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New Fuel Price Adjustments For Saint Lucia


The Government of Saint Lucia maintains its commitment to subsidizing the cost of LPG 20-lb and 22-lb cooking gas cylinders.

Meanwhile, in keeping with changes in international oil prices and Government’s application of the modified market pass-through petroleum pricing mechanism, the retail price of gasoline, diesel, kerosene and LPG 20-lb and 22-lb cylinders are unchanged.

The retail price of the 100-lb cylinder has decreased by $3.83.

The price changes take effect from May 6th to May 26th, 2024:

  • Gasoline is unchanged at $63 per litre or $16.50 per gallon
  • Diesel is unchanged at $63 per litre or $16.50 per gallon
  • Kerosene is unchanged at $2.57 per litre or $11.69 per gallon
  • 20 Pound Cylinder (9.07 kg) is unchanged at $36.00 per cylinder
  • 22 Pound Cylinder (9.98 kg) is unchanged at $39.60 per cylinder
  • 100 Pound Cylinder (45.36kg) decreased from $279.94 per cylinder to $276.11 per cylinder.

The Government of Saint Lucia reaffirms its commitment to utilizing subsidies to mitigate the impact of imported price fluctuations on Petroleum Products.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. PJP do you have no shame? You are the worst kind: a person who has no shame. Your government’s own figures in the Social and Economic Review show very clearly that you have been engaged in price gouging. Find some shamefaced decency within yourself and stop robbing the people of Saint Lucia.
    When you adopted the slogan “Putting People First” did you mean putting the people first in line to be robbed? Because that is what you are doing, plain and simple.
    And what about the “Former Chairman of the Petroleum Dealers Association Mr. Evaristus Jn. Marie”? Why have you overdosed on Mou-Mou pills? You were always so vocal during the tenure of the previous administration!
    We the people desperately need you to speak up on our behalf. It is so much worse now with our own elected government robbing us in broad daylight. Will you not find some of the abundant concerns you were displaying a few short years ago? Surely you are not suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s?

  2. They announced the prices early this time because they know very well they will be unchanged.

  3. There’s no pass through mechanism. Y’all have been shafting us for years now with no Vaseline!

    New price adjustments and only the 100lb cylinder price has changed. $3 reduction.

  4. I called on the Government of the day to stop this effed up formula they are using. This is not a wise formula to manage a population of 180k who depends on 98% of importation. Your inflation and senseless economics is not conducive for any progress apart from crime ( where there are basic needs unable to be place on the table eg. 3 meals a day) and Corruption (where words are being spoken differently from what is printed in black and white then go all out to hide and protect the facts). I am ashamed of my country you mean for this small island our leaders just reduce us all into poverty and you imagine if we were to have a land mass of Uganda, Ghana or Gambia it would have been pure starvation. Why we black people are being seen as the evil kind of human existence? Have anyone ever give it a thought? It is purely what is in our cognitive structure at the top of your human frame is the primary cause. Many put a blind eye to major happening and consistencies.

  5. We need cooking gas without a doubt but not all of us actually need vehicles. If you can’t afford the price of gas, sell your can, or don’t buy one at all. The oil market at a pick of uncertainty due to the ongoing wars. Things may actually turn for the worst. There isn’t much anyone can do about it. Just learn to live with it and stop being cry babies!

  6. @Not Anonymous, our country is being governed by members of the lodge. We always ask why certain ministers make strange decisions and also keep so many things from us, it is because it has been decided in secret. Also, the name you mentioned is on so many important boards in this country including the one that governs the beefy sector not to forget that he is the Prime Ministers best friend.

  7. The people of st Lucia are you all daff you mean to tell me I’m the only one that have to take the streets for pjp administration to lower the Lucian when you all will wake up it will be to late pip right before you all get moo moo tablets.

  8. @Sheesh You will be creating another environmental problem when we go get charcoal. The disappearance of trees and the forests because that’s what is used to make charcoal. Either way, we are doomed and the powers that be know that we have no escape.


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