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Police Offer Compensation For Information About Crime


Saint Lucia police have offered compensation for information on crime, encouraging citizens to anonymously contact the Crime Hotline 555 with tips that would assist in the recovery of firearms and prosecution of offenders for firearm-related offences.

“When you give the information you will be given a code and you can determine whether it’s a priest, whether it’s somebody involved in citizen security like Dr. King could give you your compensation – not necessarily the police,” Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius explained.

“We are not involved in giving you the compensation,” Descartes-Pelius told reporters during a news conference on Monday at the Office of the Prime Minister.

She said the individual’s identity would be unknown, and they would decide how to collect compensation.

Descartes-Pelius said the police wanted the information to assist them in fighting crime and explained that the amount of the compensation would depend on the information received.

“We are determined to make Saint Lucia a better place,” she declared.

“We are determined to take our country back from the criminals. We are determined to do everything in our power lawfully, ” the Police Commissioner told reporters.

“I can guarantee that our officers are competent to do that,” Descartes-Pelius asserted.

And she expressed gratitude to the hardworking men and women of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

“We as citizens must show some more appreciation to our officers and some more respect,” the Police Commissioner stated.

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  1. Though it is a step in the right direction, no monetary compensation can protect any witness from being killed. Witness protection has to be added to this equation but witness protection in a country which is only 238 square miles, sounds unrealistic. You can offer me 100k if you so wish but I will not risk my life or any member of my family’s life to be a wiitness. No way!

  2. That is a brilliant idea to compensate the citizens to bring the criminals to justice . I am sure that the cockroaches who are killing people are currently running scared..

  3. Chief, this is one of the steps in the right direction. Let it not be total dependency on the eye witnesses. The police needs to develop other ways of getting intelligence. Technology has given us so many options in the world today. We need to see more proactive measures in the fight against crime. The police need to intercept the criminals in their attempt. We cannot wait for the crime to happen and then show up with RSS and extra police presence. This is definitely not acceptable approach. We need to be able to stop the crime before it happens – Of course there will be some crimes which might happen but majority of them needs to be intercepted.
    I am starting to think, the only tool given to the police is hammer and if the crime does not look like a nail then they come back to say they are not equipped. Police needs training and in that training they must be exposed to everything – so they can become smarter than the police.

  4. Good step goin forward. Am confident that we will get there . Let us all work together. Si pa nee sitiwez pa nee volair

  5. Wow really just now and under those terms. You as dumb as you PM. Always a decade behind real life. But good luck with that. Check ya in few months n see how that worked out.

  6. I would like to know what protection is given to the law enforcement officers after puting the life at risk to recover fire arms, ammunation and drugs when the magestrate charges 10,000.00 for bail.

    And the criminals are back out there instigating
    enabling and committing more crime.

    Last week situation in Vieux fort was a typical example.

    There is an urgent need to overhaul our judicial system.

    Until then we are wasting time and effort regarding law enforcement.

  7. I agree with you Jade. However and if I may add witness protection doesn’t necessarily have to within Saint Lucia. One can sent to another Island or Country with a new life and identity. However the question is can we afford to do so if the informer has family. Does the Police Department realise that witness protection may have to be extended to the informer family . The other unknown is, the commissioner indicated a code can be given. however someone has to collect the compensation wether is in person or a deposit. There are no guidelines as it relates to how to collect or access the compensation. Additionally I think the police definition of compensation is poor. If an informer is risking their lives ,they should know at what cost. It would be frustrating to know that such information and risking would just $500. Further are there any legal guidelines or future implications for the informer etc

  8. Those associated with the criminals hold political power. No one wants to end up like Baje.
    Drugs and money laundering fund political campaigns. Truth is everybody except blinded hacks are afraid of the caliber of leaders presently in place. Ask those that have already been threatened or hung out to dry.


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