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Saint Lucia Carnival 2023 Announced

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The Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative, Industries, Culture, and Information, in partnership with the Cultural Development Foundation and the Carnival Planning and Management Committee has just announced an exciting and culturally rich ‘Saint Lucia Carnival’ from July 1-19, 2023. 


By being one of the first islands to launch a compelling lineup for Carnival 2023, the globally renowned leading destination festival is gearing up for the pent-up demand, that aligns with the reimagined marketing strategy of brand Saint Lucia.  


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The exciting Calendar includes the Calypso and Soca Monarch competitions, King and Queen of the Bands, Panorama, the Carnival Queen Show, J’ouvert, private parties, concerts, and the two-day Parade of the Bands. 


Further collaboration with the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, Export Saint Lucia, and Events Saint Lucia solidifies the commitment to continue developing the island’s carnival product beyond its 238 square miles. 


In stimulating more international demand, a delegation led by the Minister of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire will host a Media Launch of the 2023 edition of Saint Lucia Carnival in Miami Florida, on October 6, 2022. 


Representatives of Saint Lucia’s destination marketing carnival bands will provide details on the events that drive visitors. The team at the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, led by Marketing and Events Manager, Christopher Gustave, will showcase the National Carnival Events and represent other carnival brands unable to attend. 


Travel Trade, Diaspora Leaders, Carnival Influencers, Miami Carnival Leadership, and Miami-based carnival promoters will be in attendance. Both traditional and carnival-focused media will capture and share the event. This launch will provide an opportunity to help develop a sustainable mutually beneficial collaboration between the Miami Carnival audience and Saint Lucia Carnival. 


A sample of the island’s unique Soca offerings will be provided by ‘Ezra Da Fun Machine’, and Road March Runner Up, ‘Shemmy J’, both backed by ‘DJ Hyper D’. 

Saint Lucia’s offerings will be on display at ‘Tipsy’ on October 7, where tens of thousands are expected to attend the event headlined by Afro-fusion superstar ‘Burna Boy’. Additionally, Brand Saint Lucia will be heavily displayed along the Miami Carnival route on October 9th. 


The 2023 edition of Saint Lucia Carnival will continue to be a focal point of the upcoming regional and international Fall, Winter, and Summer global marketing roadshows. 


SOURCE: Saint Lucia Tourism Authority. Headline photo: Internet stock image.

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  1. Very good news putting the people first..if st Lucian’s don’t learn from pjp administration boy something is wrong with our people

  2. “The exciting Calendar includes the Calypso and Soca Monarch competitions, King and Queen of the Bands, Panorama, the Carnival Queen Show, J’ouvert, private parties, concerts, and the two-day Parade of the Bands.”

    There are 2 activities that are different and sounds odd. It sounds like a personal advertisement for the organisers. (Hilaire and Antoine). “Private parties and Concerts”.

    It’s a money making thing.

  3. … dam right ….if they don’t learn that they come first and a government can finally be for the people and not for a CLIQUE , a government who has their vested interest not false promises of trickle down economics .We are a small nation with limited resources we must develop but at a pace that does not hold us random to no one

  4. Get over yourself and realize… You were taken for a fool…. There was no pandemic… In no way am i denying the above average flu like virus circulating.

    But its severity… The math… Makes absolutely zero sense… 30% of the population is fully vaccinated…

    Yet you still wish to hold on to this so called deadly viruz… Open your eyes and smell the coffee and try to gather some common sense… Alot of you guys were taken for a ride.

  5. So then @Odd how does that account for the millions who died of it, and the families who suffered?? And yes they did die. It was and still IS real. You are in denial, like so many ignorant people of your kind. It is not the same as a “bad ‘flu” – it is a different virus altogether, but of course you don’t want to know that. You are the one who has been taken for ride by your co-conspiracy ‘theorists’.

  6. @odd one out… I have ran into several people such as yourself. I wont waste my time to try to make you understand how much of a sheep they have all made you guys… But one thing i have noticed you all have one thing in common…

    Yourll echo the same information over and over and over again. The same information from the news.. Like parrots… So i understand why you were lead to believe the mass deaths were all caused by this bad flu…. You are part of the reason this kept on for so long… You couldnt think for yourself.. Do your own research… From credible grounds… Go school yourself from doctors throughout the world… And stop listening to what youve been told for the past couple of years OR… And this may seem like the best plan to you.. Because you sound like one of those whom maybe driving with a mask on like an imbecile… Just carry-on with your precautionary life.. Stay home… Work from home… Pay someone pay your bills… Set up a good ventilation system and just dry rot… At home.. Allow the people with sense to move on… Let the reality hit… Whenever. Cheers

  7. Well @Odd you did seem to “waste your time on educating” me, but how arrogant of you to think I have not researched, analysed & come to my own informed decisions. And I’ll also add, there is nothing wrong about taking precautions while still leading a fulfilling life. Do not make assumptions about what I do and do not do, nor how I live my life. Of course we have to live, and a few simple actions do not restrict my joy of living. Yes LIVING a healthy & long life. But I suspect you probably wouldn’t take precautions of any kind for anything, including Carnival, no matter whether it is common sense or not…

  8. While children cannot get food in the schools…..we are making plans for Carnival almost 1 yr away…If they want to attend Fl so. but not at public expense.

  9. @swing voter… you said it right, if we don’t learn it is only because we don’t love ourselves and our country. All slp care about is how much they can make before the next election. I’ve not heard anything about jazz and it’s earlier than carnival. Is it because you helie and your cliques are all benefiting… more money for helie

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