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SLP Condemns ‘Malicious UWP Video’


The Saint Lucia Labour Party unequivocally condemns the recent video published by UNITED PAC on behalf of the United Workers Party and its leader, Allen Chastanet, in which malicious and false allegations of criminality are made against Prime Minister Philip Pierre and his Cabinet members.

This despicable video reflects, not only a delusionary mindset, but naked desperation on the part of the United Workers Party and its Leader.

While SLP encourages the Prime Minister and other members of his Cabinet to explore the full extent of their legal rights to defend themselves from the lies and fabrications contained in the UWP Video, the record will show that it is the Leader of the United Workers Party who is the subject of proceedings in the High Court for allegedly using funds of the Soufriere Town Council for a political event.

It is the same Leader of the United Workers Party who was described as a stranger to the truth by the OECS Court of Appeal.

Further, it was the Leader of the United Workers Party who was recently voted overwhelmingly out of office as Prime Minister by the people of this country who were fed up with the rampant allegations of corruption under his leadership and pathological and reckless mismanagement of the country during his tenure as Minister of Finance, as well as the massive lies and misinformation invented by him and other members of his Government and Party.

It is not surprising therefore, that Allen Chastanet and his demented UWP fanatics will resort to more lies and misinformation in order to malign Prime Minister, Philip J. Pierre who has served and continues to serve our country with the highest level of integrity and honesty.

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Labour Party. Headline photo: Screen grab from video.

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  1. What goes around comes back around is an old saying and that saying is a fact. They use to do it but condemning it when it’s being done to them. The shoe is on the foot see how it feels now.

  2. I am one of those who was certain that Chastanet had to go. I am still happy that he was voted out. What I cannot understand is the SLP’s fascination with the man. They take on every nonsense the man says. Now he has to go before the privileges (disciplinary) committee for saying that Richard Fredrick got a visa for 3 days where as he got it for 5 days. To my mind, if the government was serious about developing the country it would not engage in such nonsense. Look at that press release and the poison it contains. If we a serious about pulling this country together for progress, is that the type of press release that a ruling party would have time for?

  3. I am of the opinion that United Pac should be brought before the courts as well as anyone who would look to smear another’s character. It is easy to trace these accounts. Yes there is freedom of speech but one’s freedom should not be used to tarnish another.

  4. Everyone knows there are rapists, money launderers, thieves and other criminals in the cabinet of ministers.

  5. Its no secret…so why play dumb. On the other hand, look how quickly the SLP put out a notice. When there are other greater matters to deal with, they ALL quiet.

  6. Now tell us SLP who doesn’t know your have rapist, money launderer, tax evader, church breaker, drug dealer in your cabinet. Instead of you cleaning house of these corrupt and tainted individual in your midst you’re complaining like a little spoilt brat. By the way now that y’all in power we want to see evidence of all the corruption leveled against Chas, Guy Joseph and the UWP. All the false papers that was being shown on your talk shows we want to see the real proof of corruption by UWP, or else do the right thing and resign. We’re tired of you pissing in our eyes and calling it rain, we’ve had enough of your incompetent and can’t govern.

  7. ….no it’s not what goes around comes around……the FACTORIAL LAPONESS, WORTHLESSNESS, AND SALOPTY of The United Worthless Party were exposed, so they can’t handle the truth, they still can’t get over a loss, so in typical UWP Style they have resorted on trying to diminish the Character of The Most Honorable PJP, but it has failed with no evail. The testicular fortitude of these desperate Clowns, I would highly recommend His Most Honorable to composed a video of his own depicting the head yellow clown as Mr. Investment without dividend, a money hog that has fiscal enslaved St Lucians for decades, with his here my dear I present to you Dubai prosperity for all, failed trickle down economics 101. A man that could not DELIVER on any of his endeavors; a failure on healthcare , a failure on crime, the prodigal son of the Caribbean Development Bank of which St Lucia has the biggest debt due to callus borrowing and spending. The destruction of our birthright, for a dollar and a dream. The only thing Allen Chastanet has to show for his tenure in St Lucia is worthless racetrack that need debushing and he himself should go and do it.

  8. When will the prime Minister dismiss the Speaker of the House Claudius Francis for his unwarranted threats to the St.Lucian public?

  9. Where were you prior to elections slp in office but still attacking chas if you leave in a glass house don’t throw stones

  10. No Press Release on the murders and the robberies that are plaguing our society. Citizens are scared for their lives and is this NONSENCE you’ll posting here? See why it’s putting you’ll first and not the citizens?


  11. and the Speaker’s rape of …..

    Just finishing your sentence for you but you need to end it. Papyshow!!!!

  12. I am currently employed with a security company in the south and have to work 16 hours a day to earn less than 48 EC dollars for 16 hours of work but they say that they putting people first tv the boss is into real estate and is buying land and houses all over the island on the backs of the iller rate and uneducated workers but his day will come

  13. The truth to be handled is the fact that the SLP government is made up of rapist (many times over), money launderers, drug dealer and murder (ask prince). These are just some of the more serious crimes leveled at some members forming that SLP government. And PJP new of those allegations before he aligned with them. But we Lucians are not easily fooled. They can invoke God’s name as often as they wish, the fact remains that We know that we know, what we know that we know.

  14. Maysay slp has no shame these are so detailed they don’t know what to do and say..Thanks to the most high im not political blind st Lucian’s read and understand these is the worst I ever seen at my age Richard Fredrick divide St. Lucia


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