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Chastanet Postpones Address To The Nation


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has announced the postponement of a scheduled address to the nation, citing ‘unforeseen technical difficulties.’

“Dear supporters, I regret to inform you that tonight’s scheduled address has been postponed due to unforeseen technical difficulties,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote on Facebook.

The former Prime Minister said a new time and date would be forthcoming shortly.

He apologised for any inconvenience.

“Thank you for your understanding and continued support,” Chastanet stated.

A statement from his office on Friday announced that rising crime, the higher cost of living, and lack of access to essential medical care would be among the topics of Chastanet’s address to the nation.

The statement said the UWP leader would deliver a ‘compelling discourse’ on the country’s critical issues on Sunday, January 28, at 8:00 pm.

It said Chastanet’s address would also call for collaborative solutions, emphasising the importance of unity and cooperation across party lines to ensure a better future for all.

Chastanet declared that 2023 was a challenging year for many Saint Lucians.

Nevertheless, he asserted that, given the government’s current stance, 2024 looks like it will be ‘more of the same’.

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  1. Whew thank you God…… you are sending him a clear message GET A LIFE. You want to address the nation go on Clark Street meet the people one on one, go fish fry in Denry greet the masses, pass thru march land hail up the Rasses stop behaving like you are Prince William and you only want to greet St Lucian’s from behind a wire fence. Look at Pierre he gone all in the garrisons to talk to people and they shock and humble themselves they can’t actually believe he came that goes a long way.

  2. Well Well, this guy is so full of shit. Can you believe that he would change the prices of goods, lower the homicide rate buy going straight to the ghettos and personally kick the doors of the gunmen’s dewilings and rip the guns right of their hands, so they wouldn’t have the time to use it to commit these murders. SOME GUYS JUST DON’T KNOW WHEN TO QUIT.

  3. waiting for this speech take all the time u need made me cancel my vibe and u didn’t show up

  4. Postponed to add more bulls##t. @Honorabke Lucian Highgrade, I’m with you my friend. 😂😂😂

  5. Chas must have been advised to change the written speech. Either that or he simply needs more time to acquaint himself with the wording of the written speech. He has been warned not to go ahead as is, therefore he will need more time to wheel and come back again.

  6. You can only base your argument on what he said or what you know of as facts. I was looking out to hear what he would say but at this day and age I don’t accept the lame excuse because when people have lost their sense of purpose they choose anything to make and excuse off. When COVID hit he only saw then, how frail our food source were. That our sample products was evaporated in no time, give away hampers and then after went on top the piton and ball out we must plant, eat and grow. I told a friend then only that moment he wanted local manufacturer to become Jesus. I further said 2 years from now that drive do under the sea so said so done. On the other hand one was barking, having all the solution, now came in to leadership under the disguised of putting people 1st and they looking at him at the back. More than once basic food supply like rice, flour, sugar are not readily available, we having a clueless goat at the ministry of commerce. Once barked St. Lucian eating too much sugar, well here you go she not only starving you of sugar but having other businesses suffering because of the supply, not forgetting the WASCO disease. Independence is coming they will want small manufacturer to do miracle for them as well, some fools will go smart ones will produce for the next day.

  7. The man who willingly shut down the economy and destroyed a nation based on the diabolical agenda of a fake pandemic now has all the answers to the problems he created!

  8. chas I didn’t really want to hear you uh. I don’t think I want to hear none of you politricktions. what will you come and say? make empty promises to trick the people. you long to hold the power stick once again this time to bring us back to slavery ? give up chas we need another uwp not you GUYS.

  9. The laborie guy if you are from laborie you should be ashamed of yourself..take a look at your constituency and your rep ok I’m from laborie shame on you take out the red flag you have in your eyes


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