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Shots Fired In Babonneau – Several People Reported Injured


Gun violence erupted Saturday night in Cacao, Babonneau, during a vigil for a victim of a recent homicide resulting in injuries to several people, residents say.

According to initial reports from the community, some six victims ended up in the hospital.

One resident told St Lucia Times they sustained various injuries after a drive-by shooting at about 10:00 pm.

There are no further details at present.


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  1. Well…What are the police going to do?…Almost seems like these shootings are 2-3 days stories if that much…Shootings are happening at such a fast rate on the island I don’t think the force can keep up…Maybe customs can help by telling their boys who benefit from making illegal firearms & ammunition pass through to ease out for now (kinda hard to do with all these fancy cars to buy & nice jewelry)…Oh well I guess the only time things will mend is if someone in real high society is impacted.

  2. PIP THE SKY HAS FALLEN BAD. I hope you THE 🤡 MINISTER can ask THE CRIMINALS to give us a break to enjoy The Christmas this year?

  3. Wisely, let’s try to keep to topic. If you’re suggesting help from customs then keep to that. Please refrain from straying away. We need prayers and peace. Let the authorities deal with crime and allow God to judge.

  4. For the first time I will question the police in their fight against crime. Wasn’t this a public gathering? And yes, the public gathering was crime-related. Where were our police?

  5. But everyday this administration is “Chastenet, Chastenet, Chastenet” I wish protecting the victory meant dealing with crime in a multi faceted and proactive way!

  6. How can crime stop when you have over 80 percent of private sector workers earning 2 to 3 EC dollars an hour working 12 to 16 hour shifts people have to steal fill their hungry bellies over 30 percent of the children keep dropping out of secondary school as education is so expensive


  8. Was this really a vigil for the victim of the latest homicide in Babonneau or a vigl against crime in the community?

  9. If citizens are going to put their lives on the line to assist the police with these terrible crimes, the police need to start executing these terrorist.

    Forget the courts, these terrorist deserve crucifixion. They need to be executed all for the greater good.

    For the survival of a once peaceful nation we need to eradicate the pestilence amongst us. Times are changing, this is a state of emergency.

    We cannot allow these terrorist to attack people at bars or other peaceful gatherings with out consequences.

    Execution is the only solution !! No mercy for the merciless !!

  10. well w ell well it seems like we have resorted to mass shootings. like the USA…..if so we are doomed…..its time we take to the streets and protest against all this…..if we dont check ourself then soon st lucia will not have one tourist coming in….

  11. we need the british team from a long time ago to help solve these murders…..i remembered when they came once to assist in a particular murder but cant remember which murder… me they did a great job… that this has happened philip mashee pierre needs to see that lucians life matter as well with foreigners……let sit back and relax and see what will be done about this craziness in this crazy place

  12. Wait your turn hiding behind social media talking alot of garbage you will have something differ to tell

  13. wat is philip pierre doing about all these murders??? now its the foreigners…..we all are equal

  14. That is a very unfortunate situation. It is obvious that innocent persons were also injured and were transported to the hospital. However, they may have been greeted with the absence or inadequate nursing staff. My fellow public this nursing situation will only get worst under the current administration in the Nursing Department at SALCC. The nursing administration at SALCC is fueling the vast migration of nurses. We as student nurses are receiving horrible treatment at the department of nursing at SALCC. Therefore, we are of the view the entire senior SALCC administration and associates are in support of our negative experience. We are victimized in our own country as women. What should we do? Isn’t migration the most valid option? Thank you.

  15. Students naass u need to go rally ur followers and go matching in front the people u being disgruntled about not on this forum coz ur personal feelings have nothing to do with crime

  16. It is now time to swallow your pride PIP. Ask the British. Americans and French to help
    Even though they are white and you have a problem with that you can ask them to send ethnic officers to help. Look how the UK sent a warship to TCI to help fight the crime. Also please solve the murders of Gobat and Baje as this will take the major criminals out of circulation.

