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73-Year-Old Sustains Gunshot Injury In Castries


Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) emergency personnel rushed a 73-year-old man to the OKEU Hospital after he sustained a gunshot injury Saturday.

According to initial reports, a stray bullet hit the man in the leg near the Bocage bus stand.

SLFS personnel responded after learning of the incident at about 5:45 pm.

Police have launched an investigation into the shooting.

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  1. Ask PJP. He said he knows who was s behind the crimes in SLU. Another episode of his clown behaviour without a circus. The keeps on playing politics with the people. I do no understand why people choose to put up with Pierre’s nonesense. The guy has absolutely no leadership skills. His only strategy is “Hope.”

  2. Those cockroaches refuse to go and work for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour like the rest of us

  3. Welcome to Saint Lucia, Helen of the Wild Wild West! We’re afraid to go out in case we get shot; a stray bullet may hit us in our home. How can be done to curb crime? Meanwhile the bumbling idiot of a Prime Minister is stammering left right and center when he is asked about crime! I know crime is difficult to curb, but say something so sooth us. You need to be held accountable, the same same you fired someone from the Senate immediately, we need to do the same for you! I really thought you would be a great PM, I had hope in you, but all you and your party seem to care about is Allen Chastanet! Get cracking on crime and stop being petty!

  4. @wonderful world, beautiful people … I don’t know the Prime Minister and I am neither SLP or UWP ..however it is unkind to make light of an issue with his stammering. Life is strange and you never know ????

  5. As stated in previous post ..bullets don’t have eyes. Now the blood of the elder is on their hands and the situation in St. Lucia seems to be getting worst.

    I pray that the elder gets proper treatment and recovers. You need to pick up the Lucian thugs and separate them from law abiding citizens who would like to live in peace…bad has not gotten WORST.


  6. Though a righteous man may perish,if he is engage in 😈 evil and has taken the crooked way, but, God is not a man to lie,
    Job :
    Have you seen an Innocent perish ❓

  7. Babylon will soon have to build more prisons for the youtes because you get your 3 meals a day , you sleep with a roof over your head and when you are sick there is a prison doctor to nurse you back to good health , you play football and even do gardening but when you are out there no one gives you anything so the majority of the youtes do not have a problem to go to jail it is better to be in prison than to be working for Babylon for 3 EC dollars an hour

  8. @Anonymous. Honestly didn’t mean it to come out this way. Wasn’t trying to make fun of The PM. My apologies for that. Was just too caught up in writing. I certainly will watch what I write it future as life can be strange. Thanks for pointing this out.

    Irrespective of how beautiful a Country you have, if you do not worship your maker on a daily basis; all that you regard as beautiful in your eyes, can easily turn ugly in the morning (if you live to see that morning) but however there is a way – that pathway to live in love with your neighbour, that which can be found in the risen Lord; it is a Gem once found, to cherish and love.

  10. keep your eyes off pjp…..destruction is soon to come upon the earth such as was never seen before……then we will know who will bow down or who will stay up….my advice to all is return back to your first love and do not hold onto anything in this world…seek peace with everyone….rebuke evil…he who has understanding let him understand

  11. @Wonderful world, Beautiful people ….I hear you and your follow up. Peace 👍🏾 and thank you again.

  12. Revelation Time !
    Wake UP !
    GOD :
    Blessed are those who keep watching at my door (church foundation)since the beginning of création,and keeps daily waiting at my door (heaven ❗

  13. @ the ten Virgins: @ Morena rithal
    I thank you both, there’s hope yet in the remnant; though your oil is full, provide some or even a little to whom ever is in need spiritually you’ve heard their voices, so many are in need and know not where or how to quench that hunger, because it is not earthly; many of you know that much more of that Mana can only come when you know HIM and ask in Jesus, ASK.
    The signs are all around: NB April 8th & focus on the U.S.A. soon too bad.


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