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Rodney Bay Residents Reiterate Noise Pollution Concerns As Schools Reopen


Rodney Bay residents have again complained about noise pollution from bar owners in the community as the new academic year begins.

“We come in peace and kindly ask to consider the children who live in the neighborhood who are about to start the new school year,” the concerned residents wrote in an open email on Friday.

They requested that the bar owners consider the bass level when playing music.

“The bass travels throughout the neighborhood and rumbles in our homes, therefore affecting our sleep and our children’s sleep,” the message said.

“We are begging you to please be aware of the level of bass, especially as our kids prepare to go back to school,” the email explained.

It said the residents did not intend to affect the livelihood of local businesses but merely wanted peaceful, comfortable coexistence.

“Please. Please think of the children who live in the community and deserve a good night’s sleep. We are begging you,” the email stated.

One aggrieved resident told the media that complaints have been made to the police, who cannot always immediately intervene as they attend to other pressing matters.

Attempts to obtain an official response from the bar owners were unsuccessful.

Rodney Bay is a much-frequented entertainment and dining hub with several restaurants, nightclubs, and bars.

A law enforcement source told St. Lucia Times that the residents affected by noise pollution who have threatened legal action,  could file a court injunction.

Regarding law enforcement, the source explained that police officers could warn the noise polluters and, if the offenders fail to respond, the officers could seize the amplifying equipment.

“If the person continues playing noise to the detriment of others, the police can refuse to issue a permit as has been done before,” the source told St. Lucia Times.

Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir Gros Islet MP Kenson has disclosed holding separate meetings with Rodney Bay residents and restaurant and bar owners since his election regarding the noise pollution problem.

But the residents continue to complain.

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  1. Noise pollution can take a severe toll on human health in the long run including:

    Deterioration of mental health (panic episodes in a person and increased frustration levels).
    a big deterrent in focusing the mind to a particular task. Over time, the mind may just lose its capacity to concentrate on things.

    Deterioration of the ability to hear things clearly. short-term basis, noise pollution can cause temporary deafness. over a long period of time, there is a danger that the person might go permanently deaf.

    A toll on the heart. the rate at which heart pumps blood increases when there is a constant stimulus of noise. This could lead to side-effects like elevated heartbeat frequencies, palpitations, breathlessness, and the like, which may even culminate into seizures.

    Dilation in the pupils of the eye, which could interfere in ocular health in the later stages of life.

    Increase digestive spasms. This could be the precursor of chronic gastrointestinal problems.

    Sleep disruption. Frequent and prolonged sleep disturbances can result in physical, mental, or emotional illness.

  2. This is an island wide problem. Take a walk along Jeremie street to understand what people have to go through. I feel sorry for these people. The authorities don’t care. Take matters into your hands people.

  3. How many warnings, urgings, beseeching, begging, coaxing does it take? The solution for both parties would be installation of soundproof rooms by the bars. Where is a human rights activist when you need one?

    Everyone deserves a decent night rests…not just some people. Also, what about the students study time? Still worse, if a resident is seriously sick, it’s doubtful they could put up with that crap. This negotiation bs has been ongoing forever.

    It’s time the cops get involved and enforce the law. Stop sitting on the fence. Noise pollution does affect physical health. Word of the day is respect.

  4. Messay awa awa awa awa its very simple you know just low down the damn music the majority of these bars are open bars so the music does not have to be so loud that people all on the high way should hear it, when you are coming on the stretch of road you can hear the music just perfectly. If it was not affecting the people they would not talk about it and they are asking politely. I hope when they take yall to court and yall have to compensate them then you bar owners will not say these people dirty.

  5. …it was all locals enjoying the beach , fishing family outing on pigeon point etc … now ppl come and build houses close to the waters edge , privatizing our beach fronts .. blocking our roads to the beach… Is this fair ? You all got gros islet Friday night going you all wants to stop it smh .. you all destroy our fauna and flora

  6. @ Ma Malay, well said we have a culture of blasting loud music for everyone to hear, when really there is no reason for it to be so loud. I’m sure even the patrons of these bars would appreciate if it wasn’t so loud. You can’t even have a conversation without shouting and asking the person to repeat themselves because of the loud music.

  7. Not all of us are foreigners. The noise from the Rodney Village area is beyond ridiculous, especially for those of us who reside at Rodney Heights.

