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Saint Lucia Government Reports Construction Jobs Surge


Saint Lucia just had the best job numbers for the construction industry in 14 years. From footpaths in small communities to multi-story buildings and expanding real estate development, the construction industry in Saint Lucia is strengthening.

In 2023, there were 9,102 people gainfully employed in the construction industry. That confirms the policies of the Pierre-led Administration are working to stimulate job creation in Saint Lucia.

Government-backed capital projects are also contributing to an increase in jobs in the local construction industry. Several public sector projects broke ground last year. Some of these projects include:

  • Renewable Energy Sector Development Project
  • OECS Tourism Competitiveness Project
  • Community Tourism Project
  • Disaster Vulnerability and Reduction Project
  • St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project
  • Northern Divisional Police Headquarters Project
  • Custody Suites Project

The Prime Minister has declared 2024/25 the “Year of Infrastructure”. He has committed $484.9 million to the Government’s Investment Portfolio. Capital expenditures constitute $299.3 million of the total Investment Portfolio of the Government.

Foreign Direct Investment in Saint Lucia is on the upturn. Global brands and investment firms choose Saint Lucia to grow and expand their operations. Since July 2021, the Government of Saint Lucia, led by Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre, finalized several investment agreements.

Eight international companies are bringing their capital to Saint Lucia to finance various development projects:

  • Global Ports Holdings Cruise Port Development
  • Marriott Hotel
  • Dreams & Zoetry
  • Sandals La Toc (Expansion/Upgrade)
  • Hyatt Hotel
  • Cabot Residences
  • Secrets Resort and Spa Saint Lucia
  • Cas-en-Bas Beach Resort

Saint Lucian labourers, workers and service providers, like contractors, stand to benefit directly from the immediate economic impact of each construction project. Construction for some of these development projects commenced in 2023. More projects will break ground and get underway in 2024.

Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, the local construction industry will continue to expand. The government will initiate several more public sector projects in the upcoming year. These projects include:

  • Road expansion and repair programmes
  • School plant rehabilitation
  • Government plant refurbishment
  • Construction works at the St Jude Hospital
  • The commencement of works on the Soufriere Hospital
  • The establishment of the Castries Urban Polyclinic
  • The completion of works on the La Resource Wellness Center


Rehabilitation of sporting facilities:

  • Daren Sammy Cricket Ground
  • Vieux Fort Stadium
  • Mindoo Phillip Park
  • Marchand Grounds
  • Bellevue Playing Field
  • Gros- Islet Playing Fields
  • National Aquatic Center
  • Housing development in Roseau, Cas-en-Bas and Choc
  • Expansion of energy projects – to seek alternatives that will diversify our energy needs and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Laborie Market
  • Rehabilitation of Rudy John Beach Park
  • Grand Riviere Community Centre
  • Northern Police Headquarters
  • Northern Police Auditorium
  • Completion of Custody Suites
  • Cul De Sac Community Center
  • Community Centre for Castries North and Castries East
  • Completion of Control Tower at HIA
  • Commencement of terminal Building at HIA
  • Private Public Sector construction by GPH at Port Castries and Soufriere
  • Canaries Market
  • Micoud Jetty
  • Community Tourism Projects
  • Repairs to Fishing Complexes
  • Vieux Fort Entertainment Centre
  • Halls of Justice

It’s not just about numbers. The government is working to make the local economy more conducive for hiring and job creation to connect Saint Lucians with sustainable, good-paying jobs.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Did the editorial staff of St.Lucia Times verify the accuracy of the published material?

  2. The day I hear Kenny welcome RF into the SLp’s fray, then and only then I’ll believe these numbers? Why so much crime if employment is so easy to obtain? The incongruence doesn’t add up

  3. What nonsense. Is election coming and you are starting your lies again. Lies and racism like the last election.

  4. That’s crap!!! Tell pip stay home and take of crime instead of running to all freeness meetings all over the world. Very disappointed with the performance of slp. A total let down. People are feeling the pinch all over the island and you all have the heart to post this? Really? Get the youth employed!! Then they will stop shooting each other. Sick article!!

