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Chastanet Says SLP Policies Increasing Poverty


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has accused the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration of contributing to increased poverty in Saint Lucia.

In this regard, the former Prime Minister cited the SLP Government’s ‘deliberate decision to keep fuel and cooking gas prices higher than they should be.’

Chastanet observed in a Facebook post that the fuel prices and the introduction of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s 2.5% tax contributed to the increase in poverty.

In a video accompanying Thursday’s post, he declared that a government that feels entitled and has no ideas to stimulate the economy will always resort to increasing taxes.

“This has always been the SLP way,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader asserted.

“Once again, they have decided to impose an additional tax of two and a half percent on our already struggling population,” Chastanet lamented.

At the same time, he accused the SLP of ignoring the advice of civil society groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, which warned against ‘this burdensome tax.’

“The consequences of this action are the poor continue to get poorer, further expanding the poverty margin,” Chastanet stated.

However, the opposition leader noted that a ‘selected few’ within the SLP’s inner circle continue to enrich themselves.

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  1. Chastanet,you can’t full anyone again with your rethoric.
    Do you really care about us,St Lucian’s or your family and friends and power hungry. You believe that St Lucia belongs to you,you have it wrong.
    Where is the $6:50 you claimed that the SLP was collecting. You increased the gas tax by $1:50, which you said you placed in a lockbox and to date,it can’t be found.
    Have you forgotten,you passed a tax bill to include, charcoal, pudding,nail making, barbering, barbecue, hairdressing,goldsmith,etc.
    We haven’t forgotten all this,stop sharing crocodile tears. The barking dogs and mendicants and 43 percenters are getting wise now.

  2. Chastanet, your records indicate you were the worst prime minister of St. Lucia. During your short reign of terror, you created a hierarchical system based solely on wealth. The poor were relegated to the wretched of the earth. As a result, you were dubbed as a provocateur, contrarian, and opportunist charlatan. Your pronouncements are not consistent with your actions. You did exactly what you are accusing the SLP of doing. Instead of being contrite and charter a new course you prefer to double-down on your stupidity. Keep in mind that international institutions have clearly stated you are no good for St Lucia. So please get a real job and leave St. Lucia politics for the St. Lucians.

  3. Chastanet what did you do to create the environment for the people to progress you and your family have oppress the workforce for decades and build wealth for yourself but the workers are earning wages as low as 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour.. Man get the hell out of here as you are making me very angry….

  4. Chas, most Lucians have not understood your approach and it will take some hard work to get it to them. Please do not give up. They are so used to getting hand to mouth from the leaders. A chicken and a beer or a bare $20 every once in a while. To date there is a still huge dependency on the STEP Program. Out of 52 weeks in a year, they only offer them only two weeks of work. The rest of the time, they wait until the leaders show up to provide with some handouts. Those leaders piss in their eyes and they call it rain. They call them “Malayway “so they remain poor and use them every five years. It will very difficult to teach old dogs new tricks but I hope your approach gets across to many if not all.
    I understand your approach. You create the environment and let them come get their share. The sky is always the limit but you must work for it. Lucians like to depend on the government . Their main game in the government is Bobol. They say they are patriot but in alot of cases they spell it as POCKET.

  5. I must say Mr chas thank you for bringing at least one positive feeling to me today , especially with the situation in v fort and the gun situation among other sad international news with what’s going in Gaza .. I must say your news article was the first one I opened compare to the other ones which represented truth with facts , also contributed an feeling of sadness .. then I saw yours, sincerely hoping that the title of of st.lucia times made a mistake by missing out a word …I opened up the article to read it and saw the title had no era . Lol jokes on me was kind of embarrassing to be honest…but funny thing is I thought the word that was missing which I assumed would make much better sense, so it will actually say ‘ chas says slp policies are creating poverty for the rich ‘ my bad st.lucia times just the man that is giving the message so you must excuse me .

  6. It looks like those SLP hacks are satisfied with the country’s current situation…..blinded by the coolade and racism. If uncle Chas was doing it to them they would have seen the light……..ignorance pushes the intelligence right out of there heards!

  7. Chas please keep quiet. You are the cause of everything bad in St. Lucia today. You gave away 24 million to Sandals, 7 million for no vaccine 30 million to Lockerbe, no accountability for the number passports sold, you borrowed 863 million and all disappeared in thin air. So please Chas don’t talk.

  8. Creating a better business environment brings an enabling economy for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create sustainable employment and require suppliers and markets of their own. Creating a larger commercial sector also increases the tax base allowing for the funding of healthcare, security,infrastructure and education. Chastenet wanted a broader more diverse economy as opposed to SLP which would rather give handouts and have people living on hand to mouth reliance on random politically inspired charity projects. Simply put UWP encourages independence and SLP dependence.

  9. Lucian so stupid Allen not intelligent when will we realize that. @La Vewitaye broader what. Lets stop being biased and realize that both party have flaws one just have less intelligent ppl. I’ll leave you to decide which is which

  10. The man is paying some of us 200 dollars as a basic pay and 2 points service charge per fortnight and is there talking about poverty . We are suffering at coco palm under the chastanet’s


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