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Police Lay Charges In La Toc Triple Homicide

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Officers attached to the Major Crime Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, have preferred charges in connection with the triple homicide at La Toc, reported on February 23, 2022.

Marvin Gabriel, resident of  Bois Patat, Castries,  and Junior Herman, a resident of Odlum City, Castries, have been formally charged for causing the deaths of Samantha Eugene, Constant Thomas and Elisha Thomas, at La Toc, Castries. Both individuals are currently in police custody, pending a bail hearing.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (Press release updated)

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  2. thats not for them to do, thats for the Major Crime Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force but since you have all this information they just might contact you to assist them in the investigation and get from you other information you also may have about the OTF boss in your area since you know so much so wait for a call or a knock on your door so make sure you doh run.

    TOC TOC TOC excuse me MS. this is the police, come out with your hands up, you are wanted in questioning to assist in the investigation as a witness of BOGAR”S SON AT JACMEL FOR CAUSING THE DEATH OF CHANGOO BY CHILLYS and other related crimes in the area come outside and doh give us no trouble.

  3. Its like EVERY year he going to jail for murder….man is a f**king serial murderer how tf does he ALWAYS come out

  4. I have lived in bagatelle for many years now and never knew Marvin Gabriele is from bagatelle! smfh…can someone help me to correct this shitty info…

  5. So these “charged” murderers do not have faces.. no mugshot…no nuttin? When are we going to be serious about fighting crime? why arent their faces plastered all over social media especially since one is apparently a repeat offender- let the innocent public know what he looks so we can guard with heat, our loved ones from him. Pappyshow!

  6. To the all the lucian dat fast to judge people der don’t even know is a innocent man dat in jail because the police holding back evidence pertaining to the murders la toc der know all who dat was involved

  7. Every murder urll blame him…he tried his best to stay out of Jail and those murders was not him…free Marvin

  8. Bravo to the police for a good job. However, I want to know when will they investigate the three rape allegations against one of their Superintendents. Why are they trying to sweep those reports under the carpet? Is it true that all the files pertaining to those reports were hidden? If it were a member of the public, this person would have had already been arrested. So why not arrest that serial rapist in the RSLPF. Why is Catherine Sealys not saying anything about this egregious act by one of our senior enforcers against a fellow female. Inquiring minds want to know. Two of those females are fellow officers.

  9. These So Called Criminals Committ all Classes of Crime because they have Certain persons in Society In St.Lucia Supporting their Criminal activity .The police Must use other Tartics to arrest persons Stop Depending on Eye witnesses

  10. Because you probably said something against the political hierarchy. It’s a typical trait of biased moderators. Bet this comment won’t be posted….or it might Because he or she knows I’m right

  11. There are many rape allegations against members of the RSPLF. There is a story of a woman who made a report the day after she accused an officer of raping her, the operator said they will make an inquiry, and after 3 months… nothing. Till this day not even an update.

  12. police have evidence on the main person that killed the people from la toc she was rape before she was killed an the person who did that police found the people keys in his pocket plus finger print on the people car yet still they charge the wrong person

  13. again he recorded wilse he was doing his act so all the evidence is on his phone which the police never search his phone his name is Kyle Alexander aka patia cay office search his phone y’all Will find who did the crime

  14. so what’s going on their is the police make a deal with him that’s the real murderer to pin the crime on someone else and their going to send him to England so the police is sending the person who’s responsible for the crime away can you believe that st Lucian’s

  15. Now that Marvin is charged, some so called uppers in our society must be shitting up themselves. He holds dirty secrets for loads of those scumbags. So Marvin my brother, don’t go down alone – expose them all. Tell the world who has been calling the shots. Enough dirty people in high positions.

  16. I hope you have a very good lawyer and have personal security and bodyguards. What you saying there is libelous.

  17. Marvin is a waste of a human being. Needs to remain locked up like the deranged animal he is. The homicide rate will surely decrease because of the charging of this scumbag. Has and his gang of murders have killed too many people in this country. Judgement day will soon come. Human waste like this should have be aborted!!!!!

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