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‘Extremely Dangerous’ Beryl Set To Bring Life-Threatening Winds


As Saint Lucia braces for Hurricane Beryl’s passage, the island’s Meteorological Services warned Sunday that the weather system is forecast to bring life-threatening winds and storm surges to the Windward Islands as ‘an extremely dangerous hurricane’.

Beryl was moving quickly toward the west at nearly 21 mph (33 km/h) and is expected to continue westward to west-northwestward quickly during the next few days.

Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 100 mph (155 km/h) with higher gusts.

On the forecast track, the center of Beryl is expected to move across the Windward Islands early on Monday and across the southeastern Caribbean Sea on Monday night and Tuesday.

On Saturday night, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre announced that, on the advice of the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), there would be a national shutdown on Sunday from 8:30 pm until the ‘all clear’.

Pierre also said businesses and schools will remain closed on Monday.

“Preservation and protection of life is a priority. I implore you to listen and be guided by the information issued by NEMO and the Met Office,” he stated.

Pierre’s office has advised all non-essential civilians to remain indoors from 8:30 pm on June 30, 2024.

In addition, the Prime Minister announced a NEMO pre-strike meeting for Sunday at 10 am.

“I urge all 18 District Disaster Management Committees across the island to be present and participate,” he said.

“My fellow Saint Lucians, we need to be together and support each other as we prepare, but hope and pray that we are spared from this impeding weather event,” Pierre stated.


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  1. As satellite image shows, this hurricane posses a serious threat to life and property in the Caribbean. Science has gone on to predict that due to global warming, hurricanes are expected to grow in strength and violence due to warmer seas. So far the scientific analysis has proven right. We are now seeing hurricanes that normally form in the second half of the hurricane season making an appearance in the first half of the hurricane season which means that the Caribbean will face more tropical depressions and hurricanes during the hurricane season.

    I don’t hear or see the sky god lovers praying to the sky god to save the Caribbean from this impending disaster….If their sky god was worth his or her salt, he/she could atleast divert the hurricane to some remote part of the Atlantic ocean away from the sky god lovers where it damages neither life, nor limb or property. But of course we already know the score…the sky god can do whatever he wants regardless of what the sky god lovers ask for on prostrating all fours…and still some sky god lovers will be quick to blame a nation’s decadence and the sin of the people or even the bacchanal for a hurricane devastating the lives and livelihoods of a nation. But what is more is that if the hurricane manages not to devastate any island, the sky god lovers will claim a victory that the sky god saved us….well if the sky god saved you, then the sky god might have well prevented the hurricane from forming in the first place….then what about one island being spared and another island being devastated?…does the sky god love the island that was not devastation more? The more you analyse the sky god story the more ridiculous it seems, especially in times like these…..What the sky god lovers don’t seem to understand is that the earth is a very volatile place, with so called natural disasters occurring every now and then. Hurricanes are a natural phenomenon which occurs when the hot air from the sea rises creating a low pressure which causes more air to rush in thus creating thunderstorms and there you have it: monster is born.

    What governments need to implement to combat these phenomenon, because it ain’t going to go away, is to enforce a strict building code, where houses are built to withstand hurricane forced winds, avoid building on slopes due to land slippage, plant more tress on slopes, proper drainage systems for all houses and residential houses, including towns and cities, reinforce all vulnerable areas with retaining walls where possible, invest in science to help combat climate change, and also to have a clear understanding of natural disasters that affect our region. Invest in scientists from various specialist areas eg. Geologists, biologists, meteorologists etc etc….create a specialist team to do things for ourselves as a region…a in-depth study of the waterways of Saint Lucia and other Caribbean islands should be undertaken to understand how they behave with increase rain falls, all possible building areas on the island should be vetted before building any structure…. building of shacks should be discouraged and enforced by law with harsh penalties…the same way pigeon island was built from reclaimed land from the sea, the government should look into doing the same for the purpose of building houses for the nation…in doing so you have control over building plans, drainage systems, how buildings are constructed in connection with wind direction and the building’s orientation to wind direction etc etc.. There is a lot that can be done to help mitigate the hurricane threat because that hurricane threat is not going away now or in the future…it is the nature of our planet and our region.

    Now I want to hear what the sky god sympathisers have to say. What recommendations they have…I won’t be surprised it’s the same pray for the sky god’s help..

    I trust that all Caribbean islands in the wake of this hurricane come out with the least damage and there is no loss of life. Stay safe.

  2. Let’s not forget the scientist who invent weapons to control weather, create hurricanes and use HARRP to creating conditions for these storms we now see. Don’t take my word for it, the US military has weaponised weather.

  3. Anybody who does not believe in the creator God almighty is nothing but a stiff necked fool

  4. So far the scientific analysis has proven right. We are now seeing hurricanes that normally form in the second half of the hurricane season making an appearance in the first half of the hurricane season which means that the Caribbean will face more tropical depressions and hurricanes during the hurricane season.

    C-WIz that is patently untrue. There is no increase in any adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, can you answer from when did they start keeping accurate hurricane records? And I will remind you, that the Europeans only came to this part of the world in the 1500s. And keep in mind, decent record keeping of temperatures only started in 1880s. Can you say what happened before then. And yes the earth has existed for 4,540,000,000 years. You clowns really need to stop with the climate alarmism. The Earth’s climate has always changed since in emerged billions of years ago.

  5. @ weather Wiz..

    You must be cognitively impaired in your ability to make sense with what I wrote….the records show that hurricanes are starting to form much earlier in the hurricane season which starts on June 1st to November 30th… in essence with these factors, there is bound to be more hurricanes affecting the Caribbean between June and November….there has not been many category 4 hurricanes forming in the Caribbean early into the hurricane season..

    Secondly…yes the planet has been changing for billions of years ago but human action has accelerated the change…..if you infantile pillocks think this is a joke
    all I will say is: time is a great revealer of truth …

  6. @Weather Wiz, what instruments do you think people used to measure the weather over 100 years ago? Sticks and stones? Your reasoning against climate change is lazy and unfounded. Are you saying that 100 years of data can’t be used to make an educated determination about climate change? When I was young, I don’t remember storms intensifying rapidly overnight. Today, it’s almost expected that any storm hitting a warm pocket of water will intensify into a major hurricane. Stop making excuses for MAN’s greed and the excessive usage of resources with no regard for the environment.

  7. O we of little faith !!
    Let us put our trust in GOD,
    a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the wind..
    Do not wait until we sink,to seek God and call upon his name..
    See ! I have lay a stone in St Lucia 🇱🇨 a precious corner stone for a Sure foundation ;
    The one who trust will never be dismayed..

  8. Watch !!
    A storm of the LORD rather to extinquish all the mockers and exterminates all the blasphermers of the land !!!


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