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60-Year-Old Man Charged With 2023 Trois Piton Murder


On Tuesday, January 3, 2023 about 1:00 p.m., the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) commenced investigations into a report of a suspicious death, which occurred at Trios Piton, Castries.

On Thursday, January 5, 2024, the Major Crimes Unit embarked on an extensive, challenging, yet meticulous investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murder of forty-two-year-old (42) Saraphina Stephen.

Saraphina Stephen
Saraphina Stephen

On Thursday, March 7, 2024, the tenacity of the Major Crimes Unit led to the apprehension of sixty-year-old (60) Lawrence Dupre alias “Joy” of Trios Piton, Castries, who was subsequently charged for Murder of Saraphina Stephen.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. Massive Big Up to St. Lucia’s Finest. Great Law Enforcement Work. This is a Case of, You Can Run, but You can’t Hide. Image, 60 years old, a time to enjoy senior years, and the grand children. We have to learn to keep our emotions in check.

  2. Exactly,think twice, look before you leap ❗ should and could be avoided !!
    No respect and no love for each other,one blood,one nation !
    Should be judge ⚖️ according to what his deed worth (deserved)

  3. Don’t waste tax payers dollars on that cold hearted old bastard
    Saint Lucia should get an electric chair

  4. Some folk may be atheist, non religious, religious or whatever and that’s your choice to each his own. However, I am a strong believer and I am thankful and grateful.. Amen. Now, whether you fall into any of the categories listed above – one thing is for certain – Karma will find you and your evil deeds [destiny or fate, following as effect from cause]. How dare you take someone else’s life – you did not give life you fool. Malvettaaaye saaa ou faire sa saaa ou wear – maychant.


  5. This murderer was roaming around in the community for a full year – my Lord. Please check to ensure there are no additional victims of this 60 year old DEVIL alias Joy – really. Based on your actions your alias should be DEM MOO –

  6. Joy u denied killing my sister and you and your family who claimed to be seventh day Adventist lied for and with u .you never saw it coming .your family even called us days after the murder to come and clear her apart ment which your sister owned .karma .just like you they must pay for coving up your lies d.n.a never lies .killer

  7. This is the result you get when you bring science and scientific methodology to bear. Criminals will be caught when you utilise science….not the pray pray bray bray bray like a donkey nonsense I see being advocated on this platform some times…..the police could have prayed till pregnant cows learn how to moonwalk and they still would not have solved this crime…the churches could have prayed till they got sore in their knees and started growing apples out of their ears and nothing would come out of it. So leave the superstitious nonsense out of our society….it’s was science science science….and I C-WIZ will stand by those words always…

    Now criminal, you will spend the rest of your sorry life behind bars never to be free again…you are literally awake in your grave waiting for your eternal sleep….what a way to go….just think of that….

  8. Science does not contradict the Word of God. The Scriptures say ‘the life is in the blood’. Long before DNA was discovered, the Scriptures stated the importance of blood. Additionally, the hygiene and health laws in Leviticus advised persons to wash their hands and clothing or take a bath after handling the dead or sick persons. Doctors in the 18th century neglected this, and the result was plagues and outbreaks of other diseases. Quarantine of the sick was also proposed in Leviticus. So there you have it. The Bible does not contradict science. However, C-Wiz as a practical Christian, I agree with part of your discourse. God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves. While we pray for the peace of our country, the judiciary and politicians should enact and follow through with policies that act as a deterrent to crime.

  9. @Garfield,

    Well if you read your bible carefully you will realise right there in genesis contradictions….I will teach you your own bible…

    King James Version if you please ….

    Genesis chapter 1 : in the god created the heaven and the earth

    Verse 2: And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep…etc etc….ect..

    Verse 3: and god said let there be light: and there was light.

    Now I ask you Garfield, what was that light that was created.? Was it the sun that is 93 million miles away from earth that god created or was it some other source of light? It would have to be the sun if you have to be honest….cause that’s the only body we know the gives the earth light,….the moon is a reflector….So god created the light that comes from the sun on the first day….

    Verse 4: and god saw the light that it was good and god divided the light from the darkness

    Verse 5: and god called the light day and the darkness he called night. And the evening and the morning were the FIRST DAY….

    NB: only the rotation of earth around the sun would create night and day patterns…so it’s would be correct to say it was the sun created on the first day….

    Verses 6-13 speaks of god creating the firmaments, dividing waters, creating dry land grass, fruit trees..etc etc etc….all that was created between the 2nd and 3rd day..

