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City Police Official Calls Out Parents After Students Found With Drugs, Weapons

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City Police officers temporarily detained seventeen students at a Castries secondary school recently, prompting a call to parents to play a more significant role in disciplining their children.

“Parents need to check on and speak to their children,” Inspector Yone Camchon told St Lucia Times.

The Deputy City Police Chief spoke after officers temporarily detained the seventeen students between forms one to five for possession of drugs and weapons in the classroom.

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Camchon said during an operation facilitated by the school principal and teachers, officers searched students in several classrooms and seized knives, scissors, marijuana, and hashish that the youngsters had in their possession.

He disclosed that a student had six packets of hashish concealed in his socks.

Officers also confiscated a bottle of kerosene.

According to Camchon, after detaining the seventeen youngsters, officers entrusted them to their parents with a warning that repeat offences would land the students before the juvenile court.

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  1. So much was Seized from School Men and Women .Most of these persons parents are Criminals .Your Children leaving Home to School and You Not Checking their School bags and Person .No parents Visits their Children School to check with the Teacher and Principal.I give Parents in St.Lucia -0 when it comes to Monitoring School Kids Behaviour

  2. Couples must plan to have a child or children. For God’s sakes if you are in a toxic environment why have children. I am seeing lately couples have broken up just months after mothers gave birth. Lots f teenagers are having children . Bringing children in this world to see misery. People are having children just for having children sake and they keep depending on others for assistance. When will parents get that their children are their responsibility. You cannot raise children don’t put yourself in a situation to have one. You are just causing problems for society.

  3. While some “parents” aren’t fit this isn’t just a household thing. There is this saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” The elders know why they say that. Kids spend a significant amount of time away from their parents and households. These interactions play just a significant role in molding the kids. Imagine a society where kids are constantly exposed to sexually suggestive music. Alcohol consumption. Violent TV. Citizens constantly cussing up each other and assaulting each other. What do you think the end result will be?

    Have you folks ever walked through our capital and see what our kids are exposed to every second they spend there? Rum shops right outside schools despite laws prohibiting such. Poosy, cork, gun, kill music blaring through all bars in every corner of Castries despite laws regulating not just playing music but also the content of the music. Scantily clad women parading through the streets. How can a parent raise a decent child while the village itself is indecent? Perhaps police should try to uphold existing laws to try to curb some of the societal ills. Otherwise there will be no end to this madness.

  4. society is creating these criminals. if the heads are corrupt then so is the rest of the body. society has banned disciplinary actions at schools and they even want to band it in the home now everything is out of control. if God don’t put a hand then we are doom

  5. The ministry needs to address school safety at the Castries Secondary School. Did the students say why they carry knives and scissors to school? Are they subjected to bullying and feel the need to protect themselves at school or on their way to and from school. Are there resources at the school to help students make proper choices?

  6. These things are not new yet crime is worse now that ever. It is society as a whole that is breeding these criminals. Police need to start enforcing the laws. All of them.

  7. OH man. Castries is an embarassment. A filthy slum is a more apt description. Thanks to the CCC we have those little huts facilitating all sorts of criminal activity. Yes, drugs, weapons and all manners of ills are hidden under these huts. We are tired of calling the police telling them of those. We have asked the CCC many times to do something about those. But nothing happens. CCC is responsible for having castries in such a disgusting state.

  8. Disaster like this was pending t happen hence my reason is to even charge the parents of these kids if it happen again. The bad body effects is at play so it won’t surprise me worst happen in the future. The damage is already being done… repairing will take a mountainous task.

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