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Pierre Slams Chastanet Over ‘Irresponsible’ Comments Regarding Crime

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has strongly criticised opposition leader Allen Chastanet over recent ‘irresponsible’ remarks relating to crime, describing the comments as ‘destructive.’

Pierre, responsible for National Security, recalled that Chastanet had described Saint Lucia as unsafe and its people afraid.

But the Prime Minister observed that 10,000 people were here for Carnival and more than 15,000 for Jazz.

“People are here as we speak now. People are here from England having a reunion in Saint Lucia and you say people are afraid to go out in this country?” Pierre declared at a news conference this week.

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“Now, if you say these kinds of things if people don’t know who you are, they may believe you. But this is destructive,” the Castries East MP told reporters.

“That’s irresponsible because the evidence doesn’t show it,” Pierre stated.

As the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) marks its second anniversary in office, opposition leader Chastanet declared that the country is in fear.

The Micoud South MP said people are afraid to travel to certain places and have become fearful of speaking their minds regarding what is taking place in Saint Lucia, including the cost of living increases.

And the United Workers Party (UWP) leader noted it was getting to the point where people could sense that something was going to ‘break.’


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  1. “People are here as we speak now. People are here from England having a reunion in Saint Lucia and you say people are afraid to go out in this country?”

    WOW, OMG, SMH Lucians this is our PM defending the the reality regarding the crime problem in the country… I am speechless….

  2. Let us not pretend that St. Lucia has no crime problem and that people live carefree lives. St. Lucia is one of the most violent countries on the planet based on the homicide statistics. Heck yes, we are afraid and most people don’t like to venture out after dark. Sadly, Chastanet didn’t do anything to address the serious crime problem. His baseless platitudes on violent crime helped exacerbate the problem.

  3. If these two clowns were horses, I would bet on the least lame one, Pierre. He has the better chance of decreasing crime, after severely overrunning the cost a professional would take. He is trying a “little ting” which will be wasteful to the tax payers.

    Chastanet had an opportunity to make a difference during a five year period. He never even tried to fix the problem and scarcely mentioned the problem. He chose an (in)action figure in Hermangild to be his guru. What I remember about the guru…hell, I can’t remember! That sums it up. The few times I saw him on tv, he was behind a mask emitting gurgling sounds.

    Between Pierre and Chastanet, in the race to smash crime, Pierre wins by more than a nose.

  4. How many people from England having the reunion here in st Lucia is it half of the people that lives in England that would be a couple of million people or 2 or 5 people from England having a reunion here you can’t compare 5 people having a reunion to all the people that live in st Lucia people are genuinely afraid to go places its no bull how did you become a prime minister Lucian’s you need to do background checks before you vote for someone to become prime Minister because this man clearly not acting or talking like a prime minister 🤔

  5. Now this is what Allen is talking about. When you have a PM who doesn’t understand anything. We become fearful. Where in the post did the Leader of the Opposition stated that St Lucia is unsafe? You will agree that there a area where our own people are afraid of traveling to Vieux Fort. He spoke of the state of the economy. The high cost of living. Isn’t that fearful. Please read the Leader of the opposition post again.

  6. Philip Joseph Pierre let me remind you as the prime minister of st lucia..The people of st lucia is scared in their homeland stop the cheap politics..Remember you bring Ssu on the island to protect us Lucians mate is you all pm

  7. O LORD, I am too afraid and disgrace to lift up my head, because your law is not obeyed and your covenant 🌈is broken…

  8. He is right. I am afraid to participate and contribute to the governing of our country. Any idea that is shred which goes contrary to the SLP rhetoric no matter how well intentioned is met with vitriol. So much so they would dig up the vilest thing about you to seek to embarrass and discredit you. Supporters do not discuss ideas and policies. They discuss people!

  9. Folks, our country has been lost ever since 1997 when PM Kenny Davis Anthony took over from the late Sir John George Melvin Compton. The shocking fact which most people do not realize is that the homicide rate in 1996 was 8 per year and that increased to 40 per year by 2002. This represents a 400% increase. Similarly the Debt to GBP Ratio increased astronomically in that same period to little benefit for the country. The SLP government has be in power for 4 of the last 6 terms, they are responsible. You can find these facts with a simple google search, please go make yourself wiser.

