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Crime: Pierre Cautions Against Creating ‘Environment Of Fear’


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, asserting that no one is happy about the crime situation, cautioned Monday about creating an environment of fear in Saint Lucia.

“An environment of fear doesn’t help anybody. We have to be alert. Law enforcement must do all they can do – we as citizens must do all we can do, but we cannot create an environment of fear,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, told reporters.

“We can’t politicise it or even be happy when there is a crime and say: ‘Crime still happening and you all in government’,” he asserted.

Pierre indicated that an environment of fear could stop economic activity and growth.

Saint Lucia has recorded 62 homicides amid a spike in gun violence this year.

But the police have recently reported gun and ammunition seizures and arrests.

The Prime Minister thinks the police are doing a ‘very good job.’

Nevertheless, he told reporters that law enforcement officers must continue and not relax.

“They have to push with the resources that they have,” Pierre stated.

And he warned young people that having a firearm could land them in jail for 25 years, regardless of whether they use the weapon.

“I can only pass the laws – the courts have to do the rest,” was the Castries East MP’s response when asked whether the gun laws were working.

Pierre also disclosed that the government was giving the police, who have an operational plan for the Christmas season, two more patrol vehicles.

In addition, he indicated that there seemed to be a pandemic of crime in the region.

As a result, Pierre believes that Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders, when they next meet, must make the discussion of crime a priority.

Headline photo: Philip J. Pierre (Stock image)

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  1. I never thought I’d have to say this about a party I supported wholeheartedly for years. But ahwah wi… mwe honte. Pierre this is your karma for treating people who fought the good fight for you, like nobodies. Nothing good comes from using people and failing as PM is your karma…take dat

  2. what’s your point. can you can you explain yourself and help your country by reporting when you see criminal activity happening around you. some of us only criticizing but do nothing to help

  3. This is why I have been so opposed to the introduction of free movement of people among OECS or Carricom members, for the simple fact that not one single member island/country has a grip on crime on its territory. Therefore, how would any one member control an influx of criminals in it’s territory. Our leaders are visionless. They should have anticipated that criminals would be the ones involved in most of the movement. They are unsettled, and have the most to hide. Foreigners are involved in a large number of crimes and so influencing it in the territory. Not anti foreigners but they should be vetted before entry.

  4. Pierre wake up to reality, long before you became P.M. crime has been the cause for the paranoia in St. Lucia. In case you didn’t want to know, shall we venture to inform you that your so called prized Tourist Industry is about to be wrecked due to crime. Chastanet is gone I can’t warn him about anything, but you have a cabinet running like a ship of f***ls things happening, people getting killed, robbed, shaken down and you are talking like something strange just happened? if you had the guts, bring in some Bad-Ass Cops on six months contract, twelve of them with special privilege to go in without notice to clear out the hidden mess. Shot of that, then any respect I had of you will disappear; but as a fellow St. Lucian at the Helm – I am bound to pray for you for success. Amen.

  5. Of cource pray for best for ANY P.M. in office, CARICOM WILL discuss “Crime Matters” and as far…as i’m concerned Pierre is like A guppy amongst those big fish so lets see how it goes , wait only a solution from CARICOM….any P.M. should be given time

  6. Fox.. One can always count on you to write stuff that is tantamount to a load of cow manure. It’s a fact there’s lots the police isn’t doing but what you’re suggesting is what placed us in a quagmire in the first place. Chill on the emotional responses and think rational and proactive for a change.

  7. There’s no Crime Fighting Strategedy in St.Lucia.The Pm Constituancy have had so many Homicides and other Serious Crimes he tend to Forget about all of them and life goes on .This is Really bad for St.Lucia.How can you have plans to fight Crime for the Christmas Season and what happens after Christmas .F&&&&&y.

  8. Prime Minister Pierre thank you for addressing our crime, many of them their goal is to throw cold water on you every day, you can’t stop crime because you don’t know the wickedness of a man’s heart. You have your own St Lucians contributing to crime and benefiting from it by sending down guns by the dozens, just a month before Christmas one can only imagine the shootings that will be taking place over holidays. Some like to politicalize crime (they know themselves) that’s their daily cup of Joe to blame the government for everything. I like the fact you have and continue to invest youth training St Lucia will benefit from such initiatives, that other party never care about our youths having any form of skill sets, it was all about building a mirage Dubai for them.

