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Pierre Expresses Concern Over ‘The Politics Of Crime’


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has expressed concern over ‘the politics of crime’ during remarks to the just-ended Caribbean Community (CARICOM) crime symposium in Trinidad and Tobago.

“There is the elephant in the room, which is the politics of crime,” he declared.

“Why can’t we get opposition parties at least to agree on one thing – that we stop the blame game when it comes to crime?” Pierre told a discussion at the Regional Symposium to address Crime and Violence as a public health issue.

His remark drew applause from the gathering.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister explained that the systems are so polarised that one side would always seek to gain some advantage over the other, even quietly and underhandedly, when crime escalates.

“That is a fact, and unless we face it up front and stop trying to hide it and pretend that ‘Oh, we have one voice when it comes to crime,’ that’s not true,” Pierre declared.

According to him, politicians believe they can gain some support or popularity if one side fails regarding crime.

Pierre’s remarks at the Trinidad and Tobago event came amid a spate of deadly gun violence in Saint Lucia, especially in Vieux Fort, which the government declared an escalated crime zone under recently passed legislation.

The Saint Lucia Government also invited Regional Security (RSS) troops to work alongside the local police in the anti-crime battle.

But last week, the Public Relations Officer of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute, noted that murders had occurred ‘under the noses’ of the RSS and called for Pierre’s resignation as National Security Minister over his handling of crime.

And at a public meeting after the UWP national convention in Soufriere on Sunday, Montoute reiterated calls for the National Security Minister’s removal.

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  1. If you’re not good at something you can’t expect people to give you credit for it….with all due respect you sir sucks as national security minister…….. what strategies do you have to combat the crimes situation on the island we need someone who knows what they’re doing and that someone is not you…

  2. St lucia times!!!!!!!! if you don’t want people to express their views stop writing the things the pm says why you’re so sensitive you have to take it like it is… like it or not all you do is hijacking people’s comment’s don’t be rude everyone has their views RED OR YELLOW… WTH

  3. What absurdity! Someone in charge will always be blamed when things go wrong…not the other way around. Newsflash! Oppositions might try to exploit projects that fall apart.

    Mismanagement of crime is not fair game for opposition criticisms…sayeth Pierre. Be sure to remember that all other portfolios are up for criticisms. Gassa, if you cyan do the people’s work get out. You want to be the security honcho, but you don’t want to be criticized if you are low-performing. You chose it, deal with it! Grow up!

  4. We should also be concerned about the fact that in virtually all countries there are politicians who are involved in crime!
    It would be interesting to have all our politicians undergo a prescribed polygraph (lie-detector test) so that we can know how clean (or dirty) our politicians really are in this our beautiful Saint Lucia home.

  5. Most Honorable well said Boss, well said. Bob Marley said it best when it rains it does fall on one man roof top alone. You have these clowns and operatives demanding and damning every thing you do, when in retrospect you have done MORE than any minister of national security I could remember. No other has brought in the RSS I never saw any of them walking thru the garrisons……. Francis was missing for months and St Lucians did not even know, laying up in New York at taxes payers expense passing the Grey Coupon. He brought or did nothing to combat crime, you Sir made sure our police is equipped the best you can. You wear your hats well sir, ignore yellow bad mind and their rhetoric you are doing ok under the circumstances. It’s easy for them to chat, but none of them have experienced the level of turmoil that you have and thank God for you I can’t even imagine if the clowns were at the he helm and Francis was minister of national security BOJAY forget about it.

  6. The ELEPKANT is fear; sadly this is not his ‘forte’ and I think that Ministry should be handled by someone not connected to St. Lucia politics.
    It is my belief that someone some where, let’s say, a Caribbean man in the U. K. or in Nth. America, preferably in the Legal or crime prevention & protection profession should be allowed to run this Ministry for about a year to straiten out this nasty situation in St. Lucia. The order should go out to the various Consulate offices to fish out that elephant of a man to be contracted to do the job, with its first revieu in the first sixth month.
    Let’s hope this is done and agreed with by the opposition A.S.A.P. – its only my opinion – with Blessings from on high — let’s work together.

  7. This is exactly what yall did when yall were in opposition. Play the blame game. And the cycle will continue whenever you are in opposition

  8. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. If it’s too heavy for him he should not run in the next election. Not everyone is fit to lead and make the hard choices.

  9. According to the loud mouth talk show host before SLP won the elections “Chastenet presided over the years with the highest murder rates in St Lucia, fact” However now I don’t hear anything about “PJP presided over Saint Lucia during the years when we had the highest murder rates in history” 74- 2021 and 76 2022. See why it doesn’t pay to politicise crime but this was exactly what was done by the SLP and their cohorts to win the last general election. Now we scream do not politicize crime. The fact is an opposition will politicize anything that gets them into power.

  10. This is exactly what this PM did when in opposition, calling a news conference every time there’s a shooting / murder. Placing the blame on Chas like its chas that pulled the trigger. Now the shoes is on the other foot you this PM wants to tip toe around it. Well this PM is totally useless in every way possible.

  11. Sir if the kitchen is becoming too hot for you, you better get out. You all were blaming the previous administration but now that the shoe on on the other foot you want to come crying a river. Please get our cause you can’t handle the position.

  12. Shameless Prime Minister!

    First off, hypocrisy at its finest. When in opposition all he did was to play cheap politics with escalating crime and criticise everything that was done during an unprecedented time of covid. Offering no cooperation or sensible alternatives.
    Now that the shoe is on the other foot, St.Lucians must be quiet about your dismal conduct, policies and performance?!

    Secondly at a forum where the focus of the discussion should be on regional cooperation on tangible activities to deal with the issue, your only contribution is about the opposition? You mean your brain is that empty.

    Everytime you open you mouth we get to see how empty you are… no solutions .. no depth of thought to indicate that you understand anything…. nothing. It’s absolutely shameful.

    The truth may simply be that God don’t sleep and the boulder you set to destroy the others is about to crush you instead.

  13. There is no such thing as “politics of crime”. Just do your job by putting the pressure on the criminals, taking them to justice and addressing the causes. The opposition will always try to capitalize on any issue that resonates with the people. This is democracy and we need to protect that right. It is naive to think the opposition will not blame the government when there is a spike in crime.

  14. What goes around comes around pjp did the same in opposition now he complaining GOD not sleeping

  15. My heart it warmed that ppl like @hypocrite and others exist and are not blinded by party colors and see through the empty and naked-of-policy prime minister and current administration. This is shameful and a steps lack of leadership



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