  8. The levels of disorder and lawlessness in this country is incredulous. The only logical conclusion is that the authorities want that sort of lawlessness.

  9. Not just ROdney Bay this is affecting. Ministry of Health, RSLPF, Mary Francis. So something about this ISLANDWIDE.

  10. 1. If the police are doing their work this will not happen
    2. The type of music that is being played on air waves also become poisonous to our youths.
    3. Vulgarity is everywhere and the music is part are parcel of it.
    4. Music can indeed change the behavior or someone for good or bad.
    5. Put up signs of Silent Zone area not just magistrate courts. (speaking of that I haven’t seen any signage of such currently exist)

  11. Re Article, It’s so sad that some people have no respect for others,.I think the bars should be closed at 10 pm to allow none Rum drinkers and party goers a decent night rest..
    Could you imagine living on Slave wages and can’t even have a good night of sleep without the Noises..
    Close the Bar’s early or close them completely for a month to month period..
    Just a solution to the noise pollution..

  12. Why has this not been addressed , officers go and FINE “”these establishments causing so much ruckus and disappointment in surrounding vicinity!!! Like Saturday night another stupd. Full moon Cas En Bas party the same ugly beat for 5-6 hours people are subjected too same base drum beat over and over and over it’s effin obscene man and the LGBT that goes on at these party officers … full moon and every one after come to CAs EN Bas beach and listen to this effin sh…T and fine them as well!, unauthorized use of loud speakers offensive language use effecting,affecting all of casenbas and Cap can hear these full moon pink parties!!! People if officers don’t respond take matters into you’re own hands, we are not called Helen of the Wild wild West for Noting!!!……. Officers take note!!! Congratulations Commision Pelious…. Please address…..

  13. It is a business. Loud music is an attraction for alcohol consumers who are the target market of bars. Residents need to program themselves appropriately to coexist with outside noises/thr environment. Probably use reverse insulation. But you can’t ask a person to jeopardize their business for you to sleep. No sah! Music gets loud from 10pm to 3am normally. Law says 2am but there’s always the runoff. 5 hours. Wear noiseblock headphones or foam plugs. Get some rest people. I think they need to respect the entertainment industry.

  14. Rodney Bay is what exactly what it is and should remain so. When you google it, when it’s talk about on the crew ships, and travel sites it’s described as a vibrant place with bars and loud nightlife, every Caribbean Island has their own Rodney Bay and it’s the same thing these foreigners come in and want to change the narrative……you buy your house at an end of a runway then you start complaining about the noise DO NOT GIVE THEM AN INCH OF NOTHING that will only create a slippery slope before you know it they will be telling us how to live in our own country.

  15. It’s time the government do something about this. Perhaps have a legal limit for decibels for outdoor music. Or only give permits to establishments with sound proof clubs.

  16. You can’t have bars disturb people in their homes. End of story. This is the norm in a civilised country. Don’t see it in any of the many countries I’ve travelled to. But this place is a$$ backwards. I mean vehicles park on the sidewalks and pedestrians walk in the middle of the streets and verbally abuse you if you point out their stupidity to them.

  17. Rodney Bay has become the Red Light District all you get there is sex and drugs and money laundering it is worst than the life in the ghetto ….

  18. Rodney Bay was NOT designed for bars, and other “watering holes”, simply because BARS were established into a PRIMARILY residential area. Before it is was what it is now – it was just that – RESIDENTIAL!!!

    BUT … certain “undesirable” entities (bars) crept in, and the so called “city planners” turned a blind eye!! Now – who is paying for this discourtesy? THE ESTABLISHED RESIDENTS!!! And … they have every right to complain!! The so called town/city planners are to be soley blamed for this tragedy.

    “… Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir Gros Islet MP Kenson has disclosed holding separate meetings with Rodney Bay residents and restaurant and bar owners since his election regarding the noise pollution problem …” (mbfa!)
    GROW SOME BALLS MR CASIMIR and do your civic duty as the duly elected MP. Stop stroking the savage breasts, and SIT WITH THE TOWN/CITY PLANNERS. Establish, or better yet – RE-ESTABLISH the policies and R&R’s of Rodney Bay. It is not too late to re-design the mess that Rodney Bay has become.


  19. Word to tmhlh … you have NO IDEA!! So, (in your language that you can understand) SHET OP! Oh, and btw, my colour is a “lighter shade of warm”.


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