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Montoute Says Government Has No Crime Plan


Expressing deep dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s performance as National Security Minister, opposition spokesman Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute has reiterated calls for his resignation, labeling his tenure as an ‘abject failure’ and ‘a disaster ‘.

Saint Lucia recorded its 30th homicide for 2024 this week.

Montoute told a news conference on Wednesday that the situation would require more than replacing Pierre.

“We want him to bring in someone who would make a difference because we have heard of the establishment of a new ministry and the appointment of a new minister, yet crime continues unabated,” Montoute observed.

The United Workers Party (UWP) Public Relations Officer emphasised: “What we want is not necessarily new ministries or new ministers, what we want is the curbing of crime.”

In this regard, the former Gros Islet MP told reporters that a plan is required.

“The Government does not have a plan for crime,” Montoute asserted, adding that the Pierre administration should consider the suggestions it receives.

He said there should be a crime symposium so all ideas could contend regarding an anti-crime strategy.

The former Minister said the UWP was eager to participate in any crime-fighting initiative.

He also disclosed that the opposition was planning a crime symposium for all parties to formulate a crime plan.

Montoute told reporters, “It appears at this time that the criminals are more organized than the government.”

He told reporters he had begun to see that killings in Saint Lucia had become a normal occurrence that did not jolt people and about which the government was indifferent.

“When our lives are lost. When people are killed in this country in the violent manner that we are seeing, it cannot be commonplace, it cannot be normal,” Montoute told Wednesday’s news conference.


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  1. but Spider please cool out,
    de PM just said he eh have no plans earlier today.
    you doh need to call a press conference to tell us what we already know

  2. It’s clear Pierre doesn’t have a clue. If he did, he would by now effected the necessary plans and remedy the crime situation. And where is the minister from crime prevention Monsieur Norbert? Did Pierre just create a cronyistic position just to put his acolyte Mr Norbert in some position? We have not heard one word from the day Norbert was inaugurated as minister for crime prevention…not one word….but he is obviously collecting his pay every month end from the people’s taxes. I suspect these politicians for decades were just sitting on heir laurels not doing much, but getting paid nonetheless… now that Saint Lucia ain’t innocent anymore, they are clueless to deal with the situation….

  3. This is very true. We have not seen, heard or felt it. Criminals in SLU are free to act at anytime. It is quite a scary situation in SLU. Just because you are not a crime victim today does not mean you will not be one tomorrow. Pierre is acting as if this is a joke and he is always smiling when he is addressing the crime situation in SLU. It has been confirmed there will be a cabinet reshuffle, let us see how long he will take to make that implementation. This will be a good indicator on the urgency Pierre has on the crime situation in slu.

  4. The symposium thingy occurred during the last UWP government. Apparently, symposiums are called during stints of absolute boredom. What happened to the results of the last symposium? Nothing has changed except for a higher body count.

    I can understand the UWP’s need to ride the dead horse that’s Pierre. However, it is crystal clear they too don’t have ownership of the solutions. The worst thing we can have AGAIN are the parties tinkering with something they don’t know about. We don’t need another symposium because nothing has changed. We need a professional to come in and fix the problem because we are not capable. The expertise is not within our boundaries.
    My greatest fear is political pressure being placed on a professional. The need for votes has been known to override common sense. I remember the British cops and what caused their demise. We are still suffering from that bad decision. As Karma would have it, Vieux Fort is the worst for wear

  5. Just like the other Guy, he is saying they had a plan which worked and that they would implement it again to control crime. Unless laws and their enforcements are harsh, crime will not be deterred.

  6. Peep in his desperate bid for power made a deal with a devil. That devil’s minions are now empowered and are showing off their evil. This devil is hell bent on dragging this country into the abyss. Peep if you care about this country, you know what must be done.

  7. Who kidnap Lopo and took him to a pig pen on a Farm and had him Beaten .politricktians have so called Criminsls working for them in St.Lucia .

  8. Let us see your plan to combat crime. I want to know your innovative ideas. You just can’t police every little corner in St.Lucia to stop the shootings. People have to find non violent means to settle their grievances. We can sit around and talk about crime all day long and the bad guys will be out there shooting when the police are not around.

  9. They making Rise turn Alliance look like joke….. Rise or Alliance guys still coming out there in their big chain… smh taking in school …Big Chain in the streets it have it symbol….wow ….smh what change are we asking for…

  10. Watch them !!! And what is The UWPEES Crime Plan ?? In your past administration DID YOUR PARTY HAVE A PLAN ?? If yes what was its success and failures ?
    On a scale of 1 thru 10 what grade would give the performance by the last Minister of National Security ? Did your government fund the police ? How.. and with what to the sum of ??? If you party was elected tomorrow list 5 top things your government would implement with the immediate effect to control crime and give the citizens more immediate assurance ? We keep on hearing that talk of “bringing someone in, who would that be and from what origin ?? How would your government fund this expenditure for those “ skill sets” ?? These are the questions that should be asked of this fool every time they gather for their little impromptu man I am never lucky to be in the same room with these fools 5 minutes that all I ask.

  11. Oh I don’t know. Maybe we should take the crime fighting plan from America or Jamaica LOLLLLL smh.
    Is there anywhere in the world without crime? and I am sure if the government was to think of something more severe like hanging some of you same folks would be crying out more nonsense. Politics politics politics. Crime fighting is everyone’s business. Start in your home and raise your children right…and stop teefing things from your office.

  12. Low grade you off track…..stay focus ….we want this government to win the next election…first off the plan was given to our government before and they said it themselves …we trash it…. best thing would be to call them in and say ok make it work……. YOU can not tell me you an economics or study and be such a fool prime minister…..Personal Ego over the affairs of the country?

  13. Why these politicians insist on playing politics with crime, I’ll never understand. So SLP ent have no plan for crime, but UWP did? Check out these murder figures from 2011 to 2021.
    2011 -46,

  14. Spider,I support you fully that this government has no plan for crime. If they had the same plan crime all you had st. Lucia would be great. I am referring to plan such as aiding and abetting in a kidnapping, paying 9 million dollars for st. Jude foundation that was estimated for 3 million, given 1000 acres of land at $1.00 an acre, given Judy at Roseau $20 000.00 for doing nothing, given Pajoah a letter to obtain 162 million for lights, never disclose the number of passports sold. These were great plans all you had. Is that the plan you are referring too.

  15. Though my comments are beign dessolved, but I will comment on behalf of the word of God concering the Acts :
    “Do you understand what you are reading ?” Phillip asked,
    began with the very passage of the Scriptures,and told you the good news about Jesus..
    “How can I,” be saved ?
    “Unless someone explained to me ?”
    So ‘He was led like a sheep to the slaughter,and as a lamb before the shearer is silent,
    So he did not open his mouth..
    In his Humiliation he was deprived of ⚖️ justice_
    who can speak of his descendants ?
    for his life was taken from the earth..

  16. Mizewab
    Your figures are incorrect. I will post the years and murders that was handed to the press.

    2017….60 murders
    2018….43 murders
    2019….50 murders
    2020…55 murders
    2021….75 murders
    2022….72 murders
    2023….70 murders (75 homicides)


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