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United Nations Airbridge To Facilitate Relief Aid To Haiti


Out-of-control gang violence has created a humanitarian crisis in Haiti that the UN aims to help alleviate with the creation of an airbridge with the neighbouring Dominican Republic.

The UN Integrated Office in Haiti (BINUH) said on Wednesday that the air corridor will enable the transport of aid and ensure the safe relocation of staff both in and out of the country.

Speaking to reporters in New York on Thursday, UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric said plans are being made for an aircraft to transport supplies and accommodate staff movements.

On the ground, relief agencies remain deeply concerned about the welfare of civilians reliant on aid.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), more than 400 incidents hampering access have been recorded across the country since the start of 2024, including more than 70 in the first week of March.

The situation remains unstable in the Caribbean island nation following the recent resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, particularly in the communes of Carrefour, Port-au-Prince and Cité Soleil, while the airport, schools and health facilities remain closed in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.

According to the UN migration agency, IOM, 362,000 people are displaced in Haiti, including 15,000 newly homeless in Port-au-Prince.

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has delivered 75,000 meals to people affected by the recent violence.

Some 5.5 million people – almost half the population – need humanitarian aid. But the UN’s 2024 humanitarian appeal for $674 million is funded at just 3.2 per cent.

Funding shortages threaten emergency response

Funding shortages are threatening aid efforts on the ground, Mr. Dujarric said in his briefing at UN Headquarters, adding that WFP will be forced to stop serving hot meals to those who urgently need food as soon as next week due to a lack of funds.

“We have colleagues who remain on the ground at great personal risk, feeding people,” he said, noting that WFP was able to provide 13,000 hot meals to those recently displaced by the violence on Wednesday.

He said at least $10 million is needed immediately to continue such emergency assistance, according to WFP.

UN’s changing footprint in Haiti

Flights from the Dominican Republic are now being planned, Mr. Dujarric said.

An aircraft will deliver aid and emergency crisis coordination specialists while evacuating some non-essential UN employees. The staff movement reflects a reconfiguration of the UN presence in Haiti that is underway to replace non-essential staff with experts, he said.

As for the security crisis, he said a lack of funding is a major obstacle to deploy the multinational support mission that the Security Council approved in October.

“We’re not getting the money we need for that mission to be put together,” he said, adding that there is only $10 million in the fund when much more is required.


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  1. The US-controlled UN, as well as CARICOM stooges (I’m looking at you, Kenny) believe that most of us are ignorant of Haiti’s history & current affairs! (And they might be right – find out the truth!)


    Just like the US (via USAID & miscellaneous NGOs) sponsored the several junkets by the three stooges from CARICOM, they’ve also paid members of Haiti’s bourgeoisie to be house n1gg@$ on the Clinton crime family plantation (the overseers being 12 white families originating from Europe & the Levantine).

    Another Vision: Inside Haiti’s Uprising | Episode 1: The Demonization Campaign (3 Sequential Episodes)

  2. But they refuses help from God for deliverence ❓
    Help ?
    It is only the président Emmanuel Macron that is giving “help to die”
    Aide à mourir !
    Can your imagine that ?

  3. Nudge you act and sound just like a guy who called Newspin this week to voice your convoluted theories only for Tim to shut you down.

  4. @Oh Really: Normally, I would not have responded to your drivel (a mere detraction from reality), but I see this as a teaching moment directed at other lurkers/posters.

    This is not a theory; it’s based on your post in this thread: The confession (that, unlike me, you are a consumer of a call-in program, named “Newspin”) reveals that you are someone who cannot differentiate between ‘news’ and ‘news spin’ – between truth and lies!

    By the way, is your real name, Tim? Are you trolling this site for ‘new’ consumers of your ‘spin’, as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign?

  5. The Haitians believe they have the answers and I am not certain this is so. For the amount of money Haiti received as a result of the last earthquake they should not be in the position they are currently in. There is lots of inside corruption within Haiti…I remember my job sent thousands during the last earthquake…I personally donated two weeks vacation which was then converted into cash and sent to Haiti.
    The gangs are ruthless raping, killing, robbing etc etc divine intervention is needed.

  6. @Anonymous: Nothing you say is untrue; yet, it so far from the complete truth!

    * Which Haitians (a definitive percentage would suffice) “believe they have the answers”? You do not say!
    – The links I provided were replete with solutions. Where does your uncertainty originate from?

    * Who in Haiti received money? You do not say!

    * “There is lots of corruption within Haiti”…you do not say where!

    * “The gangs are ruthless raping, killing, robbing etc etc divine intervention is needed.” You do not specify the gangs involved.

    Based on your comments, one can only ascertain that you are naught but a concern troll, spouting the talking points consumed from corporate media, to pretend that you are somehow informed. Or, maybe you are just fishing for legitimate criticism of your weak tea comments, so that you can firm up your arguments before airing them in your local rum shop.

