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Teenager Stabbed To Death, Man Shot Dead In Latest Violence


A 15-year-old male succumbed to stab wounds during a physical altercation at Ciceron, Castries, on Saturday.

Police have identified the deceased as Jesse Clement.

The Ciceron resident succumbed at about 9.00 pm at a medical facility, and a juvenile suspect is assisting police with their probe into the fatal stabbing.

Police are also investigating a fatal shooting at Barre Denis.

According to reports, the shooting followed an altercation at about 2:30 am Sunday.

A licensed firearm holder who was involved is said to be cooperating with the police in their investigation.

Saint Lucia has recorded 19 homicides so far in 2024.

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  1. Just don’t lose watch of the world at war. There is no stopping it any time soon. People have overcome the fear of killing another human being. We even take pleasure in filming an actual murder and to be the first to have it on social media. We are afraid to be the next victim, so we keep all we see to yourselves. The worst part is, we don’t even shield the young ones from all of this, so they too become accustomed to it, and even partake in it. These deaths have now become too common. We see it live or on the screen big or small screens.

  2. This is a global trend! No love! Parents fail to teach their youth esp young males the fundamentals of good spirituality. I went to church today and is old women alone that’s in there! Where are the men? Where are the young boys? Good will always prevail over evil however it’s a struggle. Before they seek God they seal deals with the devil.

  3. Crime will never stop especially when we have a prime Minster who keeps lying to the people who voted him in power where is the minimum wage that he promise on the anniversary of independence day . I hope that he is voted out of power in the coming elections for so many years it’s a shame when you go to Marchand…

  4. On track for 128. That’s 70% more than the previous year. Failing upwards PEEP.

    El Salvador decreased their rate by 70% because the government decided to go after the criminals. Not a peep from pip.

  5. And the Oscar goes to Pierre for his titled role as inactive Minister of National Security in the rated R film: Helen Goes Down in Flames. He has been out standing in his field doing nothing but standing, motionless. When will we see the Prime Minister go on national television to specifically address these senseless homicides? When will a more robust plan of action be implemented to safe guard law abiding citizens? When will the Prime Minister escalate his response to these homicides at a level commensurate and above the level of violence metted out by those criminals? As quick as boiled asparagus, Saint Lucia will be lost to the dogs of carnage if the leader does not wake from his 15-2 sweet sleep of victory which as the record shows, he likes to remind us of…while he is there protecting the victory, Helen find herself in a critical situation… Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock…

  6. Do not worry ye of faint heart!
    The Pierre, hillaire, fredericks, king upcoming budget will deal most importantly with ‘youth and sports’
    Yes my people that is what their Press Release said. Their priority is ‘yout and sports’ as it has been for every year they have been in power.
    Do not worry about one of the highest murder rates in the world or food prices killing we, or Mars like roads.
    All these killings – wha wrong with dem fellars . They ain’t know Labour big bouys doe have time to deal with crime with all dem deals to make. Land to sell below market value. $135,000,000 government land in Rodney Bay in a deal we know nothing about.
    This is now beyond ludicrous. We are playing with our economic future and all we getting from the “likkle black bouy” is that UWP bad and they must not get back into power.
    Lucians overseas- soon there will be no St Lucia to go and visit and build your house. Everything will be a lawless wasteland.

  7. no that one hurt me…..15 years??? awa awa……the blood is crying in the streets….all that that blood will be claimed…Lord put a hand…

  8. Lead by example PJP. Get serious!!!!!!!! Institute lie detector tests for all ministers regarding any involvement with criminals or criminal deeds, or receiving campaign funds knowingly derived from drugs or money laundering. The same lie detector tests for top ranks of the police force, permanent secretaries and customs officials with regards to bribery, sharing of confidential information and importation of weapons. THIS CAN BE EASILY DONE USING A REPUTABLE, IMPARTIAL OUTSIDE AGENCY. Do this if you truly care and love St. Lucia. Sohria, Apa, Sam and Cleophas DEMAND THIS!

  9. @ C-WIZ
    (Theme song from Shaft in the background).
    Now playing at a theater near you. See this security non-action hero fall asleep. This chrome fighter goes up against St Lucia’s worst. He dishes out cotton balls to villains as he seeks to not ruffle feathers. Phillip Pierre plays Shift in this boring Hollywood movie. Shift is sad mother… shut your mouth. Where he goes excitement doesn’t follow. Only at AMC theaters. Rated G.