  5. Smh!!! Pierre really underestimated our intelligence on that one. Mr. Pierre how is it crime is so high and jobs jobs everywhere? Chastanet wasn’t perfect but I can’t remember his admin lying so blatantly. My biggest regret is partaking in the last election by voting for SLP. Mem bet mem pwel

  6. What jobs they are talking about is working in construction for 40 to 60 EC dollars a day can pay your monthly rent send your children to school , pay wasco, lucelec and shop at Massy supermarket, but then again the mediocrity thinkers have been saying it better than nothing … Or half a bread is better than no bread at all … Some of them working for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour working 12 to 18 hour shifts with one night off , but they are still doing sue sear or spy work for the boss when the boss is only using them to make his big money

  7. Best PM ever. Highest workers in the construction industry ever, highest crime rate ever. What else HIghest amount of payout to care for politicians medical bills, what else Highest number of accidents Anything else.

  8. Cabot? The same Cabot… Ahhh Nevermind! Y’all demonized every project UWP did to gain political mileage. Look at the 180 on trays and vendors. the boss said in Singapore and Manhattan vendors trays add to the aesthetics of these places. Now this same man ready to kill vendors for operating their trays in Castries.

    That’s why I continue to say Politicians are the absolute scum of the earth.

  9. Ha ha ha slp know how to lie Maysay even co co that is blind will laugh woyye putting the people last

  10. Well I suspect a snap election is on the way. I would believe if the government said that the unemployment figures dropped slightly but not the figures that they are purporting. Construction workers are still going around begging for whatever odd jobs they can find to help their families. All the thousands of ghetto youths are still out there unemployed. Why I said I would believe if there was a slight drop, because I notice quite a few young persons are trying at self employment. I see young women trying some form of cottage industry employment, likewise a few men. You see more people than before turning to begging and trying to scam people because of unemployment and these people need to feed, clothe and shelter themselves. Rayneau has all the contracts and apart from him employing the bare minimum, he pays very little. The people talking about the $3 and $5 an hour for security firms, have you checked what Rayneau pays to his workers an hour. Do you think this government who is giving all its contracts to Rayneau will enact a livable wage against their biggest financier. Lucians open your eyes.

  11. All well and good. But construction jobs are one-time and done. When the project is built, the jobs are done.

  12. Not a sustainable economy. Some privileged have lots of mone, send kids abroad for education, and go abroad for medical care. All others have at least one member abroad earning first world wages and scraping by to pay living expenses, then have extra to send home in remittances. The remittances are then used on island to pay for imported products from developed economies, marked up for transport, duty, and other costs that probably aren’t legitimate. In the meantime development on island amounts to luring foreign capital to develop property, which sends the profits abroad and maybe some take for local politicians. And some low paying jobs for locals. This is economic development on your beautiful island and it’s not likely to lift most of the population.

  13. Yes you have to hold them at the highest regard for their wrong doing and responsibilties for beign untrustworthy and dishonesty, while underdiscover secrets are yet unknown, which I am only interest for St Lucia 🇱🇨 to go forward…
    But you can tell us the one who builts many schools and send all St Lucia’s heavy equipements value$millions of$dollars to St Vincent ❓

  14. The fact is not every one wants to work a LEGAL JOB. Some prefer ILLEGAL ACTIVTY even if the minimum way was $100 per hour, they would not work a LEGAL JOB.

  15. The fact is not every one wants to work a LEGAL JOB. Some prefer ILLEGAL ACTIVTY even if the minimum way was $100 per hour, they would not work a LEGAL JOB.

    In addition, some of you who claim to have experience in construction are really con artist (crooked windows, crooked doors, disgusting paint jobs, lopsided steps etc. etc. etc. – my Uncle’s so called best friend built his own house with the funds that my uncle was sending him to built his house – he was paid nicely for the job and YET STILL he robbed my uncle of goods and services. However, he did not live to enjoy the ILL GOTTEN gains. Sowing and reaping – KARMA finds everyone – be careful what you do to others – you will not get away with EVIL DEEDS trust me. Amen

  16. Typical SLP strategy. Use figures to fool and brainwash people. Remember during Kenny’s prime ministership he boasted about bringing down the unemployment rate by over 20%. That was in a time when unemployment was at its highest in St Lucia. We were wiser and made him pay for it with our ballots. All the unemployed people last year and year before are still unemployed. The tourism recovery in the last months of last year saw a few more people employed but this has not brought unemployment that low.

  17. It’s very frustrating to see the government prioritizing international appearances over addressing critical local issues. Crime rates are soaring, and it’s clear that our leadership needs to focus on creating jobs for the youth. This constant neglect is deeply disappointing and only exacerbates the struggles faced by people across the island. elementmaja võtmed kätte hind


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