    But here is the bombshell you blind bible readers fail to see…or are too gullible to notice this blatant contradiction ( of which there are many in the bible)…because most read and don’t understand or comprehend…but I will open your eyes…

    Verses 14-15 are irrelevant to the discussion.

    I draw your attention to 👇

    VERSE 16… And god made two great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night, he made the stars also

    NB: we know through science that the sun is our solar systems light and energy source…so the greater light rules over the day would be the sun and the lesser light that rules the night would be the moon.

    VERSE 17: and god set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth.

    VERSE 18: And to rule over the day and over the night and to divide the light from the darkness and god saw it was good.



    so Garfield the sun and the moon was created on the 4th day according to your bible but my question is again to you what was the that light created on the first day the caused the evening and the morning to be the first day as you read early in genesis chapter 1 verse 3 to 5…

    Contradictions all over the spurious book called the bible. I can show you some more but I relent….

    Now as for your missal on the washing of hands after handing the dead or the sick or the 18th century doctors neglect of hygiene practices I won’t even bother answering that….but I will say to you science categorically contradicts that spurious book called the bible. You can carry on believing those cooked up stories in a book filled with violence, hatred and brutality….

    I C-WIZ stand by these words.

  10. Wow! What am I missing?? ….. Looks like the court of public opinion is in full session.. Judging from the article and the comments one would believe there was a conviction. Misleading at best. I have no idea who they are but if this isn’t jumping to conclusions then what is? Either way, I hope there’s proper closure.

  11. C-Wiz, this is quite simple. THere were six days of creation. The words ‘And the evening and the morning were the fourth day’ simply emphasizes that this was the fourth day of creation. I am not here to argue with you though. We are all entitled to our beliefs. If you do not belief, then that is your choice. However, let me end by informing you that many scientists who proclaimed to be atheists made it their life’s mission to prove there was no God. However, in the end they were strongly convinced of the existence of the Creator, because according to them, there is too much scientific evidence to prove otherwise. Blessings.

  12. @ Garfield…..


    Garfield your evasive response is glaring….you have said nothing there that makes a difference to the argument or an attempt at answering my questions…whether there were 6 days of creation…in fact there were 7 days of creation… according to that spurious book called the bible….indeed the 7th Day was created…but it does matter….I still refer you to my question in my previous post…

    Now your missal about scientists who claimed to be atheists then became strongly convinced there is a god…is neither here nor there….cause similarly there are scientists who once believed there is a god but when they saw the evidence became convinced there was no god….your argument is trivial at best… people move between the specific belief and unbelief in god all the time….at the end of the day…..they have to be honest with themselves…

    If you believe jonah survived 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of a whale…not taking into consideration jonah needs oxygen to survive, that the whale has more than one stomach and that the stomach contains acid to aid digestion, that the stomach is an unfriendly environment…OH..😯😯😯….I know what you will say, it was a miracle…but that is utterly ridiculous to say the list….ever wondered why are these stories so far back in the past without concrete evidence? It’s because these superstitious and mostly illiterate people made up superstitious stories and some clever writer wrote it down….you control the minds of the people, your control the people…..

    If you believe a man rose from the dead after being crucified and buried after 3 days and 3 nights…then you should consider that stories of dying and rising gods abound in civilizations that were there long before that charlatan jesus Christ come to each…do some research and educate yourself….and when you do, look at the map of the world and make a note of the regions these ancient stories come from …ALL AROUND THE MIDDLE EAST REGION … Jesus is nothing but a retold, rewashed, rehashed, repackaged story of dying and rising gods of successive ancient civilizations….to give you a helping hand…Inanna was the first recorded dying and rising god and that god was a woman…the inscription was found on clay tablets inscribed in Sumaria over 1000yrs before the creation of Christianity and the stories of Jesus Christ……and many more dying and rising gods came after Inanna and before jesus. Jesus was just the last dying and rising god myth that enslaved the minds of humanity…

    Go figure. And I C-WIZ stand by those words.

  13. Faith without works is dead ..I can have faith to pray to find a job. However, sitting on the couch will not get me a job ..I need to prepare my resume, find out where jobs are available and put my best self forward to get interviewed in order to make it happen.

    Where is the conscience of some Lucians.??????? A large percentage of your population is heavily involved in witchcraft, obeah, voodoo (young and old). I recently saw news reports of shopkeepers sprinkling all kinds of voodoo mess on doorstops of fellow vendors. Just yesterday a boiled egg with someone’s name with wings in a driveway.

    There are two forces are work in the universe good and evil. The choice is yours to do what is right ..KARMA will find you based on your personal decision.
    Evil and demons are running rampant in St. Lucia.


