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WATCH: Pierre Announces Tax Breaks For Thousands Of Saint Lucians

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Approximately 15, 000 hardworking Saint Lucians will benefit from another timely fiscal intervention orchestrated and implemented by the Pierre Administration.

Effective January 1, 2023, Saint Lucians earning up to XCD $25, 000 annually will be exempt from paying income tax.

Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre introduced the welcomed tax reforms in Saint Lucia’s Lower House of Parliament on October 11.

Rehani Isidore reports:

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SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. LOL – another on of Pierre’s Hoaks. First it was a tax break for those making $40,000. In one year he changed that to those making $25,000.00. This bracket was always there. It was for those making $18000.00. He has only expanded the bracket by adding a few more folks to the bracket. Now, which of the brackets will be paying more taxes to compensate the expansion to $25,000.00. Pierre, we need to know – transparency is important to us Lucians. Also, can you tell us when will you pay the income tax money and will you be paying with interest – asking for a friend

  2. Sorry but this is no consolation to the hundred of unemployed who you have neglected whilst ensuring the rich get richer and your FFF get fatter pockets earning tax free salaries in overseas positions. I regret my vote for this cabal. Never did I think that my vote would mean big jobs for jabals, facebook bullies and turncoat UWPs.

  3. I’m guessing this is the livable wage he spoke about…We need to calculate how much tax one was paying making less than $25k per year & see if this news is as grand as they’re making it out to be.

  4. ….Oh Lord dam if you do dam if you don’t …..Most Honorable just continue the work; there are some people who are going to oppose every little thing you do no matter what, all because they want a White Johncrow at the helm, it’s the only way they can see St Lucia been govern there must be a Red Skin Man at the helm. When it comes to St Lucia Economics and dollars and sense I have good confidence in you an economist by trade not a shady business man. I trust you brother keep it up you said you will give us a tax break and BOOM yes you did, another feather in your cap.

  5. I agree with you honorable lucian highgrade. You just cannot win with a percentage of these St lucians. Pierre can never do right in the eyes of some. He just has to keep focused and forget the “background noise”. Tonair!

  6. Hahahahahaha! The UWPs are desole! why? Because the most honourable PM is working on behalf of the people unlike hurricane Allen.

  7. Where did you come up with that 15000 people getting tax break. That $25000 personal allowance only benefit persons in Grade 3 or less. A Grade 4 salary is currently about $2090. monthly. Do the math and calculate that person’s annual salary and you will see that it is above $25000 annually. So Mr Pierre are you saying that 15000 St Lucians are below that pay grade?

  8. Yh what tax break. An economist . He knows what he is doing. Nothing comes without a prize. It’s all about he balancing it. Remember you start paying tax based on your salary. I believe it was always exempted for a certain salary amount (scale).Well don’t forget that there was a small salary increase meaning the ppl at that grade would make a bit more and so their salary would be higher therefore making them edigible to pay tax. The pm have decided to exempt those ppl that would not have to pay tax. It is the same set of ppl that were not qualify to pay tax before that will still benefit from this while the rest of us pay high amount. Nothing new same old thing just presented in a different format to make it look new after all our pm knows how to play with figures by moving it there and placing it here. The end results remain the same. Peace and love

  9. This SLP cabal keep pissing in people’s eyes and calling it rain. PJP you told us sir that those of us who make 48K per year won’t pay no tax, that was your exact words, which myself and other intelligent people knew could never happen. Now you coming and try to mamaguy is, man you better get out and let someone who can do the job take over cause clearly you can’t, you are inept.

  10. ……when Your White God announced a reduction in VAt…..what did you think he did ?? Did you think he reduced it and made up the shortfall by emptying his bank account to make up for it ??? He played with “the numbers” and STILL (fact) charged St Lucian’s VAt on Non Vatable items listed and established by The Honorable KDA. This was his first case of RAPE on the country as PM. All other cases of RAPE was during his reign of terror as tourism Minister, (fact) he Bankrupt the tourism board, Job losses at Air Jamaica, St Lucia jazz who could forget the Diana Ross fesasco. Then There was the festivals, Rum and Wine, summer solstice, Boxing in St Lucia, and the Grand Daddy of them all The horse racetrack….and they want him back at the helm, oh my we are just gluten for more punishment …..and Rape.

  11. What’s wrong with these miserable wretches? Why don’t you all suck salt. Anything is better than nothing.

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