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Pierre Rubbishes Claims He Left Saint Lucia On An FBI Plane


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has called out the United Workers Party (UWP), over social media reports that he left Saint Lucia last week aboard a Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) plane.

The alleged trip was purportedly in response to concerns regarding Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

The UWP-leaning SKY FM interviewed an unnamed ‘eyewitness’ who addressed his ‘Flambeau family’ claiming to have witnessed an aircraft with the markings ‘FBI’ at the George F.L. Charles airport.

He said three individuals left on the small jet.

The ‘eyewitness’ said he did not want to get into trouble or face a lawsuit by calling individuals’ names.

But a social media post that included the SKY FM interview concluded with images of three people, including Prime Minister Pierre.

Pierre told reporters it was dangerous that a party Sir John Compton established would deliberately sully the name of Saint Lucia and its Prime Minister.

“You are fabricating a story about your Prime Minister being taken out of the country on an FBI plane,” he told reporters.

Pierre spoke during Monday’s regular pre-cabinet press briefing.

He said he had no intention of addressing the social media post but did so because a reporter raised the issue.

Pierre accused the UWP of attempting to destroy Saint Lucia because the party was not in power.

“The people of Saint Lucia should rebel against that level of lies and misinformation,” he declared.

Regarding the CIP, the Saint Lucia Prime Minister explained it is a tool for empowering the people of this country.

“If you can get your roads built without increasing your national debt, you are against that?”

According to Pierre, the UWP was attempting to burn down a house to kill a rat.

“So everything goes. You misinform, you lie, just to win power,’ he lamented.

He said the UWP and its surrogates believe the tactic would serve them well with the electorate.

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  1. It’s funny before you’d not be previewed too hear or see but this one got you responding too? Why that is the question

  2. Sometimes I have to question PJP’s handlers /PR team for paying attention to such gibberish. Everyone who is worth their name in salt can see through the bs UWP is propagating. The irony of it all is their supporters are not realizing that the UWP surrogates are essentially calling them jackasses every time they gulp on such bovine excretion.

  3. For crying out loud PJP you are the Prime minister of St Lucia your job is to govern the country. You are too busy responding to everything you shouldn’t be responding to. We are still waiting for your plans for our Helen of the west. Its going to be 3 years soon. St lucia is finished FFF

  4. So, without a public hearing in the Courts which would have made headlines throughout the region; without the Attorney General, the DPP and the Police Commissioner and the media being aware of such a development, the FBI was able to shit on our sovereignty and come into our Saint Lucia and take the PM away?

    I suppose there are “red-necks” in the US who would believe that crap…BUT I never realized we had such “brown-necks” here who believe fictionalized TV shows like “FBI International” to such an extent.

    The UWP Crap Machine is crapping upon the brains of their followers and they can’t get enough of the nonsense.

    And for some comments here: the PM did explain that initially he had no intention of addressing the matter (nothing to do with his handlers), but only responded when asked a question at the Presser by a reporter.

  5. It’s very shameful the way these UWP,Surrogates are behaving. Stooping to that level is way beyond comprehension. On this I say no more.

  6. The FBI landed in St. Lucia, arrested a sitting head of State for the weekend, and had him back in his office for Monday. Hahahaha! You can’t make up this comedy.

    I’m not surprised SkyFM is mentioned in this piece, though. It is usually comedy hour on Sky!

    But there is a flip side that these allegations can also be serious for the feeble-minded UWP members who believe and decide to act.

    I always think about Edgar Maddison Welch. For years, conservative talk radio in the US peddled that Hilary Clinton and her cabal were drinking children’s blood in the basement of a DC pizzeria where members of Congress, their staff, and reporters frequent.

    Welched (a father of two girls) drove to DC and made a Facebook live about how was going to free the young children whose blood was being used by the Clintons for evil deeds. He shot up the place and forced the staff to take him to the basement, only to realize that there were no children.

    UWP & SKY control your messaging. We want no Edgar Maddison Welch in Saint Lucia.

  7. But y’all burned the house down to Kill a roach. Openly encouraging persons to disobey covid rules and in the process taking innocent lives. Demanding that the borders be shut when you knew tourism was the only thing sustaining our economy. Daily quoting murder numbers when Allen was in power.

    Now you talk about giving Saint Lucia a bad name. Y’all did that already

  8. Boy that P.M really like a row row. You are the head of state not a street side vendor stop responding to rubbish gossip. When serious questions are asked for example a time frame for the completion of St. Judes, there’s no comments from you but you enjoying entertaining nonsense. The opposition is weak, protect your victory by doing what you were voted into office to do.

