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Relative Says Teenage Homicide Victim Was In A Gang And Knew He Would Die Violently


When nineteen-year-old Markus Prescott fell dead in a hail of bullets on Friday afternoon in Vieux Fort, a close family member disclosed that the youngster’s violent demise did not come as a surprise because the deceased and his relatives had expected it.

The family member told St. Lucia Times Markus was in a gang.

“I not lying. I can say he was in a gang. It break my heart but I know he would die. I keep on telling him what he doing, they will kill him. Once I tell him that and he tell me he know,” the relative said.

The family member called on young criminal gang members to stop killing each other.

“It ain’t worth it. We are all black people together. Why we killing one another? For what? We are all Vieux Fortians together. Only God alone can put a stop to it.”

According to the family member, Markus attended the Piaye Secondary School but dropped out.

The deceased’s older brother, Greg Prescott, also died violently about two years ago.

Greg Prescott
Greg Prescott – Deceased

Gregg, 24, sustained multiple gunshot injuries at his home in Vieux Fort.

Although mourning over the latest violent death in the family on Friday, the close family member indicated that there was also some sense of relief.

The family member noted that gang violence had reached a new level, with gang members killing relatives of their rivals if they could not get at their enemies.

“Right now, I a kinda way free because he (Markus) die already. So they might not come for me because I doesn’t do nothing,” the family member declared.

Reports indicated that Markus Prescott sustained gunshot injuries to his stomach and back on Commercial Street, Vieux Fort on Friday.

Emergency personnel from the Vieux Fort Fire Station responded after learning of the incident at about 5:26 p.m.

However, the victim exhibited no vital signs.


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  1. Wow… they were so scared of Markus, that they rather him dead than alive, because he put his family in so much danger to gang retaliation

  2. Such A Shame
    Even If People Say … Dont Hide The Truth
    So You Coming And Make A Statement
    Who Killed Him? What Gang? Smhhh
    Youre Free Now? Who Says ?
    Lucians So Ignorant Its Not A Joke

  3. So what is the name of the gang who is the leader of the gang and what does he do for a living and where is the gang leader reside

  4. A cloud of evil dripping with death hangs over the rudder-less youths and adults of the nation! The only solution is for the population to repent of its wickedness, and turn to live in accordance with the principles of the Creator that govern how to love our fellow citizens or neighbour, and how to love God! That’s the truth. Take it, or leave it.

  5. Here is the sick reality after reading this headline. Sorry to say it but not because I lack empathy for the family but because the same mistake is being made time and again and we expect a different result..only those with a deep critical insight unbiased can see it…

    1st) family members knew he would die, the victim himself knew he would die and even his brother had died 2 years earlier in similar circumstances. So the hand righting was in the wal so to speak. But here is the sad and ridiculous notion to all this…that all parties involved seem to casually accept that the fate of this man was written and resigned themselves to that fate only waiting for it to happen…and even voiced a sense of relief that he is dead…this is sad, sad ,sad and an indictment on our society of what it has become….it appears the victim himself had no intentions of changing his way of life despite the pleadings of his family…and so the dysfunctional family is a rot that pervades our society.

    2nd) the claim that only god can put a stop to it is a ridiculous notion only fools will repeat… because it appears since you are stupid enough to WILLINGLY live a life of crime then to expect god to come and change the situation which you have the power in your hands to change…yet expect a sky god to do it for you…well wake up and smell the coffee…god ain’t coming to change froggy Jacks for you….

    And so the cognitive dissonance and disconnect in our society is rife with poor logical thinking, poor intellect and intelligence, poor personal developmental skill…and it shows in our society…

    3rd) family member states that because Markus is dead and free he himself feels safe because the rival gang members wouldn’t come for him…well that says it all…if Markus love you as a family member, he would not put you or his other family members at risk…he would give up a live of gangs and crime and be a valuable contributing member of the society and the family…

    Society is broken because the family unit is broken….the family unit is broken because society is broken…

    It saddens me to be express this but it had to be said because the cognitive dissonance that exist in our society is terrible.. I won’t expect the level of intellect in the Saint Lucian population to be high…in fact I think it’s very low…. education literacy is in the high 90s but education is not intelligence… intelligence is being able to use education to benefit you and society….

    This is a snapshot of our society…and it’s not a good picture…Mr PM, so much for your 25 days of no homicides…it did not take long for that notion you had to be shattered…

  6. Where is the police commissioner. Get help and such vieuxfort house to house. Gang vs st lucia.that is sad. One thing I know God sees everything. Government need to get some gmgelp from America ans surch vieuxfort. Wtf.

  7. It buffels me, why can’t so call family members keep their rearends shut when these things happen why can’t you tell these media people where to shove the cameras where the sun doesn’t shine?

  8. Well.. I’m not suprised.. why?? These children sit on the block day in day out and smoke deh lives away.. well the relatives saying they got a relief I feel u.. vf is a no go zone!!

  9. Only God alone can put a stop to it…. We need to hold the preachers accountable because there position is a flaw and a major one. They want to make you believe that there is a unknown entity that will save you. So if I am doing bad where is that jackass to correct me.. eh! So I must only bow my head in a Bible while politicians giving me more bother and sisters.. the man speak his mind no one to chastised him.. he too not fake to carry your cross

  10. We cannot stop all crimes in any nation(s), but we sure can bring down the level of gun and drug violence on the island. Let’s start here, too many corruptions in the powers that be, our borders are always compromised, most of the equipment as far as I can tell is outdated, we do not have any gun factories, but we sure have a hell lot of guns, how can this be. We the people are the government; we are watching a hand full of criminals rule our society. it is time for a change in the way we approach and deal with criminals, staring with the outdated laws on gun and drug related crimes. We are losing the island every time we fall short of handling this crime business.

  11. When relatives claim that he was a good boy, yourll call them vicious and hypocritical but now that they spoke the unsettling truth about him being part of a gang, every body vex. How many of you commenting here have in yourll possession, a video of this young man and another young man brandishing fire arms? There are many family members who feel relieved when certain members of their family are killed but they won’t say it in public. This family choose to be straight and honest about the circumstances that led to this murder but instead of applauding them, they’re somehow being attacked by the angry news mob whilst the gun man/men who committed the crime are roaming free. Are we freaking serious in this country? If we’re not blaming chas, pip or Kenny or the police for crime then we’re going to blame families who knew that their relative was involved in crime but didn’t do enough to help them! These young men are choosing crime because they glorify it! It’s a choice that they make knowing fully what the consequences are but their hatred for each other is just to powerful to resist the temptation. Stop blaming everyone for the choices that others make. Take him out from VF and send him somewhere else, what’s that going to change? He dropped out of school to be a gang member, what you think he will pursue in the new environment?

  12. I don’t know this young man or his family but what I have to say is I live more than 5000miles away from st lucia and the amounts of video clips sent to me circulating on social media with high powered assult weapons and high powered hand guns showing off I cannot understand why the police refuses to take action and hunt down these guys and I know it wouldnt be hard to find them because st lucia is a small place
    just something to think about a couple years ago a guy from babonneau went and captured an iguana and cooked it someone posted it on facebook and the forestry dept went and arrested the guy and brought him before a judge and was convicted now keep in mind there was no evidence found but the facebook post so what’s this saying the forestry dept cares about wildlife more than the government and law enforcement agency plus the ministry of national security don’t give a rats ass about the citizens of st lucia because there is too many videos circulating around for the law enforcement to be just sitting on their hands waiting for those gun slingers to have chance to actually to use those weapons


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