  10. The Minister of national security could have stopped oh yes it’s his fault he did not part the fight not all the grown all adults that were standing around and did nothing either, then were looking up in the sky for minister to appear. is that a bird ? Is it a plane ? Where is he ??? C-Wiz you are just an overpaid clown.

  11. C wiz….are those crimes being committed against innocent law abiding citizens? Since you know the statistics, please share? Are there any trends?

  12. We have to understand the predicament that the Pierre is in. He took the responsibility for National Security in an attempt to be the hero – to succeed where the previous adminstration failed. However, the gamble has back-fired as the country is more dire situation. His weak leadership won’t reverse the course the country is in but he will seek to see it through by kicking the can down the road. Don’t expect him to give up the portfolio as that would just confirm his failure.

  13. @ The Honourable Lucian High grade?….🤔

    Ladies and gentlemen, please excuse me while I deliver a sharp repost to an unprovoked attack. They say that words carry the intent of the speaker on swirling winds of turbulence. So read and read very carefully, let the meaning come forth to you like a revelation riding on the smoke of a sensimillia joint…. And You are Indeed correct, The Honourable Lucian Highgrade, to observe that I am a clown. I will humbly admit that my clownish masquerade has been duly exposed by your ever-so-myopic sclerotic orbicularis oculis. I am indeed a clown I admit – mea culpa, a clown ne pas si extraordinaire even. A clown am I indeed and YET!!!! my clownish wit is far shaper than the piffle paffle that churns and spills from your dull comatosed spastic brain. It is an irony held true isn’t it, that the classroom bully deflects from himself in an effort to hide his insecurities and or otherwise internal infirmities, whether they be psychological – in which case it could be emotional or whether it be developmental – in which case it may be physical – by terrorising his unsuspecting fellows. The usual telltale signs are:
    1) Attacking others’ contributions without themselves making or offering a substantial contribution to the article at hand.
    2) The usual bluff and bluster of a madhouse rant
    3) Ain’t got much to say but will say it anyway.

    So, to The Honourable Lucian Highgrade. Since I am designated a clown by your most illustrious proclamations, I will therefore make your task oh Oafish one, a simple and delightful pursuit for you. When you do decide to accost someone atleast, please say something smart.

    Word psychology is a terrible thing.

    PS. My task at being a clown is oh so much more difficult than It is to say something worthwhile. For you, saying something foolish should come easy.

  14. I recently visited St Lucia after 17 years, last visited. My arrival wasn’t very welcoming by the Immigration Office, who enquired about my aboard, ” saying that she’d never heard of it”
    I was very concerned, thinking that I’d been scammed. Thankfully, all had been resolved
    when I showed her the communications between the host and myself.
    It suddenly dawned on me that this woman was a walking encyclopedia of all the properties on the Island.
    I was dually submerged in the deprivation and squalor of CASTRIES as nothing had changed meaning the infrastructure in CASTRIES is
    “,still stuck in a TIMEWARP”
    The only changes which I keep reading about are the (HOMICIDES), I noticed the disparity but that isn”t new, this have been a mainstay from when I was toddler.
    “BLACK on BLACK” these persistent killings are causing so much pain and heartt break for the immediate families.
    This is tarnishing St Lucias image, home and abroad. I wanted to visit an area in CASTRIES
    and was told “don’t go there” because it was too dangerous. Wow my homeland, have no go areas.
    Well, how much longer is this going to go on for? Or is this POLITICALLY MOTIVATED?
    Whatever the answer is, there are no winners.

  15. Our educational institutions are failing us. Lacking of parental guidance is the root cause of criminality. Horrible governance is the pepperpot for criminals.
    The Minister for Security and education are still collecting quantum amount of money monthly at the expenses of our future. Who can convince me St. Lucia will change?

  16. Be Patients dearly ❤️loved 🇱🇨 St Lucians !!
    Until the Lamb opened the fourth Seal, I

  17. Be Patients dearly ❤️loved 🇱🇨 St Lucians !!
    Until the Lamb opened the fourth Seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, Come!” I looked,and there was before me was a pale horse !
    Its rider was name Death,and Hades was following close behind him.
    They were given power over (a fourth of the earth to kill by Sword 🗡️ but we dont have Sword, followed by famine and Plague,and by wild beast of the earth ❗
    When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the Souls of those who had been Slain for the word of God and the testimony they have had maintened.. They called out in a loud voice,
    “How long Sovereign LORD,holy and true, until you ⚖️ judge the (inhabitants of the earth and avenge our blood ❓”
    Then each of them was given a White robe,(and they were told to wait a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants,brothers and sisters who were to be killed as they had been was completed…..