  9. Pierre stop being a fool. When your party was in opposition, You and your party had much to say about crime now you singing a new tune. Citizens have every right to be fearful because criminals are getting bolder on your watch.

    One of your election promises was to use drones to fight crime. What a joke!! Also Police vehicles, is not how you fight crime.

    Get your self an Advisor to advise you on the laws of his country so you can effect change. Last time you talking a bunch of BS about the Public Service Commission (so uniformed). Like you don’t have say in the operations of the Public Service Commission.( you do!! Ask your advisor to interpret the constitution for you)

    Do your job as National Security minister and stop looking for excuses and blaming the public. This is your portfolio take charge!!

  10. We as a country should not focus only on the symptoms of crime. There is an absolute need to disect the causes of crime. For example many student nurses we voluntarily dismissed from the nursing program at SALCC. Why? The administration of the Nursing Department instituted a personal covid-19 vaccine mandate which was never approved by the SALCC management. Such irrational behavior without adequate consultation and approval is certainly a catalyst for crime. When will such persons be brought to justice? Our police offers are indeed doing their best with the available resources. Nevertheless, persons who fuel potential crime have some degree of immunity. Why? The nursing administration at SALCC is making every effort to condition our student nurses to be hash, disrespectful, insensitive and inhumane to name a few. Those attributes are certainly a mirror of the administration that is within the nursing department at SALCC. Also, what is most interesting the entire senior administration of SALCC is aware of that adverse situation including the Board and nothing is being done. Please don’t blame our police, rather focus on institution like the department of Nursing at SALCC which is in urgent need of professional intervention.

  11. What did Allen Chastanet and Lapo Francis do about crime ?? Tell us of their stellar achievements?? “Criminal are getting bolder on your watch” What was your White God strategy for fighting crime ?? What was his crime plan …did he even have one ? With all his bellow to date he can’t even hold one of his rallies to address crime…he can’t say the word Crime much less. So if he did nothing then, what is the catch 98 for you ??

  12. The risk of being a “informer” is just too high, your name could still reach on the streets even if police promise not to say and its not like they don’t have enough information already.

  13. Exactly @Trend. #The Fox is praying and wishing for ORC part 2, asking for “bad ass cops” but there are very serious consequences if that happens again. I heard the defence minister of Belize and his family got sanctioned by the US on corruption charges so these operations definitely have their flaws. Fox needs to get his facts together first and understand what we are facing.

  14. Student Nurse alot of us working in jobs have to deal with bosses and supervisors that are hypocritcal and arrogant and they expect us to show them respect. However if they are reported to the board then why are they still in their positions? Thats because the board of directors are the same way and yes the PM knows it also but these are his acquaintances and links so don’t think of getting help from the PM either.
    Like someone said SLT should give you an article to write and post it, in that way you could get the right attention and probably are good representitive with outside help that can organise a group that can shake up the nursing board at SALCC.

  15. I shear your sentiment The Fox, I have always maintained that a highly trained team could fix the crime situation in St Lucia. Mr. PM may I suggest former Superintendent of police Reneto Adams of the Jamaica Constabulary Force or how about some retired jar heads/special forces dudes, they sure would take out the trash for you. Our people have being terrorized by these criminals for to long please do something because you are not doing enough.

  16. IKR,it was supposed to be for the greater good having our fellow Caribbean brothers & sisters roam amongst each other,but it seems to be leaning more to a disaster…Criminals roaming from island to island just having the time of their life.

  17. I was working under the last administration slp came in stop all the projects leaving hundreds of youths without a job while they financially stable old hacks getting big positions what you expect us to do and for your information PJP $5 can’t block my hole not even my 2 year old daughter as a single father my responsibility is to provide for her and you took away the work I had to do such right now I’m already talking to everyone I know in my age group 18‐25 if ya’ll want to work to own our own house and land let’s bring back chas these old hacks don’t own the country stop preying on the ignorance of st lucians

  18. Grenada has had 8 murders while we have had 63, and from what I have seen it has been our own people killing each other in gang disputes or for other reasons.

  19. Mr. PM, an environment of fear has been created whether you like it or not. It is time to be proactive and try to solve the crime problem instead of being in denial. Our homicide rate per capita is 35 per 100,000 and this is equivalent to a war zone. Sir, we have a severe problem at hand and you as commender-in-chief must do everything to bring relief to this ailing problem.

  20. How do you know all that when 90% of crimes remain unsolved. The 10% which have been solved, involves criminals from at least eight different territories! No bull !


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