    Just review the links I’ve provided, above…you can’t go wrong!

  7. Folks! We can’t turn our away our backs anymore,. let’s move in to capture the bad elements, we can’t standby and allow Evil to control no one, we must eradicate such mental illnesses disease..
    To some of the comments, stop fighting between yourselves.. Let’s stop hatred..

  8. Notwithstanding the insidious history, nature and consequences of Slavery, from the very beginning Haiti after gaining freedom from its Colonisers (an amazing feat and also the injustice of “reparations/indemnities”) there was infighting between black and mixed race power elites and other blacks. An incredible achievement quickly declined into rivalry. Haiti has rarely been what is considered a stable country, with political corruption and extreme violence perpetrated on its own from its early (independent) days and exacerbated later by external interference. They could/would not come together for a united cause for their people. Not all politicaland social instability can be blamed on external forces. We in the Caribbean tend to simplistically attribute external forces as the main perpetrators of any current crises not ourselves. Note to the “online historians”; by reading fully Haiti’s very complex history might assist with comprehending the full picture not just one aspect. Any (justifiable) action not taken by the international community because it is seen to be interfering in another country’s Sovereignty (not dissimilar to Gaza) will lead to more people being brutalised and dying. The anarchic situation will escalate further. Haiti will descend into a chaos that it can never arise from, although it’s probably already at that point. The resignation of Ariel Henry will achieve Nothing. The gangs and released violent criminals united now, will be rivals again before too long. It’s about internal power for them, not the good of the people. The rape of women and girls (often in front of their families), the most horrific murders imaginable, torture, and the sexual peddling of vulnerable orphaned and homeless children is done by Haitians themselves for what can only be their own psychopathic purposes…

  9. @nudge not sure where you are going with your insults…….i do not have to list names on this public forum. However, the US Haitian reps are literally in the community where I reside.

  10. The Haitian insider has just stated that there are many Haitians in the diaspora who qualify for the job of running Haiti..however they do not want to get involved because they state that the politics of Haiti is a dirty business and their security and that of their family will also be at stake.

    The Haitian reporter also says that the gangs do not want anyone from the diaspora so here in lies ongoing issues. In addition she states that girls as young as 11 are being sexual assaulted right in front of their family.

  11. @Anonymous: You are being disingenuous…for the simple reason that you cannot answer the questions I ask…hence, that makes you a concern troll…covering for the masters of the gangs fomenting chaos in Haiti.

    You are here to keep the waters muddy; exactly what the US agencies (including their house n1gg@$ – local to Haiti, the diaspora, and CARICOM – I see you Kenny & Ali) require to promote a US intervention towards the nefarious designs of the Clinton mafioso!

    US interference in Haiti has a long, unbroken history which you are trying hard to obfuscate – the chaos in Haiti did not start which the current crop of “agent-provocateur” gangs, paid for by the USAID/CIA. You are a paid/unpaid tool of the CIA; very much like their agents who want the world to believe that the troubles in Ukraine started with the Russian special military operation on February 24, 2022, and the troubles in Occupied Palestine started on October 7, 2023.

  12. @History: You are singing loudly for your supper to keep the hidden hand of your “external” patrons from being associated with the current Haitian crisis; that the “infighting between black and mixed race power elites and other blacks” has not always been instigated by the agents of Uncle Sam for the ruling oligarchy, who have always used US state power for their private ends!

    It sings volumes with regards to the sobriquet (History) you use to lend legitimacy to the tripe you post in this forum. Much like @Anonymous, your single goal is to promote interference into Haiti’s affairs via the long-past use date of the Monroe Doctrine, which the US is trying to re-animate in desperate measure, giving the global majority’s acknowledgement that the US is naught but a paper tiger (the last conflict it successfully prosecuted was against Grenada)!

    Try as hard as you may, Haitians know that all the atrocities committed against them bear the hallmarks of the US empire’s raping & pillaging across the countries of the global majority since the end of the 19th century!

  13. @A llison: Nothing you say/write in this forum can be dignified with a cogent response! After all, you’re just a barely-sentient megaphone of the presstitutes in the US mainstream media, here in St. Lucia.

  14. @nudge you continue time and time again throwing insults in a public forum at people you don’t even know …not sure where you are going with this EGO ..keep it to yourself and perhaps you can fix St. Lucia and it’s crime with your perceived knowledge and expertise.

  15. @Anonymous: You continue to act the concern troll, and protest against unrelenting challenge to the propaganda you spew (by calling it personal insult), for one very reason: that your paid/unpaid service to the US empire is exposed in this forum! Your cries for me to cease & desist on the question of Haiti & the evil empire’s machinations (by switching focus to St. Lucia’s woes) will, of course, go unheeded.


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