  18. When children decide to have children – blame the Prime Minister
    When care givers/parents have failed to provide the proper upbringing – blame the Prime Minister
    When Lucians steal produce and sell to the swutweeyezze – blame the Prime Minister
    When Lucians fail to educate themselves – blame the Prime Minister
    When the bikers – pop-a-wheelie while onlookers are cheering them on – blame the Prime Minister
    When Lucians engage in ongoing obeah, voodoo and witchcraft – blame the Prime Minister
    When the vendors are caught on camera sprinkling voodoo at doorsteps – blame the Prime Minister
    When Lucians decide to engage in illegal activity – blame the Prime Minister
    When Lucians decide to be envious, jealous and hateful to each other – blame the Prime Minister
    When Lucians decide to be gang bangers – blame the Prime Minister
    Blame, blame, blame – this generation seems to be going no where VERY FAST –

    BTW – I don’t know the Prime Minister, have never met him and I am neither SLP nor UWP. In fact I don’t know any politicians in St. Lucia.

    However, for most post which I have read he seems to be blame for everything – including hurricanes.
    To those of you who reside in St. Lucian perhaps you all can get together and provide a proposal for dealing with crime and present to the powers that be – Godspeed.

  19. The only way out of this hell-hole is for each individual to turn to God with all the heart, soul, mind and strength! The ways of the Lord must be taught to all –young and old–and we must all live in accordance with the laws of God: honor your mother and your father; do not kill; do not commit adultery; do not steal; do not lie (“bear false witness”); do not covet. We must love others as we love ourselves. Unless we all make a commitment to live this way, the headlines will continue to show an increase in the works of evil all the way through to the ultimate demise of the nation!

  20. Anonymous….who the indigenous Saint Lucians?The true Saint Lucians, are so few. I noticed from my recent visit that Saint Lucians have become Americanised.
    The level of violence is adopted from America. The criminal elements are emulating ways of the
    “The Wild West” where Cowboys armed with guns were determental in settling conflicts.
    Unfortunately, how does any Government
    resolve this? Young People being the victims.

    Crime is endemic Universally. The UK have its shsre of knife crimes which is a thorn in Society. Saint Lucia with its crime rate isn”t going to be a model, zero tolerance place.

  21. All dat is gang related from what I hear. Dem yuts do care anymore. More importantly, dey doh care about demselfs…

  22. Will always continue to blame and end up fighting with God !
    LORD, are you at this time going to restore 🇱🇨 St Lucia ❓
    GOD :
    He said to them
    “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. We disowned the Holy and Rigtheousness One and killed the Author of Life❗
    “In quietness and trust is our strength,
    “In repentance and reste is our Salvation, but we would have none of it
    , We Saïd, “No,we will flee on horses :
    We will flee !
    A thousand will flee at the treat of One…

