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Grenadians Charged With Murder Of American Couple


Three men recaptured after escaping prison in Grenada have been charged with intentionally causing the death of an American couple.

A Royal Grenada Police Force Facebook post identified the three men as Ron Mitchell, 30, Atiba Stanisclaus, 25, and Trevon Robertson, 23.

In addition to being jointly charged with causing the death of United States citizens Ralph Hendry and Kathleen Brandel, the trio also received charges of escaping lawful custody, housebreaking, robbery, and two counts of Kidnapping.

According to Grenada police, Atiba Stanislaus received an additional charge of one count of rape.

On Thursday, March 7, 2024, a St. George’s Magistrate’s Court remanded the men in custody.

Their next court date is Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

After escaping from a police station prison in their home country, the three Grenadians fled to Saint Vincent after allegedly hijacking a vessel belonging to the Americans the police accuse them of killing.

Media reports have indicated evidence of violence aboard the vessel.

But the American couple was nowhere to be found.

After Vincentian police recaptured the escapees accused of the couple’s murder, a Magistrate ordered their repatriation to Grenada.

Grenada and Saint Vincent and Grenadine authorities had launched joint investigations to track down the men.

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  1. The police Should have just get Rid of the three of them.And Human Rights Advocates always Support fhe Criminals

  2. Thank God that didn’t happen in St. Lucia; by now they would be out on bail, to carry on as usual. As far as I’m concerned they should drag their asses out and hang them publicly.

  3. It is these good for nothings who tarnish the beautiful islands of the Caribbean – why could you have not just taken the boat ??? How did you all escape in the first place – and then you had the nerve to kill the folk for their personal belongings and now their family is left without closure for your EVIL actions – you all need to remain in solitary for the rest of your lives – this is really sad on every level.

  4. Haven’t anyone noticed how quickly ‘St. Lu. News on line’ removed the story of T&T P.M. Rowley’s outburst on Chastanet; it shows how closely the friendship of his and our SLP is; after all see how SLP Speaker of the House treated an ex P.M. of the Country; no respect at all.

  5. I agree with you ldi Amin , you are the first I see on any blog mentioning human rights group’s supporting criminal , the police should make this animal disappear. I just been hearing people taking locking them up for life etc . All this nonsense, when instead when the high courts should implement the death penalty, public hanging this is a capital murder case some states in the US guys like this are on death row, but the Caribbean islands are so soft on crime this is why you have guys doing these horrible crimes because they know , when the go to jail it will be like a hotel for them . The week minded sympathetic courts , prosecutors, human rights group this these animals have rights and think they can be rehabilitated to get back into society and then kill again, this is why you have so much crime in the islands because they are no repercussions for people who kill innocent victims, these idiots are sympathetic to the criminals more than the victims now a days , the people in Grenada and the rest of the Caribbean need to have the Will power to demand these governments to make changes to the law and demand the death penalty, and not be influenced by human rights groups ask them if it happened to one of there family members how would they feel would they still feel the killers have human rights what about the victims didn’t they have a right to live ? Also why are some of the islands saying they are independent, when they are still on the dog leash being influenced by the UK, the US , Canada, the United Nations and of course the human rights groups who influence their decision making it so sad the the weak people in society let the good people suffer and the bad people they some how think they can change the life for the better, it’s sad.


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