  17. I am not certain why some folk keep talking about increasing minimum wage and that will help the crime situation in St. Lucia. These demonic bandits who are already cursed and doomed have purposed in their heart to do evil and not good they are certainly not 👀 looking for gainful employment.

    @wisely I agree with your comment there are those who benefit from illegal firearm entry. They want $$$$$$$$ and will sell their soul to live high and mighty. However, what they fail to realize is the blood 🩸 of the victims even though they did not pull the trigger is on their hands and they suffer tremendously. This is not judging in fact it is the reality. They will reap as they have sowed for real. I feel real sad for St. Lucia even though I left many many many years ago.

  18. St Lucia times stop exposing ppl’s email addresses & names…Nyla look I have your name & email thanks to St lucia Times I can post under your name as well…t.anna———,St Lucia Times y’all must stop that AA.

  19. Been saying this man. How is someone supposed to survive off of such a miniscule amount of money. It is a high time that a minimum wage system be implemented. Too many workers are getting $400 sometimes $300 a fortnight and I just don’t see how this amount can sustain oneself on a month to month basis.

  20. What are the police doing?? Still dragging their a** I dont expect every crime to be stopped or even solved but I damn well expect to see police making criminals and their not spots uncomfortable it cannot be business as usual I want to see the out and about random stops and searches. We all know the criminal bosses in every community go get them we run around chasing their minions go to the source and let them know it’s not going to be a walk on the park for them anymore everyday police will be on the block everyday police should be a nuisance for them so they cant conduct “business” there will be no more turning of a blind eye as we usually do here if the law abiding citizens are going to be uncomfortable everybody will be uncomfortable and it will be every single day during orc people were not liming crime levels had dropped to unheard or before levels am not saying to bring it back but the police can still make them miserable without violence and if you get you with a gun well its 25 years for you no bail when the first 10 take a plock the rest will understand you have to be afraid 5to have a gun even near you. The cops just there lounging around I heard the p.m speak and I heard some real good assistance being given to these guys I want to see more effort for my tax paying dollar where are the police no press conference no hard talk to let them know is problems that coming nothing …

  21. Peep pretends to be financially prudent by taking on the National Security Minster role but turns around and creates a position in Canada for his FFF that has absolutely zero benefit to the people of this country and is only fattening wall cott pockets. Meanwhile right here our national security is under threat because he chose to put FFF and told us, who voted for him WPC. Yea…that’s putting us first

  22. aa, @brainless, you really are brainless. You want to tell the person that he/she should not use an open forum to complain. You brainless and rude fool.

  23. These two murders you mentioned have been solved, but the findings are frozen in an iceberg in the North Pole. You don’t have to look very far and by now we should know that, you know what I know that you don’t know.

  24. The leadership in this country are in over their heads with the crime issue. I don’t have faith that they have the solutions for this or the wherewithall to enact them. As it stands we St. Lucians are in for some hard times. The criminals from top to bottom are officially in charge.

  25. The people in the areas know the crime bosses and who has war with who but cant trust the police…plain and simple!!!!

  26. Amy society who chooses to war against its police must make friends with its criminals. Lucians you all crying, well you have alot more crying to do.

  27. Why prayers, if that was working, St Lucia would be better off.
    Too many people praying with dirty hearts.

  28. I Think all the businesses on the island and other people who can afford to come together make donations purchase some cctv’s hire tech savvy person’s run background check on them before you hire put the cameras all over st lucia mostly in the hot spot crime area this will be completely no government involvement and take matters into our hands as we all can see the government is in no rush to solve the crimes situation they are too busy thinking about their pockets making their bank account fat with foreign money because they know the next election they will be loser if we don’t take a stand against the crime situation sooner or later people will have trouble leaving their home it’s not getting better it’s getting worse i will make the first donation $2000

  29. Has anyone seen city of god movie look at it and you will understand how it relates to st lucia. Same thing happens.


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