  9. Awww boy I heard of it I was waiting for it to come here. Is anyone surprised of this NEW LOW ?? I am not the least bit in any way shape or form. Just last week I posted (a week to this day) of THE WICKEDNESS OF THE OPPOSITION) but it was not printed NOT SURPRISE either…… paid birds of a feather need I say more. The irony on top this is well Mr. PM your in charge of the country so you should not “focus” on such frivolous hear say that’s what some people would rather he do, the audacity, the testicular fortitude by some when the man’s reputation as well as Saint Lucia is at stake. This is not their first attempt !! They have been trying since July 2021 with their filth on the internet laying false information and insinuations all because they cannot accept defeat . Who does the Clowns remind you of ? And when the Prime Minister of Trinidad called him by his rightful alias they were so upset about it. The PM just out performing these days IT KILLING THEM, so they will stoop at any level with their dutty bad mind and red eye, even one of their own, King they tried to dethrone, and undermine just because he was a Black Man YES I SAID IT, and when he stepped away from them they wanted to CRY A BLASTED RIVER. Mr Pierre my God continue to bless you and give you wisdom and strength to lead this nation and to better the lives of St Lucian’s NOT JUST FOR SOME like they had, stay focus they are nasty and are just waiting for the next “Haha “ to happen to say see look St. Lucian’s . You can’t keep a good man down

  10. What a piece of cod swallop…so a so called eye witness made up some sensational story and you as PM already jumping on it like some rodeo? Pierre, seriously, whether the story is true or not, you cannot fall for all this nonsense like some hungry fish lunging for a glitter worm which turned out to be fishing hook….
    Why would you want to rile at an alleged UWP supporter for making such a claim when you are the PM of every single citizen..not just SLP supporters,…and the sad thing is he already attacking the UWP opposition as if they gave the mandate to the alleged UWP supporter to spread that story…yet when Pierre was asked relevant questions concerning racist comment made by former SLP ministers, he was tight lipped….the problem with Saint Lucia is the politicians…a bunch of incompetents with no clue ….

  11. The slave master Tropical Trump is desperate for power and the 37 thousand house slaves

  12. Lucians are already rebelling!!! Where is our water Wasco…. Why does it take over 3 years to pave a roundabout in cul de sac?where is our water, water , water? everyone is selling every hair on Lucias precious body of soil yet not focusing on how all of this will be built without water ,,,,,,,,!,,?……….. no water………to drink, to bathe to build period…..smph wtph….

  13. Pierre, in the absence of transparency and facts, these nonesense will emerge. Not surprise people will fill in the blanks with garbage. I heard the voice note and there was nothing to believe. Even if SLU is slowly becoming a lawless state, international laws are still in effect and are followed. There are protocols to follow if this were to happen.
    These same activities were practiced by your team when in opposition. Remember your main man Hilaire when he said the crimes in Dominica were by Lucians. There are many similar stories your team brought up while you were in opposition. This is a taste of your medicine. I am glad you are being forced to address them

  14. That’s not the minister of government who has the FBI on his trail. We all know who that one is.

  15. Pierre dont worry about chastanet, he could never win an election in st.lucia again, because Lucians get smarter and will never be fooled again, and be disrespected.

  16. Leave him alone !
    Wait for your turn !
    Do not despise the Oath, because he has put his hand in pleadge,let him govern,so that he may not prove guilty !
    Why should he consults your ‘gods’, which is not God to save you ?
    Therefore,if a man is perfect, his whole body is in check as not to stumble or its lampoast move in its place !!!!!

  17. Pip wheel and come again.
    Why answer this question when you have ignored so many questions asked in the past.
    So tired of your BS

  18. When I read the above comments, I am truly convinced UWPs are promoting crime in St Lucia. When one condoning telling lies against one another as a norm what do we expect from the young people?
    Not because your leader is a professional Liar you have to be a Liar too.

  19. PJP why would ever reduce your self to such post, it is like everything being said about you, you must respond that’s pure BS. Which numbskull would believe you leave St. Lucia on a FBI place, the FBI do not have an air craft. They either use commercial airlines or charter ones. Lets admit it amongst us we have a lot of wicked people, fabricate a narrative and make some illiterate people believe it is true then it peddle to a different level.

  20. Anonymous it appears that you have relatives who are criminals in this island. Shame on you. You condoning crime full time.

  21. Bolo check the government you are supporting pure criminal behavior mostly all of them has a bad reputation man get a life vote slp you will die POOR

  22. Jeremiah the Prophet of GOD ❗
    CH 31…
    “At this time,” declares the LORD, “I will be the God of all the ‘godly people’of St Lucia 🇱🇨,and they will be my people”..
    This is what the LORD says :
    The people who survived the the Sword will find rest in St Lucia 🇱🇨 ;
    I will come to give rest to St Lucia..
    The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying:
    “I have 💟 loved you with an everlasting 🌈 Convenant (LOVE)..
    There will be a day when the watchmen will cry out on the hills of St Lucia,
    ‘Come ,let us go in the house the LORD our GOD..

  23. It seems that the UWP henchmen do not have a rudimentary understanding of international law. According to them, the US can adduct any foreign leader from a sovereign country it doesn’t like or respect. How ignorant! No wonder St. Lucians are known to be the dumbest people on the planet.


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