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‘We Have No Business With Philippe Martinez’


The Government of Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Unit has noted the lawsuit filed by Philippe Martinez, and his associated companies against a number of individuals including former Saint Kitts & Nevis Prime Ministers Timothy Harris and Denzil Douglas, Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Limited, and Mc Claude Emmanuel, CEO of the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit.

The case was filed in the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division.

The case relates to accusations made against Caribbean Galaxy Corporations and individuals in St Kitts and Nevis and the management of the CIP in Saint Kitts and Nevis which Mr. Martinez alleges were detrimental to his business and investors.

The Government of Saint Lucia is not in a position to comment on the management of the CIP in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

For the record, Mr. Mc Claude Emmanuel’s role as the CEO of the Saint Lucia CIP Unit is exclusively for the efficient administration of the CIP Unit in accordance with the policies set by the laws of Government of Saint Lucia. To date, Mr. Emmanuel has performed his role commendably and ethically.

Mr. Philippe Martinez has claimed that Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Limited has been allowed to operate in Saint Lucia by this current administration. The Government of Saint Lucia states the following facts for the record, contrary to Mr. Philippe Martinez’s accusations:

  1. Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Limited first entered into an agreement with Saint Lucia in March 2018 under the United Workers Party Government.
  2. The Allen Chastanet-led Cabinet of Ministers approved the Canelles Project as the first CIP Real Estate Project in 2018 and sales of shares commenced thereafter.
  3. Construction on the Canelles development commenced in 2019.
  4. Upon assumption to Office and noting the slow pace of construction, in November 2021 Caribbean Galaxy was asked to complete the project at the earliest.
  5. Caribbean Galaxy has sold all of its shares for the Canelles Resort and it is therefore no longer a real estate option. The construction of the hotel is continuing with a completion date of end of 2025 as signaled by the developers.
  6. Consistent with the press release issued on 6th April, 2023, the Government of Saint Lucia’s CIP has repeatedly stated and wishes to reiterate that it denounces any discounting or underpricing of citizenship by any promoter or developer and that the full, legislated investment sum must be paid by every successful applicant.

The Government notes that the inclusion of the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme is merely an attempt to involve Saint Lucia in a dispute between Caribbean Galaxy in another territory which has absolutely no part in the contractual obligations, grievances, or operational misgivings between MSR Media and the Government of Saint Kitts & Nevis.

The Government of Saint Lucia’s CIP Unit gives every assurance that it will defend its reputation and image against any false and malicious attacks and will not be bullied by anyone or company.

The Government of Saint Lucia expresses its full confidence in the management of its CIP Unit by Mr. Mc Claude Emmanuel.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. This comment is not necessarily specific to the dispute mentioned in this article, but it does evoke my concern as to why Countries in the Caribbean continue to partnership with entities abroad to build so many resorts on these small islands. This practice dilutes the salary of persons working in the hotel industry, because with so many resorts, some persons are not getting a full week of work.

  2. Ok so here is what I am taking away from this:

    – So, the lawsuit alleges that the management of CIP in Saint Kitts and Nevis was detrimental to Mr. Martinez’s business.

    – The Saint Lucia government says that it is not involved in the management of the CIP in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

    – In the press release, SLU emphasizes that it does not allow any discounting of citizenship and that all applicants must pay the full price.

    But here are my questions:

    – Is it possible to reduce discounting totally? For example, what prevents me, as a broker, from spending 20 K to win someone’s business?

    – Does Martinez want to add St. Lucia to his case to strengthen it? St. Lucia is not a subject in the lawsuit and is not being sued, so why add St. Lucia to the complaint?

    – Why did Martinez select a court in the US? Why not the local courts in St. Kitts. I’d love to hear his lawyers arguments about jurisdiction.

    – Is this the same Martinez who went to jail for fraud?

  3. I think the uwp needs to stop aiding and abeting a witch hunt! I first saw some letter from this MSR posted by Chas ..a letter that seemingly tried to summon PJP, duly elected leader of a sovereign state to court in the USA. Who the hell think we are so backward, not to pick up the nonsense, how could a company ask a leader of a country to report to court…that’s the first sign that MSR is a bunch of probably condescending, racist people who swing on vines! This disgruntled group of investors need to handle their losses in their boardroom and stop trying drag Saint lucia to their low level. The UWP need to stop trying to bring down a whole country just to prove a point.

  4. Transperancy in the true definition of the word would of meant attaching the law suite to this press release.

    Sometimes it feels our politicians underestimate our intelligence and ability to come to conclusions providing ALL the information is disclosed.

  5. CIP will be the downfall of all those islands participating in it in the long term. Sad to see how visionless those leaders who were introduced it, as well as those who continued with it are. CIP and the Slave trade are synonymous.

  6. Who is Mr. Martinez? His case is a little bit laughable because it goes to show you that money can only buy entitlement but not actual knowledge. Lawyers will take up any case even when there is none, especially when they are faced with an entitled fool…it is impossible to underestimate Mr. Martinez.

  7. Politics you all would run to comment s*** police investigations arrested and charged a young man for murder not a word from you all fools.

  8. Dean am presuming the comments you so deseperate to read will be under the relevant story you mentioned.

    Try to refrain from describing people as fools when you upload comments like yours.


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