting report and found the unresponsive body of a male with a wound to the head.

The deceased has been identified as Baune Demar of Grande Ravine, Dennery.

Since the year started, Saint Lucia has recorded seventeen homicides.

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  1. Where is the weak Minister for National Security? Bring back ORC. Bring back the death penalty. Bring in a mandatory custodial sentence of at least 5 years for possession. It’s ironic how America aims to chastise us for extra-judicial killings but ask them where all the illegal guns are coming from. I would happily volunteer to be on a hit squad. Tell me where the cockroaches at….

  2. For once I will agree with Lucian Lowgrade, I was surprised to see the article about basic fingerprint training, while its a step in some direction its also shocking that the police officers were not receiving modern training at the academy. Now we see part of the problem.

  3. The circularity of life. One shot killed by one shot? Incredible what is going on here but not unexpected. This is the natural outcome of a disorderly and lawless society. When people are free to do as they please in the smallest infractions, they will eventually feel empowered and believe there is no law. Then they keep escalating. Yes it is mostly gang related now but it won’t stay that way. Soon expect gangland shootouts and warlords cordoning off their zone where the authorities won’t be able to enter. Unchecked lawlessness, disorder and non-enforcement of existing laws has consequences. Police and the other authorities need to stop allowing the “little things” to slide. It may be too late for that now but…

  4. I wasn’t expecting anything different on our national day. If someone can pay you for you to celebrate your independence, that basically spell out everything. Lawlessness to the core

  5. Mother’s and fathers we need to teach our children the value of life and morals that we learned as kids because this generation is slowly becoming heartless. Churches and schools can play their part as well because it takes a village to raise a child. We as parents need to stop thos nonsense of not wanting others to correct our children when they do wrong.long time didn’t have all this violence because parents and neighbors and adults were in control.

  6. Pierre, you should resign. He is not doing a good job at fighting the gun violence…He is useless….when the criminals escalate the violence, you must escalate the response beyond the acts of the criminals to deter them…in other words, use a jack hammer to crush a nut….you should place the safety and security of law abiding citizens above that of criminals and throw the full force of the executive, legislative and judiciary at them…make no mistake, if Pierre fails to act we will all rue the day…..

  7. It is sad when anyone loses his or her life, and more sad when it is a young person. At the rate these young men are dying, some males may have to have two wives.

  8. Here is a formula for success:
    (a) Arrest a gun criminal.
    (b) Let him loose on bail.
    (c) They rearm
    (d) They continue with their activities plus experience with the legal system.
    (e) They provide leadership and mentorship.
    (f) They intimidate potential witnesses.
    (g) Police later investigate crimes by that same person.
    (h) The case is called two years later.

    *When I grow up, I want to be just like the minister responsible for security.

  9. There is no solution or mea s of getting out of this hellhole than to turn to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love one another as we love ourselves! Unless we repent of our wickedness — and turn to love God and our neighbour, we will all perish!! And for you simple-minded people who think this is “fluffy” stuff, this is as practical a solution as it will ever be– “Honour your mother and your father, do not kill, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not lie, and do not covet other people’s things!!! This is the truth of God –repent and accept it and live, or reject it and perish!

  10. Not a word not a word. ITS FRIDAY BABY BIG PARTY NIGHT, Saturday Night don’t come yet. INDEPENDENCE WEEKEND Paaaarrrrty, everyone in the road SAVE YOUR BREATH. Aron, Anonymous, Foule whatever SAVE YOUR BREATH THE WEEKEND IS HERE BABY. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE ST LUCIA. DIASPORAN’S YOUR MONEY WELL SPENT ARE YOU HAPPY ?? Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang yeah baby.

  11. Persons to be Blamed for the Increase in Gun Violence in St.Lucia 1.the Judiciary Shitstem.2 The Crime Minister.3 The Cop 4.Lawyers .Too much In St.Lucia Soon from now No Passenger Aircrafts nor Cruise Ship will be Landing on St.Lucia Shores

  12. The Solutions to stop Crime does not depend on man ❗
    How would or could you figure or consider this ❓
    GOD IS injuste”,
    No ❗ But the word of GOD Stands forever ‼️
    Was the watchmen sleeping… Montpellier in France,imagine, with all to the extent of tight Security at the highest level…
    A couple married since 2016,husband 72,wife 66…during the final herring (procdure)of divorce case for sharing of wealth…
    In the eye of the audiences, husband pull out his weapon and shorten the life of his ex-madam,and then turn it to himself,both dead and end up perish together without GOD…
    Though shall not commit adultery, which is a Sin that leads to death (divorce)and will never be forgiven”…

  13. Say whatever you all want that carnage would not be happening under Chastanet. SLP aligned with evil to get where they are. Now the lawbreakers know they in charge of the SLP and the country is suffering. This is unprecedented. The local police has never seen that type of mayhem before. Chastanet will rule them for sure. The SLP can’t because it’s part of the problem. Someone determine to destroy vieux fort cause it’s the constituency of so and so. This not normal. Vieux fort was never like this. Tanto tanto

  14. It is time for the people of St.Lucia to rise up with anger and disgust, as young men take up guns and sell drugs in plain sight of their neighbourhood .
    The relatives and friends hide away like cowards and blame the politicians and police.
    Hire more police and pay them properly to have self respect. Tell them to walk the streets and become familiar with the people. Staying hidden in your cars doesn’t make anyone safe, And create a “tip line” to offer rewards for information about who’s carrying weapons and selling drugs. Make certain that the names of witnesses are anonymous so they are protected.
    If this crime continues ..the tourists will stop coming and our economy will fail.
    Don’t be another lawless Carribean country…rise up!

  15. St Lucia should have invested in a proper Coast Guard independent of the police ,bring back the K-9 unit and creat a Anti gang unit .The Saint Lucian police is stuck in the 1980s and looks like something out of death in paradise a TV show from the Uk .


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