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Injured Driver, Unresponsive Passenger Rushed To Hospital After Cap Estate Crash


Emergency responders rushed an unresponsive 25-year-old driver and his 20-year-old female passenger to the OKEU Hospital after a Suzuki Swift ran off the road and overturned at Cap Estate.

The incident occurred at Cap Estate on Saturday at about 5:30 am.

There are no further details.

However, a spate of recent serious accidents prompted the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) to advise road users to exercise ‘utmost caution’, noting the impact on loved ones of the victims and the psychological toll on emergency personnel who respond.

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  1. This government is useless. no answers for daily accidents. Is someone selling defective parts to those vehicles? because clearly something is not right? who is responsible for making sure that vehicles in this country is road worthy? In certain countries you must take the vehicle to some MOT place to make sure it can still run. Who is importing those vehicles into st lucia? where is that importer getting those vehicles from? Is there a pattern there? time to ban imports of used vehicles from Asia. it is costing lives.

  2. Choops tan the Fire Service. If u feel this statement makes any sense, then you even part of the problem. Do we have proper Driving Schools? Do we have a functioning Traffic Department? Do we have a Traffic Act that makes any sense. Start there and then we may see some improvements. In the meantime, the Fire Service will continue to respond to more horrific accidents and fatalities this year 2023 than 2022.

  3. Both of you two previous commentators suffer from a particular type of mental disorder. You are blinded by your lack of logical assessment of things. Your failure to objectively highlight the main cause of this and other accidents speak of the substandard education you received. Maybe you did receive a good education but unable to put them to meaningful use. Not once did you make mention of the individual’s driving capabilities, whether or not he was influenced or distracted by other factors. Was he speeding ? Don’t blame the government out of malice or even worse, deflect responsibility by ensuring your vehicle is a solid one.

  4. ” I tired” –seriously? Are you kidding me? Have you ever had your brains checked? I don’t like bashing people but it really hurts me reading pure none-sense!!!! I agree that there is spike in road accidents, the John Compton and JR Hunte highways are like picasso paintings due to careless drive errors + poorly designed or signalled roads + lack of enforcement of already existing traffic laws ( speed limits for example) . Until this trio is not tackled head on and with bias, 2023 will be a bloody year. May God help us!

  5. Most drivers don’t stick to their side of the road despite the dividing lines they still straddle the lines..sometimes you have to almost ditch your vehicle for them. Minibus drivers (gros islet) run riot on the road like rules of the road don’t apply to them but I don’t blame them entirely because they don’t get charged for their reckless behavior . The police bikes are mainly used for escorting officials in don’t see them lying in wait for would be offenders and charging them. The driving schools are clueless especially at the roundabouts. Headlight beams aren’t measured for the appropriate height at vehicle inspections. Drivers don’t stop when an obstruction is on their side of the road instead they race you. In my opinion learning to drive with a manual vehicle should be made mandatory to discourage all these young drivers.

  6. @Solutions_Oriented totally agree with you… Many times I am left speechless after reading some of these comments.

  7. So I guess Mr King was on the scene when the accident happen and he saw everything. Every day there is an accident on the roads and people dying. I never hear Mr King come out and say who is wrong and who is right, but as this one involved an employee of the Ministry he is in charge of, he know everything that happen like he was there. He know who was overtaking , who did not obey traffic signs etc etc.
    So why all the other accidents in St.lucia he never come and say who right and who wrong.
    Well I guess only this accident he was the to witness what happened. Smh

  8. Solutions oriented I could not agree more. They sit on their behinds and blame the government for everything. For people to refer to themselves as “sane individuals” and blame the government for someone’s vehicle running off the road and overturning, then I give up. It is this very same lack of responsibility and lack of accountability for our actions which has us where we are today as a country.

  9. Here we go again all they do is buy vehicles to run woman but the bank will never give them money to buy a piece of land

  10. @solutions your post in this forum is”food for thought” because it hits the mail right on the head.

  11. Too many ignoramuses behind the wheels, and too many ignoramuses commenting! That’s a big part of our problem today on our roads, and in the media!

  12. In a proper country, questions would have been asked, studies would have been done, determinations made, recommendations when feasible would have been implemented. But we have “negre politricks” that cant run a family far less a country. the proverbial ostrich, head buried in the sand oblivious to what going on around him and suffering from denial while everything crashes around him including himself.


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