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NGP Leader: Climate Change Conferences A Talk Shop For The Elite


The leader of Saint Lucia’s National Green Party (NGP) has expressed concern over the value of climate change conferences amid the ongoing COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt.

 “Since COP26, we have been contemplating the successes of these meetings, and it seems to be just a talk shop for the elite,” Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires told St Lucia Times.

“People go there and they talk, but what tangible has been done?” The NGP leader stated.

According to de Caires, man has caused climate change, global warming, and the increase in the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

“Please remember that there was a time called the Ice Age before man had any internal combustion engine or was heating their homes with oil and the glaciers melted,” he stated.

The NGP leader said many scientists believed it was due to the universe’s solar cycles and other natural features.

As a result, de Caires believes climate change is due to a combination of humankind’s activities and natural forces.

Regarding what man can do, he observed that the economy is built on capitalism.

And de Caires lamented that no company making internal combustion engines is speaking about cutting production.

“Is Toyota going to say, ‘We’re going to cut this year’s production in half’? Are any of the airlines cutting their routes in half? Are any of the cruise ship companies going to cut their ports of call in half?? No. This is not going to happen,” the NGP leader asserted.

“So, for the time, it’s a lot of talk, and nothing substantial is happening. I think man is a virus on the earth. Plastic and pollution are big concerns,” he told St Lucia Times.

In this regard, he pointed to flooding being the result of rivers clogged with ‘our nastiness’.

“Man does have a detrimental effect on the earth, but these leaders of multinational corporations that build engines that produce CO2 are going to continue doing that,” the NGP leader noted.

“As a result, we will require fossil fuels past 2015. So from our perspective, looking at what has happened since the Rio climate conference many years ago to now, we have done absolutely nothing to curb our diet of fossil fuel,” de Caires told St Lucia Times.


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  1. boy you are so correct de carres , as far as i am concerned there is no climate change, they say climate change like as if it is something happening naturally but actually it is humankind’s activities that cause it. I would not even say its a combination of human and natural forces but just as a result of what humans do and like you say all they do is talk, for years now we been hearing of this climate change and these meetings just making people scared.

  2. Used to be a big believer in the “global warming” racket. The I noticed it changed from that to “climate change”. I wondered why. Then I started doing the research and following the science and history of the planet’s climate. Then I realised how big a scam it was. The planet’s climate has always been volatile and will always be volatile. We had flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, heat waves and freezing throughout the eons the planet has existed. All the atoms that are “causing” climate change are from the planet. It is a racket plain and simple.

  3. When I was a little boy and we had floods and hurricanes, people used to say they were a sign of the times because the bible said so. Today, people say they are caused by climate change. It’s so easy for the powers-that-shouldn’t-be to control the minds of the masses. We saw it during the Covid scam and now it’s onto the climate conspiracy. They same buffoons called politicians are behind both.

  4. Climate change is part of the world economic forum agenda. the things they’re doing in places like New Zealand and the Netherlands is unbelievable. Telling farmers that their livestock is producing to much methane and this affects the climate negatively. Also other farmers around the world are being forced to limit production of essential crops. This is crazy, food shortages isn’t because of climate change, it’s being done deliberately.

  5. Just like covid, when you follow the science you see Nothing. But when you follow the money you find the science. Andre, keep is up, those who commented, bravo. This is all about control, just now they will introduce carbon tax. And as for the UN, they are they biggest culprits of climate chaos, spreading wars, diseases, poverty, depopulation throw their eugenics programs, abortions, lgbtqrs rights, 68 genders, like where the hell you get 68 genders from when the Most High made only two. Pathetic attempt at trying to save a world that is up for destruction. Oh and the pope and his sycophants religious leaders now want to meet on Mount Saini, same place the Most High gave his law, you’ll want to make you’ll own ten commandments without any mention of the one who Created us all, well for those who still believe. What a world of hypocrites, the UN, the churches, the pope, WEF and all their alphabet soup, mark my words, ” fire burn you’ll “

  6. The kitchen getting too hot for you Reptilians who run this world still playing like you are God creating Earthquakes, Tsunami, Hurricane, modifying the weather considering for the better but for warfare causing destruction on the planet to depopulate and the advantage to control less of the masses. All those who don’t believe in the prophecy and turn their backs on the ALMIGHTY shall perish just as Flood in the days of Noah which is approaching.


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