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Rodney Bay Residents Urge Government Action Against Noise Pollution


Rodney Bay residents, declaring that ‘enough is enough,’ have urged the Saint Lucia government to do something about noise pollution from bars and entertainment venues in their community.

On Sunday, the residents publicised an open letter to the Philip J. Pierre administration expressing their frustration.

They copied the letter to the police and other stakeholders.

The document noted that since the beginning of June this year, the residents distributed over fifteen letters of concern to relevant parties and a petition signed by more than three hundred persons who live in Rodney Bay.

It said the letters and the petition expressed the pain, suffering, and damage noise pollution causes in Saint Lucia.

“So far, they’ve been ignored, even after having several meetings with police officials,” the open letter to the government noted.

“The purpose of government is to protect a country’s people, ensure domestic tranquility, and promote general welfare. Why is it that in Saint Lucia, it feels as if our government is unable to provide any of these? The bold and blatant corruption that runs rampant through the government ministries and departments, the selfishness, and the obvious lack of empathy towards citizens begs the question, “Why did I even vote?” The letter stated.

Nevertheless, the residents pointed to ‘the most encouraging thing’ being that law enforcement officers want to assist.

“They want to help us, they understand our frustration – but their hands are tied, and they are handicapped because the government continues to fail in addressing this issue,” the letter observed.

In this regard, it appealed to the government to allow the police to do their jobs by providing updated and clear legislation.

“The balance between commercial properties and residential is possible, and that is all we desire – balance and compromise so that residents and businesses can all co-exist. We wouldn’t be the first in the world to do it. We have grown and developed so much as a country, and this third-world approach to the very serious problem of noise pollution needs to stop,” the residents asserted.



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  1. Not just Rodney Bay. This is an islandwide menace that is destroying people’s health and the moral fabric of the country. Do the authorities pay attention to the vulgar, violent and downright disgusting lyrics of things songs that a blaring into people’s hopes and indoctrinating people’s kids? This country is frankly disgusting.

  2. Thank you for bringing attention to this. All of us in poorer communities suffer from the same issue. We bring it up with politicians all the time. Nothing ever gets done and we don’t have the money to pay lawyers to try to fix it. Wishing you success and I hope other communities can benefit from that hopeful success.

  3. If you think y’all in Rodney bay have it bad. Take a walk by d CDC. CCC and NHC allow shops downstairs people home to blast music 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  4. This is so sad. Politicians will only sympathize with you when they want your vote. They have no will power to help you. I know cause it happens in my area too! DCA should stop approving commercial businesses in residential areas until the matter is resolved.

  5. @Asking for a friend, Thank you, and majee Inspector Reds STOP YOUR BLASTED LIES. It’s like buying or building your home at the foot of a runway and then turn around and complain “about the noise”. “Their letters have been ignored” GOOD and rightfully so. These foreigners are too copasedtic in their demeanor to demand the government makes changes to their quality of life when loud and rumbustious has always been our way THAT’S THE KIND OF PEOPLE WE ARE. No Rodney is not Payton Place, it’s the cosmopolitan vibrancy of the nation AND IT SHOULD REMAIN THAT WAY as described by Google. You give these people one inch later they will come back for ten yards

  6. Wow, so something as simple as this is still going on? So what ever happened to the two o clock law?

  7. Play your music for yourself and your customers. Charge bars based on the number of people hearing music coming from their establishment. If I’m hearing/enjoying your music while in my house and the artist isn’t being compensated that ain’t fair to the artist. Useless politicians. Useless country.

  8. So they should stop the Gros Islet Street Party to? Where should they place the entertainment. Rodney bay is a residential and commercial place.. so everyone living there knows that.. this letter is BS.

  9. Affected residents needs to get together and lawyer up and filed a motion before the courts but cannot use lawyers in that area or lawyers that are friends wirh those businesses owners because of conflict of interest then go for it with one voice

  10. Noise pollution IS A CRIME!! Years ago, it did come into law not to have loud music above a certain decibel (unfortunately, I am unable to come across the year or statute – but IT IS THERE!!), especially when people were complaining about loud music emanating from moving vehicles, especially from the buses on the Gros Islet/Castries route – that the extremely high decibels literally shook the ground. That was in the late ’80’s to early ’90’s.