  14. c-wiz even if you dont believe in the bible there is a God a high spiritual being who will come again some day and give justice to whom it is due….we can sit behind computers phones and type all day but whether we believe in God or not MANY things are for sure…ONE-we cant stop the world from turning and from life to keep on…..TWO- all awa we gonna die whether we like it or not……THREE-as many people die many people are being born each day…FOUR-let christians live and do not judge them for they believe from since the foundation of the world til today, which continues until the end….and i can say many more..we are no one to judge people….we are not to criticize people for their beliefs…..i read the answers given to you and they were without criticism…you calling people beliefs Cooked up stories aint gonna change the next man from believing neither will it change the next man from dying…..say what you want by I the dont care what humans say or think stand by these words….

  15. Yes the court of public opinion is in session…why because in the 238 square mile radius where everyone knows everyone personally or by extension…the accused is most likely the one. The fact that he is named is certainly an indication.

    How the justice system works in St. Lucia only God knows. However, the article says a meticulous investigation resulting in his arrest. Also, there must have been a relationship according to the family member’s post ..I rest my case.

    …BTW there was a case involving a little girl several several ago who was raped and mudered …it turns out that the public in the community knew all along it was her stepdad…,and the DNA confirmed that it was so. I read the article related to this case.

  16. All religion is a form of witchcraft….they demonised your ancestors religion and sold you there’s … believing a man died and rose again… witchcraft, symbolically drinking and eating the body of Christ… witchcraft….so stop all your nonsense…it’s all witchcraft if you want to call it that….but then again to believe such is call superstition…all of if…I C-WIZ leave free in conscience and mind….

  17. While call on the LORD, when your heart is not with GOD ❓
    This is why prayers don’t always answered..
    “I will teach you about the power of GOD…

  18. The Great Commission
    As it was in the days of Noah,so it will be at the coming of the Son of men !
    Jesus humbles himself
    “Sit here while over there and pray” and he becomes to sorrow and trouble.
    Then he said to them, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death… Stay here and keep watch with me”.
    Then he returned to his disciplies and found them sleeping. “Could you men not keep watch with me for one hour ?”he ask…
    “Watch and pray countinually so that your will not fall into temptation, the Sprit is willing but the flesh (body is weak…

    Foreigners to covenant of the promise, without hope and without God in this world, like dry walking trees,no assurance and ready to fall and perish together !!!!!

  19. The Great Commission
    As it was in the days of Noah,so it will be at the coming of the Son of men !
    Jesus humbles himself
    “Sit here while over there and pray” and he becomes to sorrow and trouble.
    Then he said to them, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death… Stay here and keep watch with me”.
    Then he returned to his disciplies and found them sleeping. “Could you men not keep watch with me for one hour ?”he ask…
    “Watch and pray countinually so that your will not fall into temptation, the Sprit is willing but the flesh (body is weak…

    Foreigners to covenant of the promise, without hope and without God in this world, like dry walking trees,no assurance and ready to fall and perishes together !!!!

  20. For what hope has the godless when he is cut off, when God takes away his life ?
    Does God listen to his cry when distress comes upon him ?
    Will he find delight in the Almighty ?
    Will he call upon God at all times ?
    “Here is the (fate God allots for them, the héritage receives from the Almighty :
    However many of his children, their fate is the Sword, their Offspring will never have enough to eat.
    The plague will bury those who survive him, will not weap for them

  21. C-Wiz, Christians are never out there attacking the beliefs of people like you. In fact it’s the opposite. People who adhere to your beliefs seem to find all online platforms and live streams to attack the Christian faith. What are you so afraid of? Just let people be. BTW C-Wiz = Cunning Wizard? I’ve been wondering for a while. Light vs. darkness.

  22. @ Garfield

    Don’t be a cotton puff. Any time someone challenges your pathetic beliefs you all get defensive….why? Because you do see some sense in what is said but are too gullible and daft to appreciate the nuances..That is a sign of weakness, indoctrination and not willing to consider another opinion…. Christianity at one point was terrorising people with contrary beliefs….but not any more because the eyes of the world is opening up to your pathetic beliefs…do some research on when Christianity burned innocent people at the stake, or the inquisitions…. you obviously don’t have a clue about the origin or history of your Christian beliefs….I debate religious fundamentalists like you all the time and they run at my reasoning….now you said people like me find online platform to attack Christian faith? well every topic or subject matter under the sun is up for questioning…even Christianity… welcome to the real world where people who are not gullible challenge the status quo. indeed you are free to carry on your drunken adherence to the superstitions you grew up on but the world is waking up…. people believe less in this nonsense today than they did some decades ago…the global statistics shows it….and though religion will always be around because there will always be gullible people, the significance of religion will continue to decline.. You zealots are more superstitious than the people you so accuse it’s laughable….

