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Chastanet Responds After Rowley’s ‘Tropical Trump’ Criticism


Saint Lucia opposition leader Allen Chastanet has responded to Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley’s rejection of his proposed measures to address crime in the Caribbean.

“No thanks Tropical Trump,” Rowley declared in response to Chastanet’s proposals.

Chastanet presented the anti-crime proposals at an opposition United National Congress (UNC) town hall meeting in Trinidad and Tobago.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Saint Lucia politician reiterated that one of the ways the region can deal with crime and its crippling effects on the economy, society, and the region’s people, is by jointly tackling the problem together.

According to Chastanet, it was clear that individual approaches were not working.

” I urge the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, who is also the lead Prime Minister on Crime in Caricom, to take my remarks in the spirit in which they were intended – which was not an individual criticism,” the former Saint Lucia Prime Minister stated.

Instead, Chastanet explained that his remarks constituted a collective call to action.

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  2. One of the requirements to be a politician is to have turtle back skin, and it sounds like MP Chastanet has it.

  3. Chas, they crucified Jesus when he spoke the truth. They sold Marcus Garvey for rights. They turned their backs on Paul Boogle.
    We are all the victims of crimes, drugs and violence in the Caribbean. The leaders have no plans to battle the war. They are doing nothing . Instead of embracing your recommendations, the idiot, Rowley has chosen to become a clown without a circus and play politics with the ideas. Where do we go from here.

  4. You have workers earning 400 EC dollars a fortnight, in your family business which is a crime against humanity and you want to tell the Trinidadians about how to solve crime Tropical Trump …

  5. Rowley’s projecting onto ‘ti Chas Trumpian characteristics which are closer to his own personality traits.

    If he wanted to be accurate, he would have described ‘ti Chas as the ‘Tropical Trudeau’. After all, they both came into prominence based on their fathers’ legacies & money; and, squandered their inheritances because of their mental disabilities, primarily their stupidity & unearned sense of entitlement!

  6. Why couldn’t tropical Trump handle crime in St.Lucia in his time of office as well as the hospital and the roads…. he wasted his time in Lucia and is trying to waste it again just by running for another term…. smdh.. how st.lucians forget…..

  7. While the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) reported a five percent decrease in homicides — 576 in 2023 as compared to 605 in 2022 — citizens remain concerned for their safety and distressed about the levels of domestic violence in the country.

    I think Dr. Keith Rowley has his head in the sand no need to waste time on this arrogant bastard

  8. I’m really surprised how people can still support this man…when in power he was only checking on him n his rich friends

  9. Some if us don’t know our place and Chas is one. Why did you not think before you went to T&T. You forgot the connection… with our current government down there…


  10. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing. Pierre and Rowley have one thing in common. They are good men who do nothing while the crime situations in their country escalate. The criminals are at liberty to do whatever they decide.
    Chas on the other side are s making recommendations and also invite them to work together as a team. Both men have rejected the offer in the name of politics. They actually did that while both countries are bleeding and the citizens live in fear. Chas, please do not stop. I want you to continue to show you are concern and willing to help even when they reject you. Just a bunch of clowns in office

  11. Big respect with that response. Chas has earned big points with me.

    That’s what I miss from our leaders. Words which deescalate situations and seek dialogue over conflict.

  12. All I can say at this point is if we are afraid of the united States because we can’t seem to do anything with out them getting in our business. Then join them and make amendments to our constitution which would give every citizen a right to carry a firearm. The playing field would become level. The criminals know most of us law abiding citizens don’t hv a firearm hence the reason why they are so bold. It’s out of control already and most people don’t want the government to take firm action cause they keep saying the pm can’t stop someone from shooting another. We should wisen up and understand the proactive measure to kurb crime would be fo the government to move aggressively and get those guns off the street

  13. When I look at the way politicians behave with each other, the way the way they tear each other to pieces with their words, although verbal it almost feels like aa physical assault on each other. We need to teach politicians that we, the people, are the bosses and they are representing us. This crime spike is a threat to our freedom and our safety. Stop this violence between you all and focus on the really damb issue. Work together if you must, humble you all selves and send a strong message to the criminals. I am tired of this political war in my country and now in the region. The man you called Trump, spoke the truth.

  14. Am I the only one who remembers
    * the zeroing of the police training budget
    * the hosting of balls to fund police equipment
    * the Chastanet’s trip to campagne with his friend in Jamaica, when his Min of National Security Hermandgild Francis hosted a Crime Symposium in SLU.
    * the increase in homicide numbers during 2016 and 2021
    * the lack of a crime fighting strategy during that time.
    * the transfer of Commissioners of police and the politics
    * the dissing of a Commissioner by the Minister after he returned from leave
    * that same Ex minister dis the current commissioner
    There was too much political involvement in the RSLPF 🤐

  15. Nevertheless,let no one criticized each other, but should be BLAMELESS and not Guilty !!


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