    Rodney Bay was classed as “Residential” and NOT commercial, until small restaurants began operating there (Capone’s, a certain pizza place, and The Lime) – then things turned haywire to what it is today. Which means that MANY of the bars are operating not as they should – and really deserves to be either closed down – or – comply with the law.


    Thankfully, I do not live in that area, but I do have family and friends in that area, and I am alive to attest to the DEVELOPMENT of that area, Many a time, I have had cause to call the police for “noisy neighbours”, and they came to my assistance (that was in Bois d’Orange), and they would warn the “noisy neighbours” … which goes to show … THERE IS A LAW AGAINST LOUD MUSIC BY DECIBEL!

    WORD to the Rodney Bay residents: Please locate the statute AGAINST LOUD MUSIC by researching the GAZETTE archives from around the 1980’s and 1990’s – and push it in your petition.

    Also WORD to TMHLH – GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!! Google is not St Lucian law.

  11. The “governors” of this island state, apparently still have NO IDEA of policies and/or laws which they themselves laid down to make St Lucia a “productive” nation. That is why a gazette is printed. The gazette website is down – disappointing!
    Saint Lucia has really become sad and shameful.

  12. If the government don’t do what they are being paid to do the affected will eventually solve the issue themselves. Usually by violent means. This country is like a ship with no rudder. No leadership. No direction. Utterly lost.

  13. IS October 30, 2023 At 10:41 am

    Exactly. Why would police warn if there is no law against? Police can only act within the framework of the law. A police officer cannot warn you for a non-offense. But as you said, especially in the 80s I heard stories of police seizing equipment when residents complain about loud music. Not sure why they don’t do it anymore. Policing have effectively ended in this country. Perhaps some lawyer challenged it and they stopped acting. Notwithstanding this is a disgusting issue that has gone on too long. Like everything else in this country. People should not be harassed in their homes. If you can’t have peace in your home, where will you get it? This is a health and societal hazard.

  14. Here’s a solution to the problem. Find the DJs and bar owners causing these problems. Go to their residences with loud speakers. Blast music in their homes all hours of day and night. Stop them from sleeping. Stop their kids from studying. Stop them from having a moment’s peace in their home. If that doesn’t work. Go to the homes of the politicians. Do the same. Give them a taste of what y’all go through. Letters don’t work. Talk don’t work. Take action.

  15. I am a St.Lucian living oversea and my mom has a very nice place in an under served community and has signed the property over to me, I visit every year to spend time with her since she is an elder and let me tell you. during the week and especially on Sundays some neighbor in the community feel the need to blast their music so loud and its almost impossible to get a good nights or morning rest. I have already told her if she leave this world before me, I am definitely selling the place. People please be more considerate and show respect to your fellow citizen. Alot of the ills taking place in society stems from a lack of Love, respect and compassion for each other. Show a little more care and empathy for each other and we can live good long lives.

  16. The bass of electronic music seems to be playing in my living room every day until 2AM. If I try to go to bed the vibration produced by the bass sound makes my ear drum to vibrate as well. Why loud music every day until 2AM? Don’t the bars owner don’t know that most people have to wake up early to go to work?

  17. Funny thing is THIS IS NOT A RODNEY BAY PROBLEM. Whiles driving recently in traffic, the guy behind me music was so loud that I couldn’t hear the radio in my vehicle. That same loud music form vehicles prevents some of us from hearing Emergency sirens. Those of us who live in residential areas like G. Islet can attest to ppl coming with their vehicles, speakers on top and blasting music any time while your children trying to do their schoolwork and u watch TV. We refuse to take govt to task on putting in laws, policies and instruments that will make our lives more peaceful and safe. Instead we act like we vote to get favors like contracts. Sad state of affairs. Even sadder when we hv blockos and loud music to celebrate or make a mockery of Lucians to open a bldg on Chaussee Road. Blockos and Loud music are held at a stadium whiles sport is transferred to somewhere else. Those guys simply Don’t Care. As PJP has said. Lucians complain too much.

  18. @ Eduardo Alves October 30, 2023 At 12:51 pm: Why loud music every day until 2AM?

    Because St. Lucia is a lawless shithole.

