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Masked Man Shot Dead, Another Escapes In Vieux Fort Incident


Vieux Fort police are investigating a report of a shooting in Augier that left one man dead following a home invasion Friday.

A second man escaped.

Officers learned that at about 10:40 am, two masked males, one with a firearm, unlawfully entered the residence of a police officer who shot one of them.

The one who sustained the gunshot injury was later pronounced dead at St. Jude Hospital, while the other escaped.

Police have identified the deceased as Delson Marcusie of Cantonment, Vieux Fort.

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  1. Officer you’re so disappointing. Why didn’t you take out both of them? Good job otherwise.

  2. @poule food. How are you people in this country so ignorant? The man was acting as a private citizen and not an agent of the Government. A human rights lawyer’s job is to protect private citizens from government infringing of their rights. The man was at his home. Jesus you clows.

  3. Somewhere out there, is an attorney thinking of how to bring down this officer knowing very well the state of crime in our country! Don’t worry officer, if any legal nut head tries to bring you down, we (the law abiding) people of Saint lucia will mobilize and regulate accordingly!

  4. The other cockroach will soon be caught in vieux fort all they do is steal plantain macabo jelly coconuts and mangoes from hard working farmers and come and sell it by the road side to smoke crack cocaine weed and drink bounty rum even their mothers and other vendors does encourage them and come and say he was a good boy

  5. Meanwhile more cockroaches and rats are exterminating themselves in Marchand! Stay tuned!

  6. @ Sigh.
    You are a borderline moron. He is a police officer. Do you even know about police duties and responsibilities? Do you know what is off-duty.

  7. Anonymous you dumb dumb. The man was in his home. He was not acting in any capacity for the government. Hence Mary Francis has no cause to chime in. Jesus christ. No wonder this country is doomed. Too many idiots like yourself.

  8. those of you up in each other neck. full with hateful venom in your words on this platform at each other ent no different from the criminal. hatred comes before the killing.

  9. Peep what is happening to fair Helen Peep you were supposed to make things better Peep

  10. @ Sigh
    I have been advocating for a long time that individuals should get an IQ test, before being issued a keyboard. You just reminded me that I will need to put more effort into my campaign.

    -the police officer is NOT acting as a private citizen. He is an off-duty officer.

    -the regulations for a police officers are different than security guards. An officer is obligated to act if he witnesses a crime in motion.

    -a police officer is REPRESENTING the force during periods of short duty. Once they act in stopping furtherance a crime, they are under the protection of the uniform code. They fall under its regulations.

    I knew you were not too swift from your first posting when you referred the police officer as a civilian. I knew it was all downhill from that point. You should have stuck to writing 3-word sentences.

  11. The Gospel of St. John 10 vs 10. the enemy comes to steal, to kill and to destroy.

    It may be possible all this may come to an end, when and if War breaks out in Caribbean waters with Russia vs United States. The idle/Crack smoking/Rum drinking young ones, I hope, may have to be in Uniform very sober and alert. Its not my wish but that could be a possibility, and a strong goodbye to the Tourist Industry with thousands unemployed; time to start praying.


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