PM Accepts Resignation Of Doctor Ubaldus Raymond

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, Monday announced that he has accepted the resignation of Doctor Ubaldus Raymond.

The PM’s statement announcing Raymond’s resignation is reproduced below:

“I have accepted the resignation of Minister with responsibility for the Public Service, Honourable Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, with immediate effect. This decision was taken in the best interest of all parties and the country.

“Dr. Raymond has served our country well and in several capacities; including Leader of Government Business in the Senate and previously as Minister in the Ministry of Finance. I thank him and his family for his years of service to our nation.

“The acceptance of the resignation of Dr. Raymond in no way affects the ongoing investigations. The Government remains committed to bringing closure to this matter.”


  1. This is both good and bad. Good that politician can now be held accountable for their actions. Bad that every insignificant incident can be scandalised and made an issue, which detracts from the bigger picture.

  2. Well he can get a job as a security guard with Guardsman Security company at the Owen King hospital at 4;25 an hour working 12 hour shifts

  3. Mission Accomplished I guess. Let’s celebrate. Champagne on ice. Which minister next to be recorded. All u stick. If all u call dem, they recording convos. If all u send whats app or text it will be screen shot. What will all u do now. I wonder.

  4. Stupid joke. This is not funny. This is a serious matter and all y’all damn idiots making a joke of it. O hope the pm gets someone more confidential and serious about our business.

  5. This by Claudius. “So the blasted resignation is NOT a resignation until it has gone through the proper channels
    More bullshit. The Star reports that the Prime Minister has “accepted the resignation of Senator Raymond.” Where does the Prime Minister get such power? Certainly not from the Constitution of Saint Lucia. Never mind the end result is the same, accepting a Senator’s resignation is quite distinct and different in law than from firing that Senator. How do I know? Because our Constitution says so. First, the Prime Minister does not appoint any Senator, the Governor General does. In support of that contention, I refer you to Section 24 (2) (a) of the Constitution which states: “Of the eleven Senators, six shall be appointed by the Governor-General acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister. So the appointment is by the GG. On the matter of removal, section 27 (2) (a) authorizes the Prime Minister to request from the GG, the Senator’s removal. It reads: ” A Senator shall also vacate his seat in the Senate if the Governor-General, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister in the case of a senator appointed under paragraph (a) of subsection 2 of section 24 . . . declares the seat to be vacant.” But accepting the resignation of a Senator, as it is reported the Prime Minister did, is a different kettle of fish altogether and is governed by section 122 of the Constitution. Subsection (1) reads: “A Senator may resign his seat by writing under his hand ADDRESSED TO THE PRESIDENT, and such resignation shall take effect, when the writing is received, as the case may be by The President or if the office of President is vacant by the deputy president” or if that post is vacant as well, by the Clerk of the Senate. These are not my words but instead the words of the Constitution. Consequently, what the Star has stated is of no legal consequence and is ultra vires the highest law of the land. Whatever it is Dr. Raymond gave to the Prime Minister and which purports to be his resignation isn’t worth the paper it is written on. If the Prime Minister wishes to dismiss Senator Raymond – and yes he remains Senator despite the Star’s assertions – then he must do so under section 27 (2). There is no provision for the Prime Minister – any Prime Minister for that matter – to ACCEPT a Senator’s resignation. Follow the law Mr. Prime Minister. Dr. Raymond can turn up tomorrow and there isn’t a darn thing which can be done to stop him from participating in the proceedings.”

    By C. Francis

    • Oh please…much talk about nothing…what happened in the case with Jimmy Henry. PM said he accepted Jimmy’s “personal reasons” resignation. Obviously it is the PM who recommends to the GG so it is only sensible that he would have already discussed with the the GG and have this approved. The PM may not have said it correctly but it is obvious that the GG already accepted dick in hand’s resignation. CF is just trying to be a know it all…choopz. Ubaldus can’t show up nowhere.

      • Meli, your comprehension skills are extremely poor. The actual wording of the law is there for you too see and you making such idiot remarks. The fact that the PM did it in Jimmy’s case does not make it right. And read again, the LAW says the PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE NOT PM OR GG.
        You behaving at a 43% member

  6. Make him deputy speaker….

    who will take his portfolios?…or who else will they hire to fill that spot?

  7. Dr. Raymond, i wish you and your family well, keep the faith and serve your God! your ennemies has worn!

    • zabo, “ennemies”? “worn”? I keep realising that you are just a preschooler. Well zabo his enemies won and he is worn. Get it.

  8. He treated all his family like trash,he failed his church,his goverment his society,what a disaster.

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