  23. The PM has yet to address the public to give support and assurances of how his government team will tackle the ongoing violent culture. All he has done so far is call for unity. It would be most appreciated by all citizens of St Lucia, working and living on the Island to give an update on what he plans to do about the rising crime wave. He appears to be distant and busy doing other matters, which I fully understand needs his attention also. However, he has not offered any plan of action nor what his intentions are to tackle the problem.
    The problem facing St Lucia is resources, lack of resources. You cannot implement changes without resources. Where is the money going to come from to help support the local Police Officers with reducing the crime wave and policing the streets in crime hotshots to keep the public safe from harm. Innocent people are getting caught up in gangland shot up. They are living in fear from the guns when bullets are ringing out left right and centre, not knowing if or when it will hit them. That’s scary. People having to lay down on their floor hoping stray bullets miss them. Innocent people, law abiding citizens living in fear from rogue violent culture of killing the next man. So spear a thought of what that looks like for them every day.
    Firstly Pierre needs to identify where the funding will come from and how it will be used to reduce crime. Everyone wants to see a reduction of criminal activities. You need a plan PM and fast. Pierre must put together a Crime Prevention Unit. He will need to constantly monitor progress. Crime prevention is complex. Pierre will need outside expertise to ensure that his police force is trained and fully equipped with resources to tackle the problems. You need good problem solving skills, creative thinking, patience, and knowledgable officers who know the local communities,
    More police patrolling crime hotshots. New laws may also have to come in for crime reduction. Its a massive undertaking. The government needs to understand why this is happening and identify the 10 -29years age groups most at risk of getting involve in criminal activities. Early intervention….the problem is resources… urgently needed.
    Another matter of concern is the Guyana labour shortages. While it’s great to see a Caribbean neighbouring country in the prime of excelling and their economy on the rise for great things ahead. I worry for St Lucia skilled work force such as doctors, teachers, nurses, police officers moving over to Guyana to better themselves, and that can cause a collapse in St Lucia’s labour force. So, while Pierre is exciting like a kid in a candy shop, be careful, my friend. Everyone has a price and they will go where the money is to improve their lives. I can’t blame them. Emigration is nothing new. Just be prepared Pierre the journey ahead maybe a bumpy ride my friend. St Lucia cannot match that economy growth that Guyana is experiencing and offering at present. I am happy for Guyana, some St Lucians will greatly benefit from a better future. I wish them good luck.
    PM make sure you have a plan of action if your best people decide to jump ship. And if it happens how will you replace them Mr P.
    We have seen it happen before, one example the Philippines saw a massive shortage of their nurses when large numbers moved overseas to fill UK, USA shortages. The Philippines government took action last April 2023 when it barred Filipino nurses from working overseas.
    So trend with care. That aside, most pressing matters is to reduce the crime levels.
    Also agree with a few comments…Castries need a complete overhaul, it’s an utter disgrace to call down town Castries the City. That’s not a City its a hell hole. No cafes, every blasted food eateries selling the same food, no creativity or lack of it. Try to find a quick bite to eat is like extracting teeth. Visitors especially do not want a big plate of food. Sometimes a small bite is needed. Why all you do the same thing? If I ran tings I would relocate those stalls on the Boulevard to somewhere safer where it can be monitored and patrolled by trained Market Enforcement officers, who can tackle crime and antisocial behaviours around the market stalls to keep shoppers safe and help traders to tow the line. All you to unruly and nasty. Nasty habits, not all but some too nasty. Market should open at specific times, 7am to 2pm not all day affair. Thats 7 hours of trading. By the time you close, pack up and tidy up its almost 4pm. That gives plenty time to clean up the place, Spotless. The Market Enforcement Officers would issue on the spot fines for disorder, littering in and around the market areas.
    The stall holders need discipline and they need to follow rules and regulations. Too many antisocial behaviours and vulgar attitudes. These stall holders should be vetted before handing over a licence to trade. For goodness sake, do it properly St Lucian, take pride in what you do. You want people to come to Castries Historic town, so they can enjoy the atmosphere, vistors made to feel its a safe place to work and visit for everyone. The Market Enforcement officers would also give support to everyone. That can only happen when you train people up to do a proper job instead of mess, chaos and confusion. Who wants that. Certainly not visitors. The whole place needs a facelift. Overcrowding is a big issue. It’s a shit show!
    Come on, take pride in what all you do!

  24. Certes :
    The days of the BLAMELESS are known to the LORD,and their INHERITANCE will endure forever ‼️
    Take note :
    In time of disaster they will not withers(wash or blown away);in days of farmine they will enjoy plenty :
    But to those who refuse to accept instructions or acknowledge the truth will perish :
    The LORD’S ennemis will be like the beauty of the fields, they will vanish-no doubt about it,vanish like 🔥 smoke …
    Those who are bless will inherit the land, but those he curses will be cut off…
    If the LORD delights in man’s way,he makes his step firm; though he stumble,he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand…
    I was young and now I am old,yet I have never seen the rigtheous forsaken or their children begging bread…
    They are always generous and lend freely ; their children will be bless…
    Turn from evil 😈 and do good ;then you will dwell in the land forever.
    For the LORD loves❤️ the just and will not forsake his faithful ones
    They will be proctected forever..

  25. For those who continue to choose criminality lifestyle, it will never give you joy, peace and happiness. You will never find peace, you will always be a trapped being, afraid to seek a better life, afraid to try. Criminality will only bring sorrow, hatred, suffering, misery to your soul. You will never know the true meaning of friendship, love and forgiveness. your consciousness has eroded away. All you do is think about hurting others because somehow for you that’s the only way to survive …is to hurt and keep on hurting, hating, destroying everything, you despise everything…. until there is nothing else left to destroy but yourself.
    All these young black men hound each other down like a pack of wolves.
    They need to dig deep into their consciousness to find, who am I and why do I choose this destructive path.
    They are no winners in this game my friend, no winners just you…. literally living to kill your fellow black brothers, like it’s a sport. Football your aim to out run your opponents get the ball in the net. Criminality lifestyle
    The hunter soon becomes the hunted.
    Is that your destiny?
    Do better, its never too late to change. So might as well give it a try.


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