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Saint Lucians Urged To Brace Themselves Amid Water Woes


Amid a dry spell that has severely impacted WASCO’s ability to provide water to customers, the leader of the National Green Party (NGP) has issued a grim warning.

“This crisis is just beginning. Brace yourselves,” Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires wrote in the comments section of St. Lucia Times.

He recalled that since 2011, his NGP has been preaching food and water security.

The NGP leader reiterated that there is no food security without water security.

“We have been saying that the island needs to increase its water storage capacity for over a decade. The geographic landscape of the island provides for the construction of micro dams in the many valleys,” de Caires stated.

He also declared there should be a law forcing all hotels with beach access to install desalination plants. 

“WASCO itself should invest in a large desal plant as well. Everyone that is able to, should get actively involved in water harvesting. All farmers should be using drip irrigation instead of sprinklers. And all of us need to start conserving water at all costs,” de Caires wrote.

WASCO has disclosed that most of its systems are drying.

The John Compton Dam level was down to 325 feet as of Wednesday morning when usually the level would be 333 feet.

‘Drastic reductions’ have also impacted WASCO’s Southern system from Canaries to Dennery, resulting in decreases ranging from twenty to eighty percent depending on the community.

As a result, WASCO has urged customers throughout Saint Lucia to store and conserve water.

However, the company explained that the biggest challenge is that people still need to change their water consumption patterns.

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  1. St. Lucian loves a crisis situation, however, not every situation can be handle in the same manner. Water shortage (crisis) impacts every aspect of the living organism, if u don’t prepare then you will suffer. Remember Water is Life. Forests are important ecosystems and must be cherished and protected.

    This is lesson number one.

  2. Golf courses should have mandatory legal obligations to have desalinization plant for their on island especially 350 acres of water waste into soil in cap estate instead of peoples mouths plus plus and plus !!!.
    Well said Pancho… the water situation is drying up on this entire island and in the entire world…..what about construction water penalizations? Wasco needs to stop filling pools and no Wasco pipe water to golf courses and residence inside a golf course all should have to truck water in on a regular basis for an exorbitant prices and fee’S$$$ bc the rest of this island needs drinking and bathing water! There should be water saving advertisements everywhere , the schools, radios, shops,on the airplanes sound systems in every language coming on island that water conservation is an absolute bare necessity an plaster that all over the cities on the ugly bare walls in Castries by the schools and along the drive through countryside’save water….. save water save water bc btw jazz and carnival and cabot the water is gone for everyone!,,,

  3. Bravo Panchito, its a bit late but like everything else in St. Lucia, it takes one with the bright ideas from parts unknown to enlighten us with something we should have known all along. Who is the Minister in charge of such affairs?

  4. HOTELS AND GOLF COURSES MUST DESALINATE ALL WATER FOR THEIR USE! We are surrounded by oceans! The people of St. Lucia should get the water before hotels and golf courses! WASCO needs to practice routine maintenance, and desilting.

  5. We are lucky to have an abundance of water, all leading to the Sea unlike other Islands such as Aruba, Curacao and some others with no Mountains, Hills, Valleys and Rivers; I wonder how Barbados manage it? some are very flat. I remember as a Child bathing in the Rivers at Soufriere, Castries(Water works) in Micoud(Marhoe estate) dangerous with Snakes, but did we care? life in St. Lucia back then was carefree easy, you go to School, you play, go to Church and live life – not today BANG BANG – so with open arms do welcome Senior Panchito with his brilliant Agua(water) ideas, who knows I may Vote for him and that Guy who buys and pays Cash for Fruit & Vegetable to export – how smart, original, down to earth, MY LORD GOD HELP ST. LUCIA TO RAISE MEN WITH IDEAS.

  6. Excellent Pancho, I agree 1000%.

    Let’s start with Sandals.

    And may I add, stop burning gardens, leaves , and trash, all this effects our climate and of course air quality.

    I will vote for you.

  7. WASCO is even more ridiculous. They speak of conservation yet I reported that my pipe leaks from the head. They “fixed” it yet it is still leaking. I informed them and I am still awaiting a resolution 4 months later. Mind you somebody has to check the meter monthly to report in billing information.

    I have over 100m of pipe run to get to the house. While reporting this fault I asked that they consider moving the meter to another mains 10 meters from the house instead. They refused. So talk from WASCO about water conservation is mere lip service and a prelude to price increase.

  8. No one speak or spoke about our natural source as the ravines streams and rivers which is polluated with pigs 💩 waste which is of no good for the health…
    GOD :
    Why do you say,O St Lucia 🇱🇨
    and complain,O St Lucians,
    “My way is hidden from the LORD ;and my cause is disregarded by my God”?
    I am the LORD, your Holy One,
    Israël’s Creator, your King”
    This is what the LORD says_
    he who made a way through the sea,a path through the mighty waters, who drew out the chariots and horses, the army and renforcement together,and lay there, never to rise again,extinguished,snuffed out like a wick :
    “Forget the former things ;do not dwell on the past..
    See,I am doing a new thing !
    Now it springs up ;do you not perceive it ❓
    I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.
    The wild animals honor me, the jackals and the owls,
    because I provide water in the desert and streams in the wasteland,to give drink to my people,(my chosen, the people I formed myself that they may proclaim my praise)..


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