  23. @ fallen race….

    I won’t even bother answer all your trivial take on this …but keep waiting for your sky god to come back…. perhaps you should read Mathew 16:28 King James Version

    Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here which WHICH SHALL NOT TASTE OF DEATH till they see the son of man coming in his kingdom…

    The charlatan jesus Christ was speaking these words to his disciples…

    But no surprise..the disciples they are all dead and are dust of the earth and still they did not see the so called kingdom come before their death…So keep waiting for your sky gods to return….

    I laugh at you blind ignorance…. consider this an eye opener. You did not know but now you do.

  24. Never dare God ❗
    Have called maladiction woe and misery upon your generations…
    Remember the Titanic the bigest of all on the night, while having fun and Amazing, the owner said, “not even God can sink this boat,it took seconds, about eight pm, what happened ???

  25. Be of good courage !
    The lawlessness act of the devil 🐍is now at work,keep the faith, this is your assurance on the day of GOD’S wrath !!!
    Whatever we open our mouth or in commenting ;
    words may be given to us so that we will fearlessly make known the mistery of God (the gospel)…
    Pray that we may declare it fearlessly,as we should,even for those who beleived and are not been save from this Coming Wrath..
    Grace to all, Love ❤️ our LORD Jesus Christ with an undying love…
    In order that we may boast on the day of Christ that we did not run labor for nothing ❗
    For it is God who works in us to will and act according to his good purpose (Jesus Christ…
    More on GOD’S behalf !..

  26. Our own mouth condemns us and confess our death, for life and death is at the tip of the tongue ❗
    A male and female both at the vieux fort dock..
    A Christian and ungodly”
    One morning, the female teacher reveald to mr teacher that in her dream he will have accident and will die…
    Mr tell miss : Who is GOD ❗
    This teacher was something in the boys association in Castries..
    Never the less,mr tell miss that if he died, the laborieux playing field will not have enough space for his Funeral service..
    So said,so was done :
    On the night from the meeting in Castries,headind down south with his newly wed wife and baby,in the hours of one in the morning,there, death was waiting for him on the cannels road,
    Verily, the day of the funneral, the laborie playing field was too small for his service…
    When GOD speaks listen ❗

  27. I said on GOD’S behalf :
    Hidden identities that uses GOD’S name and words to blasphèmes the Holy and Rigtheousness One
    On the day of God’s wrath should be mention in your death annoncement !

  28. @Morena rithal

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣….you are taking too much of that hopium…to the point you are so lost…you particularly need a check up cause you display some concerning behaviour….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣……I have the answer for all you you zealots….I do…you zealots have not seen anything yet…reason will always tramp fundamentalist ideology and indoctrination….

  29. C-Wiz, let me hear your take on the devil and hell. I never hear you mocking him. Are you a satanist or an atheist?

  30. @ Garfield

    I will advise you to rid yourself of this superstition. It will do you a whole world of good. You obviously have been indoctrinated from birth to believe things that there are no evidence for. It’s easy to categorize things unknown and attribute it to either the devil of god….but it’s all superstition…have you ever seen the devil or a Lajabless? or a Soukoyon? or god or angels? All these are ancient stories handed down from generation to generation….Despite living in a society that is deeply religious and consequently superstitious, these stories are always ever people saying they saw this or saw that and yet there is never concrete evidence for their stories …just like UFOs… people always see something in the sky but never have concrete evidence for them except a few sketchy pictures which still doesn’t prove anything…but it does prove one thing about our society…. religious fervour does inspire superstition….they go hand in hand….and it’s religion that has frightened the uneducated or uninitiated to believe in a hell so they can enslaved your mind to pursue heaven and god at the expense of the uneducated and for the benefit of the church – financial and otherwise. I can go at length and in depth with this but there won’t be enough space on here….free your mind from this mental slavery…

  31. One more request on the behalf of the bereaved familles…
    But, O LORD Almighty, you who judge ⚖️ righteously,and test the heart and the mind, when I bring a case before you who are always righteous,O LORD,yet I would speak with you about your ⚖️ justice !!!

    Ackowledgement !
    Your only comfort in sorrow , GOD ❗
    And are within my thoughts and prayers,how my heart grives, when I read these words of a brother feeling the sorrow of his loved sister , “joy you killed my sister and denies the fact”
    Be patients,do not overcome 😈 evil for evil, but wait on the LORD !
    You may ask me how long, but God’s time is not our time,he works,when we are not expecting !!!


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