  19. I thought that matter was resolved. The boundaries of airing music is already written into law. A couple years ago, I called reference a character religiously blasting his music at 5:30am. The officer on duty was kind enough to read me the existing law. Applying the law has nothing to do with politicians…unless you live in a primitive society. There is a total disrespect for others.
    At what point do these idiots miss that someone may not like their kind of music. Maybe that someone is sick. Possibly that person works a shift schedule. That someone is preparing for an important exam. What about a newborn in the household.
    The problem of non-enforcment has helped to get us to our present breakdown of law and order. Make those bars get soundproof establishments and solve that little problem once and for all.

  20. Poule Foo October 30, 2023 At 1:46 pm: The problem of non-enforcment has helped to get us to our present breakdown of law and order.
    This is the only correct answer. Non enforcement of existing laws. Basic things they don’t enforce. Why then do you think they will enforce the more serious ones? I;m forced to listen to vulgar, violent and obscene music all day. There are schools in close proximity. One doesn’t need to have to complain to the police to have that issue rectified. This place is a circus masquerading as a country.

  21. Let me give you all a simple solution, once you can unite do it and you will see instant change.
    1. Vote your constituent representative out, because less sleep have catastrophic long term effects on your body and mental state of mind.
    2 corporate and buy a decibel jammer. How does it work, you set it at a certain rating like volume setup and the instrument is designed to send an echo back effects similar to the a feed back you get when you are close to a speaker talking to a mic. Once it is functional it can also destroy the device the origin of the music like amp, cross over, boosters etc.
    Politicians do same when they want your vote so consider the option because remember politicians travel to check if they have shittings, you have to spend a lot of dollars for illnesses that can derived from music causing you to become hypertensive, depressed, anxiety, and other disorders.
    Lawyers won’t fix it because the police still have to enforce it, the court and police are at logaheads trust me.

  22. DCA needs to address this issue. Is Rodney Bay a Commercial or Residential area? Who doesn’t belong?

  23. Reside should protest. Put you night gowns , mattresses , wear your school uniforms, bring along your books to study , bring your babies ant the sick on wheel chairs and stand at the entrance of these establishments.

  24. I see a bunch of ppl that feel they entitle…first off st.lucia is a tourism destination….tourism is also our #1 industry…..we need to deal with the pros and cons
    1.which place in st.lucia is safest for if those same tourist wants to go for entertainment?and not just them getting entertainment but spending their money to boost the economy . not gonna risk the tourist safe and well being in gunfire riddled communities.
    This is the approach and perspective any gov’t will see it,UWP,SLP,PNP whoever.
    Matter of fact because of all those commercial development prices of land,house,air BNB,guest houses,hotels have all driven up in rodney bay….they have their cake and want to eat it twice.

  25. Noise pollution is a nuisance through the length and breadth of st lucia. I lime everywhere but cannot tolerate noise. On two occasions last year a couple friends and myself went to a place in dennery called vice city with something called loud sundays, ridiculous right. I could not fathom how the police would give a permit for something like that. Insult to injury a bunch of bikers came and fuelld the noise with the reving of their bikes. And a if that wasn’t enough, smoked up the place by burning tyres. Smh

    Where is the consideration to perons enjoying the peace and quiet of their homes where is the consideration to watching your television set, here is the consideration to school children studying nd completing assignments, where is the consideration to the sick and elderly?

    Residents shouldn’t even complain the police and politicians need to step up and do their jobs.

    I lime around for fun and enjoyment but the vulgarity of the music in the residential areas is something that must be looked into.

    Residents are afraid to complain. If the affluent at Rodney Bay are helpless, then what hope is there for those in cup de sac, dennery and elsewhere?

  26. Irresponsible posting this complaint which is referring to government and government workers as criminals

  27. The truth is politicians take their citizens as if they are goats and sheep. The end result is that they are ready to cannibalize on its people. Vote NGP

  28. Re Article.. it’s about time that we are destroying our own selves.. we can have a curfew and still enjoy our selves with a new way of life.. Tourism is our bread and butter and it creates NOISE.. Fact..
    So let’s us invent a new beginning and abolish the slave wages system and Live a peaceful life..
    Folks! The toothpaste have left the Tube and we can’t stop the flow..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations

  29. The merit of the letter has been sabotaged by this statement:

    The bold and blatant corruption that runs rampant through the government ministries and departments, the selfishness, and the obvious lack of empathy towards citizens begs the question, “Why did I even vote?”

    It’s a departure from the issue of noise pollution. They’ve shot themselves in the foot and exposed their real intent. There may be a serious noise pollution problem but the writers of this letter may have taken the wrong approach


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