  10. Ha, ha, ha, ha 😂😂😂…sadly, I have to laugh at this however situation however dire, however hopeless, however painful, because even in the midst of the scourge of crime and the other obviously difficult economic outlook, the PM ( Pee on em ?) is hosing it down (pissing?) on us and calling it rain…a tell ya, you get what you vote for…3 more year to go….in the meantime, I will be sitting on my Chaise Longue sipping my vintage Château Neuf du Pape mille sept sans quartre-vingt-neuf…

    Now I know Sir Derek Walcott was a prolific novelist and Saint Lucia is fêted as the land of Caribbean Literature (I doubt this is still the case), but even Sir Derek could not fabric and weave a joke of a story featuring this clown of a pee on em. We have become the laughing stock of the Caribbean because we have a leader who sounds uneducated, unable to use rhetoric effectively to make a significant point, cannot deduce the significance of any situation that is critical to the internal affairs of the nation, but I give the pee on em this: he is an expert at gaffs and he is consistently inconsistent…and in a land of two political parties, it is usually a choice between the devil and a hard place…if this is just only after two years of incumbency with nothing to show for it, but simply having a blast to celebrate and protect the victory… it’s anyone’s guess what the next 3 years will be like…

    Anyone searching for a comedy script?…. anyone?

  11. Is GOD to be blame,or has his words, laws and commandements has done us good or bad ❓

  12. @Pool Foo who let you out of Golden Hope early? You would bet on Pierre solving the crime situation? St Lucia has never had so much crime and insecurity . Only under the Pierre SLP administration. More women have been lost to violence in st Lucia than at any other time in the nation’s history. And u coming online spewing forth madness about betting on lame duck Pierre and his no use deputy who has shown himself only capable of bringing disrepute and finding means of dipping his fingers in the nation’s coffers. Are u alright upstairs? The light is not on up there somewhere. Book an appointment at Golden Hope or a stay at Silver Springs for dementia and other cognitive and physical problems relating to old age. Choops!

  13. Mr Pierre please show me the facts 11,000 people was on island for jazz and 10,000 for carnival
    As a citizen of St Lucia I am afraid what are you talking about that does not mean because a few people are taking a chance people make plans a year in advance so they decide to come that does not mean they are not afraid yes they are you to is afraid if you are not why you had so many police around you went to V-Fort?

  14. Re Article and comments!
    Folks! How are we going to solve our problems in St Lucia?
    Inquiring minds wants to know?
    .. Submit your Idea’s..

  15. Phillip J Pierre is a bare joke. He needs to take the vat of groceries in the supermarkets, especially in massy. Cost of living in St.Lucia is way too high.

  16. @Try me. There is evidently a disconnect between reading and understanding. I do not hope to correct that aberration probably suffered at school. Cognitive delays in processing can be due to many reasons, hence I will skip judgement.

    Hint: It’s a comparative commentary…you may need to write this down.

  17. @A Allison.
    -No bail for gun possession.
    Stop the recirculation of bad actors into the population. Also serves as a deterrent.

  18. Our country is being wrecked by crime and violence and you’all still carrying on with your red and yellow betiz. Check the crime figures for the last 10 years and you will see that no party can claim to have made a dent on crime, especially murders. Criminals don’t care which party in office. They don’t care whether the people living in the homes they rob or the people they kill are red or yellow. Still both sides are trying to score points saying ours was lower than yours. When you’all going to stop that crap and out Loosha first?

  19. Oh really. I thought I was the only one who noticed that. Yes homicides did take off exponentially since 1997. It has never looked back. We have one of the highest per capita homicide rates in the world (definitely top 10) and probably top 3 in the Caribbean. Bad statistic to be leading in.

  20. ……I have stated this before that Allen Chastanet as stoop LOWER THAN A SNAKES BELLY FOR POLITICAL GAINS to instigate FEAR MONGERING amongst the populace and portray this country in such a negative manner is destructive AND A LIE. This is who people want to run this country, I am not surprised by Chastanet Utterances what should we expect from a FOREIGNER that has pleage his aliegrmce to another country publicly MORE THAN ONCE . There were thousands of people that came here for carnival and ARE STILL HERE enjoying summer holidays I have my own sons and daughters here on summer vacations in VF running all over the place without fear. That Just Saying/ Ras Biko/Truth Be Told/HN/ Black Smith and whatever disgusting Aliases you choose to use I have said this more than once you are nothing more than an ENEMY OF THIS STATE you need to be held as such tried by the people and publicly FLOGGED


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