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CARICOM states urged to pursue focussed, coordinated diplomacy


Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretary-General Dr. Carla Barnett has urged member states to pursue focussed, coordinated diplomacy.

She spoke at the opening ceremony of the two-day, Twenty-Sixth Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations.

The event opened in Kingston, Jamaica.

“In a world where multi-lateral rules-based systems are under strain, CARICOM, as small states, must rely more than ever on focused and coordinated diplomacy based on those principles on which we are founded,” Barnett advised.

“We must bolster our relations with like-minded states and continue to advocate for multilateralism, including a reformed United Nations,” she said.

Barnett observed that the Jamaica meeting was occurring amid an international order burdened by several overlapping and mutually reinforcing global crises.

She said they included the negative economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and divisive and challenging geopolitical issues undermining multilateralism.

The CARICOM Secretary-General also mentioned the unjust impact of climate change on Small Islands and Low-lying Coastal Developing States that have not contributed to climate change.

“It is our responsibility to do the best we can to build resilience to the impact of climate change,” she told the event.

“At the same time, we must continue to advocate to ensure that those that caused – and continue to cause – climate change, do much more to moderate their impact and meaningfully support the resilience and recovery of those countries, like ours, which bear the greatest burden of climate change,” Barnett asserted.

“In this environment where geopolitical balances of power are in a period of great flux, the Region’s leadership on matters of global import remains essential,” she noted.

The CARICOM official said regional states highly value the long-standing relationships forged with external partners and the excellent spirit of cooperation characterising the relationships.

“Solidarity with our partners, in a rules-based and principled context, has been mutually beneficial in the political, economic, environmental, health, scientific and technical spheres,” Barnett stated.

“We look forward to continued engagement with our trusted partners to further strengthen our collective actions,” she said.

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  1. The CARICOM Secretary-General’s recent “word salad” was a catastrophic attempt to deflect from her quisling role (educed by her North American masters) in the region. Her quoted remarks supporting her urging for focused “diplomacy” (for me, a euphemism for lying) are replete with words opposite in meaning to the real aims of her puppeteers.

    The rules-based system in the world is not multilateral – there is only a unilateral rules-based system being heavily promoted by the US empire. It is being rebuffed by the real multilateral movement, which seeks to retain the principles of international law, on which the UN Charter was originally based. The calls for reformation of the UN are desperate attempts by the US (and its satrapies) to force the rest of the world to relinquish these universal principles and be subservient to US hegemony. The failure of this devious initiative is made clear by the mad dash towards de-dollarization (US$) & the long line of candidates seeking membership in the BRICS & SCO!

    Right now, the biggest burden to the international order is how to avoid the effects of economic, ecological and cultural suicide by western nations, under the insistence of their neoconservative & neoliberal rulers; who are themselves wholly controlled by the oligarchs (fascism much?). These oligarchs (per Barnett, “trusted partners”, who must remain nameless) actively promote the economic, ecological and cultural collapse in the world because daily, their demonic schemes to control all of the world’s resources are fast failing because of: burgeoning (real) multilateralism in the world, led by China & Russia (IF THEY CAN’T HAVE IT ALL TO THEMSELVES, THEN NOONE ELSE SHOULD HAVE IT – SPOILT BRATS).

    CARICOM nations should reject the admonitions of Barnett, this wolf in sheep’s clothing!


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