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RSS Officers Prepare For Unity Exercise In Saint Lucia

Twenty-four tactical-level police and military officers from Regional Security System (RSS) Member States will spend the next four weeks enhancing their skills in counter-terrorism tactics as they participate in the Regional Security System’s Counter Terrorism Tactical Response Course (CT-TAC).
Hosted by the RSS’ Training Institute, and funded by the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), the course will provide training in countering armed organised criminals, anti-government threats, and terrorism.
The course is being taught by instructors from the Belize Defence Force’s Special Operations and Tactics Unit (SOTU).
Staff Officer (Exercises) at the RSS, Lt. Col. Roberto Beltran, pointed out that the field and classroom exercises within the course were designed to improve regional security systems to detect, prevent, fight and manage any terrorist threats to the land or maritime domain.
“This course, like any of our other courses, aims to strengthen the skillsets of our officers and will demonstrate how they should use Standard Operating Procedures to achieve interoperability among RSS Member States and operationalise responses in the event of any terrorists or anti-government threats,” he explained.
The CT-TAC will be conducted in four phases: In-camp Training; Individual Skills Package; Live Firing Package and Field Training Exercises.
Students will be trained and evaluated in the conduct of Special Operations; Conventional Platoon Level Operations; Map Reading; Convoy Protection; Small Boat Operations, Close Quarter Combat and Unarmed Combat, among other tactical response areas.
Lt. Col. Beltran noted that these areas of training would also prepare officers for the upcoming Unity Exercise (UNEX), which will be held in St. Lucia from April 3 to 13.
“The skills that our officers will gain during this four-week programme will be on display during UNEX 2024. During that activity there will be a number of simulations across St. Lucia and we need to be sure that participants are as prepared as possible for any eventuality which may present itself. UNEX will however offer another opportunity to tidy up any shortfalls and further enhance the officers’ capabilities,” the RSS official stated.
UNEX 2024 is also a joint initiative with the RSS and the 11th EDF, in collaboration with the government of St. Lucia.
SOURCE: Regional Security System

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  1. All I am asking for, is for the Minister of Security to resign, I don’t care if it is chasnet, fadee, hilaire, emma, PM or RF. Just resign from the post. I saw on IG the PM making his comparison about other island, fix your flipping house before doing so. Bahamas, Trinidad, Jamaica all have more population than yours. You have a small village to control and you can’t do jack sh@it about it and you’re ready to compare. Get out of there, throw the jacket in and walk out.

  2. The police in st lucia is more than sufficient to deal with those criminal elements in st lucia so this rrss is nonsense and government not serious in combating crime needs to untie the police force hands and let them go after and deal with the criminals also anyone found with an illegal assult weapons should be consider a terrorist and cannot be given any bail on top of that denying these violent criminals bail will work in the favour of the police to get information about previous crimes committed because these no goods are not outside to intimidate witnesses
    also the government needs to stop funding these criminals by providing government contract to those so call community leaders/ criminals and do whatever needs to be done to clean up the police force we all already know who the bad apples in the police force are lets clean house and offer a better pay package for them so they can stay loyal to their jobs

  3. @anon, you’re right! We can know from the budget that if a country is serious about its health and security automatically you know the difference. When these two sectors are minority on the priority list which are vastly under resource, that explain it. 45yrs of independence, 4.5 decades ago, surpassed the average St. Lucians life span. Doesn’t the PM, Deputy, amongst others know that time progress things become innovated? I am sure they all probably have the latest iPhones and high-end mobile phones at their fingertips, it is only being used to watch Porns, YouTube, IG and WhatsApp? It seems so to me because I don’t know what we voted for, seems like a bunch of useless people just making excuses upon excuses.


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