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“It Means More Than Wearing The Uniform Of Your Alma Mater!”

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Education Minister Shawn Edward on Wednesday paid glowing tribute to Saint Lucia’s teachers, as individuals across the Island donned the uniforms of the schools they attended to show appreciation for educators.

Soufriere MP – Emma Hippolyte

Organisers dubbed the initiative P.R.E.S.E.N.T (Proudly Representing Each School, Exalting our Nation’s Teachers).

“For me and for the PS, the government, it means more than wearing the uniform of your alma mater. We want more than that,” Minister Edward declared, wearing a St. Mary’s College uniform and sporting a backpack.

He urged people to reach out to a teacher who taught them to express gratitude for how the educator impacted their life.

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And regarding individuals who have school-age children, the Dennery North MP urged them to express their gratitude to teachers for what they do daily in nurturing children.

Castries Central MP – Richard Frederick

In addition, he admonished the Education Ministry staff to give teachers the best possible service when the educators visit the Ministry.

“There are too many horror stories where teachers complain that the service they got at the Ministry of Education was for want of a better word – horrible and never made them feel appreciated, considering the effort they continue to put out on a daily basis for this country,” Edward declared.

The Minister, a veteran educator, urged the nation to salute its teachers.

“They will forever remain indispensable in the whole scheme of national development,” Edward explained.

Gros Islet MP – Kenson Casimir

In this regard, the Minister observed that other sectors deal with infrastructure and solid matter.

But he noted that teachers touch lives in delicate ways, and the educators’ impression is often indelible.

Dr. Pauline Antoine-Prospere – Parliamentary Secretary, said she was happy to see all the Education Ministry staff looking so beautiful in their school uniforms.

“I know your parents worked very hard to get you those brand new uniforms to come to school,” she quipped.

In the same vein, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, in an obvious light-hearted jab at Education Minister, Shawn Edward holding a bag, wrote on Facebook ‘Now I know where my lunch bag is!”

Headline photo: Shawn Edward wearing the uniform of his alma mater.

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  1. Lovely. Teachers deserve to be appreciate more than we are showing them. It I s suppose to be parents and then teachers but most time it is teachers and then parents. Good to see the ministry in particular the minister taking such intiative to show appreciation to the teachers. Hope it’s not a once time thing. Keep it up

  2. I as well as most of my fellow students over the years have the greatest respect for our teachers and mentors from primary
    school to university. We have honoured them in thoughts, words and deeds over the years.
    But to see our so called leaders spending precious and scarce money in times of biting inflation to dress up as children tells you what incompetence and ineptitude is running this country. At a time when mothers cannot afford their children’s uniforms you clowns play charades just as you are doing wirh government money.
    In these distressing times why not pool the money to help an elderly teacher in financial difficulty or PAY for some students who cannot afford lunch for school! Or fix a few feet of roads!
    Instead you parade your narcissistic self absorbed selves in the media DRESSED LIKE CHILDREN in the same way you manage our country like juveniles.
    Are you so cluelessly enjoying the perks and money in office you cannot see the childish immaturity of your juvenile display in this time of austerity. Is this not the same way you are wasting our countrues resources as you inthe slp plus 2 are ‘protecting the victory ”

    You slp feral children in government should be ashamed of yourselves and how you portray our country!

  3. @ant…pay jel ou and donate……there were people who didnt spend money on uniforms…..and those who did spent their hard earn money….our COUNTRUES resources??? seriously??

  4. word on the street is PJP didnt want people to see him in his Donata school Uniform, people really saying things wi

  5. I think the wearing of school uniform was just a public relations show. Why don’t they go and teach for a day? Great way to show appreciation.

  6. @Ant– c’mon- you really taking this thing far. As much as I wouldnt spend my money just for a show, I support the intention to honour our teachers. I personally would honour them in a differnt way. You even saying crap like people playing “charades with government money.” Who has squandered and stolen more money from us than the last administration? Tell me? I suspect you were just having a bad moment– so you are forgiven, go get laid Ant!

  7. So it isn’t teacher appreciation if you’re wearing the school colours and doing nothing to recognise the teachers you appreciate. You people are ass backwards in this country. This is nothing other than a clown show. A bunch of adults pretending to be kids. What next, men pretending to be women. Oh wait! Y’all heads need to be checked if y’all morons think this is the epitome of excellence. As a teacher I can safely tell you all: Grow the f*uck up.

  8. Job for life. 7 hour workday. 3.5 months paid vacation. Isn’t that appreciation enough? Ask how many workers get these kind of benefits.

  9. They were all quick to get rid of their masks I see…yet still the keep reminding the public to continue wearing mask. I bet you they wanted to be mask free for months but had yo keep an image so they kept on ringing this wear your mask phrase in our ears.

  10. @educator bush educator…..nobody said it isnt T.A. Day if u don’t wear the uniform….what next men pretending to be women….is that new?? What planet are u from?? this has been there for ages…u grow up and stay up

  11. @asking…dont ask..TELL…that’s the govt’s way…it’s no one’s fault if others dont appreciate theirs….

  12. Why didn’t they come together in small groups and donate to the schools since things are so hard for the ministry to do… that would be a great way to show appreciation but then again this is just how our men and women think… low like everything around them.

  13. Apparently those teachers who taught you were pretending to be kids because clearly you don’t know what sarcasm is. Low IQ people like you shouldn’t respond.

  14. Sorry but this exercise did nothing for teachers. It was simply a fun distraction from the current stresses and state if affairs. How many of these adults who dressed up reached out and showed appreciation to a past teacher or showed appreciation to a teacher currently teaching their child. Very few I am sure. Teachering is the most stressful job out there with little appreciation and benefits. What other job do you find where workers are expected to spend their own money to realise results? Yes government may give chalk and bristol board, but what else? A teacher’s classroom is 90% funded by the teacher. Material used for teaching is purchased by the teacher. Oh and the vacation or early day everyone claim teachers have? They carry work home. Even during school breaks teachers are planning. Those who teach exam classes show up to the schools to give extra lesson…most times for free… especially in the out districts. Teachers provide breakfast and break to students and if it were not for the School feeding programme…they would be giving lunch too. Most person’s would not last a year in the profession. The stress from all ends…the sleepless nights….the worry and competition within the sector…no wonder so many teachers are dying in the profession. Oh and the illnesses received from interaction with students..flu, rashes…etc….only to be put on sick leave and be paid less when they need the money the most due to an NIC and government pay structure error that no one has seen needs to be addressed.
    So yes the dressing up was nice. Brought a since of nostalgia as well as great social media clicks….but did this really help show or boost appreciation for teachers?!?!

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